Episode 7 of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard continues to unpack some of Richard’s past and also brings Seigi and Richard closer together. Join Irina and Karandi as they discuss the most recent episode as Seigi goes to an auction.

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If you haven’t read our review of the episode, you can do so by clicking the link above. It seems that the Case Files of Jeweler Richard may benefit from some pretty looking boys. So let’s find out if it delivers. I think this is my best click baity opening paragraph ever…

I thought and still think this gem looked hella cool to the point where I went on a little google trip to find out if it exists. Turns out Buddha’s hand citron is a pretty common design for jade. There are a lot out there. The choice of green is a bit odd though. That’s not really jade green.

I still think the backgrounds of this show are just too simple. They could have thrown a few extra visitors in the museum for instance. But that’s actually not unusual for series from this studio.

It’s something that I sort of notice passively. Like I don’t notice it at all in the moment but the scenes seem a little empty. Like the universe doesn’t feel alive. I only put my finger on it when looking at the screencaps.

Karandi didn’t like the auction scene but this is what all the auctions I’ve gone to look like.

Anywho, evening wear Richard. Nice! The blue is very regal. Also, that close up of Richard’s face is not an accidental double up. Those are two different screencaps taken at two very different points in the episode although they were at similar times in the story’s chronology.

There are a few compositions that are shown over and over again in this show. A close up of Richards knees/legs as he crosses or uncrosses his legs when he sits down. Loving close centre framed shots of whatever desserts the characters are enjoying at the moment and wide views of Seigi and Richard sitting across from each other. These are pretty much always framed the same way, the camera looks straight on with Seigi on one side perfectly facing Richard on the other and something (usually a table) between them.

This is why the slight angle that created a perspective shot at the end of the episode was striking to me. Instead of the classic two profiles, we saw Seigi from the back and only Richards face. That’s a deliberate change and I wonder if it marks a change in their relationship.

I added a shot with the Shiseido building because I really like that brand and didn’t know they had a building. I got excited about it…

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  1. They may call it a Buddha’s hand, but to me it looks like monkey paw. I swear the thing is cursed. I don’t know what to think of the romance aspect. On the one hand it gives them a little more humanity, and Richard and Seigi have developed some sort of subtle rapport, but I’m still not sure I’d call it chemistry, or maybe I do – in the sense that a destructive reaction is still chemistry. Rather than rooting for them to get together, I dread that. If this show was a fairytale I’d imagine Seigi the self-sacrificing virgin who makes daily sweets to keep the beast from bursting forth… or something.

    I think, in the end I just don’t get the show.

    1. I doubt this will be an established romance. I’m pretty sure it’s pure fanservicey ho yay for those with those…tastes?

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