I don’t get the chance to talk about Raistlin enough I find… Mostly it’s because we don’t tend to post about the same subjects (which is great, Raistlin makes me discover so many new things) but still whenever I get an excuse to tell you all how much I love this blog I take it. I realize you guys already know all this and love Raistlin, because Of Course, I’m just showing off my own great taste, is all.

As you can imagine, when Raistlin nominated me for the Growing Self Blogger Award, I was psyched! Not only do I get a nomination which is always super flattering but I get to talk about Raistlin and it’s an award I had never heard of before. So what is it?


“The Growing Self Blogger Award has been created to acknowledge and celebrate amazing individuals, in the blogging community, who are persevering through life’s challenges not only to GROW as individuals, but to reach out and help others GROW as well.” ~Roda

Oh Yeahz! I’m going to be average human size in no time!


  • Put the award logo/image on your blog

Here it is:

  • List the rules

Here they are:

  • Thank the individual that nominated you and provide a link to their blog

Raistlin you are the bestest THANK YOU!!! (you asked for this my friend)

Roda created this award on their blog!

  • Nominate up to 5 blogs. Remember, the purpose of this award is to specifically celebrate those individuals that make a difference in the lives of others.

OK! – I will do this below

  • Give 1 reason why you nominated each individual.

Just 1, no way!

  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog

(I’ma gonna link to their about page… I just prefer commenting when I have something to add about the actual post, which isn’t often)


Arthifis started his blog not that long ago yet every step of the way he’s made an effort to bring people together and make everyone feel like they have a place of their own. Arthifis has worked hard to put out excellent posts regularly in order to maintain his blog through everything else he was going through, and he was generous enough to share those experiences with us, but not only has he put obvious effort in his own growth but he’s trying to make us grow as a community and for that I’m certainly grateful.


No this isn’t my usual bit of nominating Shokamoka for everything. Although I’m still totally going to do that. Shoka’s blog was one of the first I discovered on WordPress and I have yet to get disillusioned by it. I love Shoka’s writing and I know that when he can he enjoys challenging himself to get even better (which is just overkill at this point really). But beyond that, Shoka is one of the first people to regularly interact with me and my blog and possibly THE person who made me feel the most welcomed when I first started out. His influence is in no small part what motivated me to put in the effort to reach out and be a more active part of the community. So Thank you very much Shoka for helping me grow as I’m sure you’ve helped countless others.

ED. This post was written, edited and scheduled for publishing before Shoka published this post in which he said some terribly nice things about my blog. This isn’t a tit for tat, we were not aware of each other’s plans for posts until Shoka’s came out and he still does not know about this one. It just goes to show, sometimes people really are just nice.


Have you guys ever gotten a comment from Auri – it’s like pure sunshine. It will make any day better. Just got fired? Her comments will cheer you up. Just got married? They be the best wedding gift you got! What I’m saying is that Auri is a positive force that brings light to everything she touches and we need light to grow. Moreover, Auri write GUD! Like ormergerd gud. Every time I get the chance to read one of her posts I’m reminded by how truly gifted an author she is. She’s so creative and pushes herself and other to try out things. Thank you Auri, I hope we can grow together.

Lethargic Ramblings

Leth and I have some very different understandings of what the word “lazy” means. Have you seen this guy’s blog. You don’t post like that if you’re lazy. You post like that if you’re hardworking and also super talented. Leth’s regular musings on the greater themes behind anime as well as the art of blogging itself have pushed me to try and be better and smarter about my own posts. Or at least *seem* that way. Not only that but his technical expertise is the only reason I ever got the chance to do a podcast and allowing people to try new things is what growth is all about! So thank you Leth for being the most industrious lazy person I’ve ever met!

Shoujo Thoughts

And if we’re going to mention the podcast, we have to mention the fantastic young lady who started it all. Shoujo’s wonderful initiative to expand our horizons by moving beyond the written word has not only allowed all of us podcast sidekicks to grow in our own way but seems to have inspired a lot of you out there to try out your own thing which is amazing. Shoujo is a trend setter inspiring us all to move beyond the familiar. And if that wasn’t enough, her creative posts have given me, and I’m sure a lot of you, an itch to try my hand at fiction. I’m rubbish at it but there’s only one way to get better right? Thank you Shoujo for being an inspiration just by being yourself.

Man, I know I’ve left out so many deserving bloggers here. That’s the worst part of all these posts. I’m starting to get very tempted to just say I’m nominating everyone (and specifically Shoka) but that’s just not how you play. I’m pretty confident the nomination roulette will come around to you very soon though so I look forward to reading all of your posts!

Thank you so much again Raistlin. To all of you who may have nominated me – I know I am way way behind on these award posts but I will get to them! I promise I didn’t forget. I wouldn’t, they mean so much to me.

Let’s all continue to grow together then!

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  1. I am a massive scrub and forgot to check this out until now because pingback never told me about this!


    Thank you SO much for tagging me and for your very kind words! I’m glad I can inspire you so much!

    I will be responding to this tag as soon as possible with my own post and nominees!

    Thank you! 😀

  2. I really do love everyone on this list but damn, you praised Shoka in an excellent way and I agree with everything you said about him. He really does make everyone welcome here and he’s just entertaining 🙂

    And yes, getting a comment from Auri is a blessing 😛

    1. That’s a great way of seeing it. I’ve just been putting them off because I was doing the 12 days of anime to be honest

  3. A fitting start to the new year – for which I mean spring’s coming isn’t it? And the telltale sign of spring is the blooming of flowers and emergence of new shoots. A wonderful growth with a spectacular display.
    Congratulations for growing on with the award!! (^^) and sprinkling more spring essences to the bloggers too! They definitely deserve more than 1 reason for their awesomeness 😀 haha

      1. アレレレー
        * How would I dare to upstage our goddess in her own blog *
        * Please behead me while I commit seppuku *

  4. But you linked to my Wall instead…
    What you have written for me is making me smile so hard I think my mouth would rip if I chose to scroll back up to reread it. That said, it has been wonderful to see that grooming pays off big time. It is not just on the blog but even in World of Warcraft where I bet my time and efforts on a single person; I would do anything in my power for them in hopes of gaining a kind of friendship that’s better than the ‘achieving a single objective and then ty bb’.

    Even if we are not working together anymore, I want to at least be able to holla at people without having to bring up any sort of ‘business’ talk. It is trials and errors in true form but happiness outweighs frustration from failures all the time. I also don’t ask for favor returns; I’m a true believer in passing it forward and you are most definitely doing it big time.
    Your case is kinda special, too; I never thought I’d end up having a good time interacting with mom.

    1. Your wall is on my favorites bar…It was before I figured out how to follow blogs OK! Happy now. I bet you are an awesome WoW mentor. My years as raiding guild officer have turned me into a complete WoW dbag. If I ever get back into the game – I need to work on that

  5. I love it when people I follow gets awards because that means I find new people to follow. Congrats to you for the award and congrats to me for all the new, awesome blogs to follow! And yeah, you are an awesome, kind, nice, thoughtful blogger. My first follower. You really made me feel welcome here in this wonderful, amazing, crazy world. So thank you for that.

    1. Really!!!?? I’m actually not the last to discover something awesome for once! Go me! I hope you still remeber me once you get super popular.

  6. When i first saw the title i thought you were making another post about your growing list of followers (I’m just going to mention that auto correct thought friends was a better word). Congrats Irina, you’ve grown a lot! I’m glad there is now an awesome award to recognize that.

    1. Friends IS way better than followers – good job autocorrect – for once! Thank you so much Shadow you are always such a sweetie

  7. First of all, I can’t believe- I- wow. Thanks Rin-san.
    Consider me happy for the rest of the month.
    Wow, you flatter!
    (Added to the fact that my name was with the rest like Shoka-san and Shoujo-senpai, just wow)

    Thanks so much and sure, let’s do it together!

    1. Are you kidding me. Auri-chi is so great – I’m pretty sure every single one of these great folks is going to nominate you right back…

  8. ***Blush***…..yeah….Aww shucks, what can I say to a post like this that really made me even more shy than I already usually am. And yes I guess I had this coming, but still…turning into a very shy guy here 😊 Thanks for all these incredibly kind words, it really means a lot. You deserve this nomination : seriously. Your blog is amazing and the way that you manage to bring others in this community together, including your wonderful Blogwarming party is astounding.
    And: I have discovered a new blog (Shoujou Thoughts), which is seriously cool. So she is the only one I didn’t know, but if you recommend her, I can’t help but follow.
    The rest of your nominations: I could not agree more with your choices. All of them are amazing bloggers in their own very special ways: and they are very special people at the same time. Congratulations to all !
    Thanks again for these lovely words and this amazing post! You are awesome 😊😊

    1. Thanks again for giving me the chance to write this. It was so much fun. If I could have I would have nominated you right back because you are definetly a pillar of this community. The very fact that this is such a great place to be is exactly because of people like you.

  9. Congratulations in another award! You deserve them all! It’s funny how you speak about shokamoka because it’s the way I feel about you xD and thank you so much for the nomination, I really can’t express how I feel to see myself included in a group of these awesome bloggers! It just blows my mind really

      1. Thank you! I think when I created the blog and then the Facebook Group I never thought, in a million years, that it would this kind of appreciation! 😀

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