Hello All!

You might have to bear with me a bit here. This is the first time I’m putting together this type of roundup post and there may be a lot of kinks to work out.

Basically, what I’m trying to do is to create a type of repertoire where you can find the various episode reviews of the season all in one place. As we all know, the readers app is occasionally unreliable so if I missed anyone, please let me know! I will be delighted to add you.

Also, I am compiling this on Friday. I’ll add any post published after to next week’s round up.

Please enjoy!

shield hero 1

The Rising of the Shield Hero – Episode 1

Mob Psycho 100 II – Episode 1

my own review is coming up!

The Promised Neverland – Episode 1

Dororo – Episode 1

Kaguya-sama – Episode 1


BoogiePop and Others Episodes 1-3

Domestic Girlfriend – Episode 1

marinara friends

Manaria Friends – Episode 1

Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka – Episode 1

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou – Episode 1

Wataten! – Episode 1


The Price of Smiles – Episode 1

Girly Air Force – Episode 1

Morose Mononokean s2 ep1 (15)

Morose Mononokean II – Episode 1

W’z – Episode 1

Circlet Princess – Episode 1


Pastel Memories – Episode 1

Meiji Tokyo Renka – Episode 1

Rinshi!! Ekoda-chan – Episode 1

I might have bitten off more than I can chew….This took so long you guys! Let’s see if I make it to week 2!

can’t sleep – must read posts…

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  1. Damn! That must have took a lot of work to do! 😀 Thank you for taking time of your own blogging schedule to help the Anime community overall!

    Also, thank you for adding some of my first episodes reviews hehe

      1. Yeah, that’s what happens when you go .org… You can make your blog posts to appear on your followers’ feed, but it will not appear in the search results 🙁

  2. Just when I thought WordPress email notifications were enough to crash my browser (or close to that) at least once a day…I guess I’ll have to settle for at least twice a day on one day of the week. Well, I’m already losing a battle against my folder of 300 or so bookmarks I want to get back to, so I guess more never hurts – it’ll give more variety to my round-ups once they come out.

    According to what I’ve seen on ANN, second seasons don’t get covered that often in comparison to first ones – something like Mob Psycho, which got fame from being a critics’ darling and being made by the creator of OPM, is an exception. (Boogiepop is also an exception, since apparently this is a “true adaption” of the novel rather than a sidestory like the 2000 anime was.) However, s2s generally get better received.

    How are you planning to handle batch impressions going forward? It’s not so bad now, but how episodes are sorted will get worse as people lose interest in shows and so on.

  3. This is very helpful Irina! Especially for someone like me who’s reader never seems to show the majority of the blogs I follow!

    It’s also really cool to see how many people are focusing on a show/who’s focusing on what.

    1. I found it very interesting as well. When you read stuff post by post you get an idea of what people are talking about but this really allows you to get a better picture. I was a bit surprised by both the interest and lack there of in some titles

    1. I have had an uneasy feeling that I’m an android who doesn’t know they’re an android for some time now…

  4. This is such a great compilation of posts. Though it kind of makes me sad that no-one else seems to be talking about the Morose Mononokean this season.

  5. This is nice! As others have said, this had to be a ton of work! Not only that, but I can tell you from experience that even finding some of these sites could not have been trivial. You have 10 or 15 I’ve never seen before! And that’s after spending hours looking for anime blogs on Google, WordPress, and other source.

    In case it helps, I think your second and subsequent weeks will be easier. You’ll have the initial list to start from! At least, that’s how it’s worked in my much more limited experience (linking to other sites who are reviewing the same episodes I am reviewing).

    This is good stuff!

      1. Honestly, I think episodes 2 and beyond will be a lot less work.

        But, the initial push to identify sources will continue for a while. The season starts over what, three weeks? I think some shows started 01/04 (The Price of Smiles) and as late as 01/20 (Manaria Friends)…

        I wonder if you could make it a cooperative event? Maybe take some percentage of the titles yourself, and ask for volunteers to find the rest?

        I absolutely don’t want to see you sink all of your time into this — I think your other posts are too valuable to the community. But this index post could be something distinctive to your site. I can’t think of any other site that has anything like it!

  6. That’s… a lot of blog posts. At this point in time, are you actually spending more time on blogging anime than actually watching them? I’m in awe.

    (No carryovers? Not that I want to add to your burden; I’m just curious.)

  7. this is a cool idea. it’s actually really interesting to see how many different blogs talked about each show. are you planning to go for a kind of curated list, or are you trying to be comprehensive? because my programmer mind is instinctively trying to automate this process 😛

    1. Comprehensive… I want a simple way to find episode reviews once the season is done. Since I watch stuff years later, I would love to be able to pick a random show and see what people were saying aout it while it aired… This is wayyyy too ambitious but I hope to figure out how to do it eventually

    1. I have a vague idea of why I actually want to do this but after hours of reading episode reviews – I forgot it

    1. I was surprised as well. I knew it made sme wave but I hadn’t realised how many people were covering it until I made the list

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