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My Top 5 Aromantic Anime Characters

Last week I surprised us all by posting a Top 5 couples post around St-Valentines day. Will my originality ever cease! Well this week, it’s time to balance out all those fluffy feelings with a decisive lack of fluffy feelings. These are my top aromantic anime characters. There are still very few aromatic characters in...


My Top 5 Anime Characters with Freckles

Lately I’ve been really digging freckles as a design trait in anime characters. Actually scratch that, freckles are adorable and I have always thought they looked amazing. It’s just that lately I have been noticing them more in anime characters and it always makes me happy when I see them. (For instance on the adorable...


Would You Make a Good Anime Character?

I’m back asking the important questions! Have you ever asked yourself in fact, if you ever got magically transported to your favourite anime universe, would you be an interesting character. A fan favorite? Would the audience hate you or worse, ignore you?


My Hero Academia s4 ep88- Overwhelming Power

This morning I watched two season finales. I watched the last episode of the currently airing Haikyuu and I was delighted to see a strong ending to what has been an overall very strong season of one of my favourite animes. Haikyuu To the Top has been exceptional so far. Why am I going on...


My Hero Academia s4 ep86- A Gentle Victory

Hello everyone. I hope you’re all keeping healthy and safe! These are strange times and we could all use a little sunshine in our lives. At work we’ve been lucky enough to be able to mobilize rather quickly and get the majority of people set up to work from home, and I’ve been diligently self-isolating...


My Hero Academia s4 ep84- The Show Must Go On

You know how it’s smart post writing to sort of keep the punchline of your post until the latter half? Or you know, until at least the second paragraph so people can’t just know your entire thoughts from the little snippets in search engines or in reader and have to click on your actual post...


My Hero Academia s4 ep82- With Due Elegance

It’s cold right now in Montreal and people are freaking out. As if there was anything special about February in Montreal being cold… We do that every single year. Montrealers that is. Every year we get surprised that Canada gets cold in the winter and there’s snow. And in the summer we’re whining about how...


My Hero Academia s4 ep80- A Mild Cheese

We got somewhat buried in snow over the last few days. Actually, it’s not that impressive. It’s really a perfectly average amount of snow for February in Quebec and far from the huge snow storm they’ve been promising. In fact, it’s been sort of light on snow this year. In any case, it’s now a...