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My Top 5 Anime Gods

Lately, I’ve been picking pretty niche subjects for my top 5 lists. So it’s been a while since I’ve run into this particular problem. What problem you might ask. The problem of having way too many options to pick from. Anime is a huge pantheon! There are Gods all over the place. Big strong powerful...


My Top 5 Anime Couples

It’s the month of lurve! The month for both 3d and anime couples! And advertising! February is a rough month here. It’s dark, it’s super cold and we still have like 3 and a half months of winter. Yes, we have June winter. So what??? As such, let’s add a bit of light to the...


Top 5 Animes to Watch This Halloween if You Are A Scaredy Cat

I love Halloween. It’s so fun and silly. I will also take any excuse to dress up! I like the themes and the idea and just how joyful people are when they get into the spirit of things. If there’s one holiday I really want to celebrate, it’s Halloween. Except, I’m a total and complete...


Top 6 Anime that Made Me Cry

I couldn’t cut it down to 5. That’s How much of a crybaby I am! I guess I should preface this by letting you all know that I don’t necessarily cry when most people would. In general I am much more likely to cry at sappy or even happy moments then at sad ones. I’m...


Top 5 Anime Pets

I am in the mood for some good fluff. And you know what’s fluffy and fuzzy or sometimes scaly? Pets! I’m an animal lover and that extends to anime animals. Try saying that ten times fast! The thing about pets in anime is that half the time they aren’t really pets. They’re little fighting pocket...


December OWLS tour – Holidays and Natsumes

Here we are, last OWLS post of 2019. We made it guys! Time to celebrate! This month’s prompt is brought to us by the everlovely Litawho is just a constant source of good cheer. If you have not had the pleasure of getting to know her, you are in for a treat!


November OWLS tour – Failure

Another month, another Owls post. This month we have a really interesting topic. Possibly my favourite topic in my OWLS experience: Failure!


The Boy Who Stood at the Crossroads of the Fantastic and the Mundane

Well isn’t this an interesting topic for Spooktober. “Fantasy” sure opens up a lot of worlds to explore. Apparently we have Aria to thank for this and of course we do cause Aria is a wellspring of good ideas: 10th Monthly Deadline: October 1, 2019 10th Monthly Topic: “Fantasy” MagicConan’s Request In the month of...