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Top 5 Anime Lists to Do When You’re Out of Top 5 Anime List Ideas

So uhm… a funny thing happens hen you spend a couple of years writing weekly anime “Top 5” lists. You sort of end up covering a lot of them. And let’s face it, listicles are like internet weeds, there are so many already, sometimes it’s though to find something to write about. But Top lists...


Top 5 Blog Related Things I’m Doing While Self Isolating

These are rather hard times for a lot of people, to put it mildly. I am very lucky in many ways. I can and do work from home, even if I didn’t I’m financially secure and have no debt. For now me and my close ones are healthy and taking the proper measures to stay...


When Hobbies Use To Be Hobbies

In case you didn’t know, I consider this blog a hobby. I do it for fun. Just for fun. I don’t ever plan to have a carrier in anything remotely related and I didn’t study in a connected field. When I created the blog the possibility of making any sort of profit from it never...


Self Promotion Courtesy

Self-promotion is sort of a divisive issue. Some people find it tacky and just off putting while others consider it a necessity and show of industriousness. After all, how else are you gonna get your name out there? You gotta be your own biggest fan. More stock phrases about fame and stuff.


Can A Blog be an Island

That title is a bit unclear. I was trying to resume a complex thought in a few words and I failed. Today I want to think a bit about the practice of bloggers cutting themselves off from the blogging community. First I should say that I have no judgment call about it. I still think...


5 Bloggers that Helped me When I was Starting Out

I know for a fact that I didn’t make it this far in my blogging journey by myself. At the very least every reader and commentator along the way has motivated me and encouraged me to keep at it. I am really grateful for that and I try to make sure it comes across whenever...


I took my first ever blogging break and this is what I learned

Spoilers: very little Some of you may have noticed that I took a 2 week blog break at the end of January. I didn’t do much blog-wise except keep up with my collab and episode reviews. I do have way too many this season but that’s another story. This said, other than that I read...


That Time I Got Recognized From my Blog and it Made Me Feel Weird

I am not under the delusion that I’m a famous blogger or anything. I’ve been lucky enough to find some people who read my blog and interact with me and that’s been a great and unexpected blessing. But in the grand scheme of things, my blog is rather tiny. I get a fraction of the...


In Defense of Subjectivity in Anime Blogging

Having any sort of online communal experience is a weird thing. We all experience things in different ways so it can already be a little tough to understand each other in the best of circumstances, but when you add on the digital veil over that it becomes even more nebulous. It’s a telephone game where...