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Making Dreams Real in Shirobako

Genre : Slice of Real Life Episodes: 24 Studio: P.A.Works In high school, Aoi and her friends had a dream. A good one. They wanted to be part of a world that brought so much joy to their lives that they were willing to dedicate their futures to spreading that joy around. In Japan anime is more...


Top 5 Anime Dopplegangers

You know you’ve watched a sufficient but completely non-alarming amount of anime when you start to spot similarities between unrelated characters from completely different series. It’s happened to me a few times lately and for some reason it fills me with glee. What can I say, I lead a life of adventure and excitement! What’s more, in...


Top 5 Anime to Heal a Broken Heart

Did you have fun on St Valentine’s Day last week? I bet you did! Everyone is on their best behavior for…some reason. Man, people are so easy to trick! But now it’s over and done with, the chocolate has gotten stale and your sweetie is right back to normal. For the lucky ones that means...