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Top 5 Anime Where Names Play a Role

Those of you who are regulars on this blog… Oh my… There are people who regularly read my posts… that’s still a little though to wrap my mind around. Sorry I’m back! As I was saying, those of you who’ve read a few of my posts may remember that I have an odd interest in...


Anime Fridge Horror (Countdown to Halloween)

For those not familiar with the expression, fridge horror is when something really awful is implied by the plot but never felt with directly by the narrative so the horror of it all only hits you after a while, if you stop to think about it. I don’t think I’m shocking anyone when I say...


Top 10 +3 Anime Intros

***True story – I had just finished putting this post together when Karandi published her weekly in case you missed it post and I found out 3 other bloggers had the same idea that week….I’m going to wait a bit before publishing this*** I love a good OP. It’s not necessary but I think when...