So from what I’ve gathered it’s sweltering in Australia and freezing in Canada. I hope the weather is nice for you in Japan! I’ll take cold over hot any day–looking forward to that Japanese Winter!

Ekoda chan episode 4 (4)
I’m creating suspense here!

Let’s jump right into this week’s episode of Ekoda-chan. You know, maybe it’s because the episodes are so short and I don’t have the time to get use to a particular style that although I can tell they all look different, it’s somehow not that much of a change? I think that’s kind of a compliment to the show, that even though it’s a different studio and director, etc. each week that they still look like the same show that goes to show a strong visual language that’s no doubt evident from the source material.

Basically I liked this week’s art style, just like I’ve liked them all so far. This was the least experimental (so far), but yeah I liked it too! Ekoda-chan’s boobs looked nice too, I mean, what?

Ekoda chan episode 4 (5)
boobs for Matt

Personality wise, this was the most boring Ekoda for me. What did you think Matt? I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say “boring”, she was the most real. Maybe that’s what you found boring?! Funny I felt she was the least relatable. Kind of a flat personality stock romance character instead of a real complex person. This sounds harsher than I mean it. She was fine but one note where she’s been more nuanced so far.

Ekoda chan episode 4 (3)
I know, right!

This episode really reminded me of old school shoujo. To me it seemed the least inventive so far. I’m a little disappointed that she’s pining so hard for the boy. I was pretty stoked at the idea of a sexually liberated lead that isn’t supposed to be…evil I guess. I didn’t really think about it like that, this was more a case of a sexually liberated woman who just wants to be loved–I don’t think that makes her “disappointing” I think that makes her human–but then again I don’t know anything about “old school shoujo” so maybe this is univentive and tropey? As the end credits rolled on this episode, I turned to the irlwaifu and she had a sad look on her face, and I realised I did too. We felt sorry for Ekoda-chan, but I don’t deny my empathy for this character is rooted strongly in the fact that I can both relate and sympathise with her general existence. Or maybe I’m just thinking too hard about this 4-minute anime? Is she sexualy liberated? She got very mad when the boy mentioned that she had physical relations that weren’t part of a conventional relationship. She seems to want to be loved by that specific boy which is a bit different from the idea of trying to find the right person, to me. I guess I was hoping the show wouldn’t paint her as a sad slightly pathetic character.

Ekoda chan episode 4 (10)
I guess that was a little harsh

It’s pretty obvious tough, that we are seeing different women and as that was part of the idea of this show – that’s really cool.

Despite the flashbacks, the narrative has been pretty linear so far. It’s an interesting experiment, I wonder where we’ll end up. This is kind of like a “show about nothing” and in drawing comparisons to ‘Seinfeld’ (the 90’s US sitcom) it too was all about tenuous physical relationships and observations of the minutiae of everyday life. Sure that show never had any real depth or character development or any emotion really to speak of but I feel the comparison still applies. Ekoda-chan just ~exists~ and whether her emotions or reactions or wants or desires “make sense” or “conform to preconceived notions of the character” don’t really mean a thing when she’s a messy and flawed individual prone to complications and contradictions alike. Hey, Irina, did I mention I think too hard about this silly 4-minute anime? So much for a short review!

Hey it’s still short, we got this…..we can do it.

Ekoda chan episode 4 (11)Here’s an extra shot, because I liked it!

Ekoda chan episode 4 (1)

10 thoughts

  1. I’m treating each episode as stand-alone content, not as chronological steps. I’m sure if you read the manga you could put them in a sequence but I think it is much too early for that yet. In the end, you might be able to patch together a jerky 45-minute short movie out of it.

    The art is better in this one. There was a thinner outline and the figure felt more real. Notice how they shaded things? Gave it a bit of dimensionality. Still can’t show nipples. Somehow that makes censors feel better? Assinine!

    The manga is supposedly autobiographical, the author as a younger woman in Tokyo. What strikes me is that Ekoda sticks with this turd of a boyfriend even though he abuses her. This a-h is even sweet talking a different lover on the phone while in bed with her. She is so afraid of being alone.

    I think the author is showing us her mistakes and what NOT to do. Ekoda is complicit in her own situation. Being alone is better than being in a bad relationship. Pull that splinter right away and don’t wait for it to become infected.

  2. Hm, the first episode was over too quickly and I didn’t know what to think. The second episode I really liked; identified with Ekoda-chan a lot. The third episode I found hard to follow, despite the animal coding, shich whould have made it easier to tell people a part. This episode?

    I sort of liked it, but not like the second episode, which so far is still my favourite, and it’s not really close. I remember our talk about the show being judgemental, and I’m a lot closer to your position this episode than back then (If I understand it correctly, that is), but I still think it’s not really pining for a boy so much, as it is having sex, which is physically very intimate, but emotionally… not. Whenever the show shows the boy (I’m not sure it’s always the same one; the short format and changing art style makes this difficult to figure out for me) he’s facing away from her, or doing something else. Even if you’re having a purely physical relationship, you’d be expecting… I don’t know, company? for the time it lasts. I think that’s the real problem.

    I finally looked up the show, and it seems it’s an adaption of a 4koma manga that had an earlier adaption in 2011 (“Genki!! Ekoda-chan”), which totally passed me by. They seem to have only men directing this show. Perhaps, they want a gender contrast in the following voice-actress/director talks? It’s a pity. I’d love to see what for example someone like Rie Kugimiya would do with this (she’d be perfect, because she’s got lots of experience with short stuff, and has a vivid, frantic yet easy to follow style, and is usually very sympathetic to her characters).

    Four episodes in, I find the show wildly uneven. I’d rank them somewhat like this: 2>>>>>4>>1>>>>>3, with the number of arrows denoting difference in affection. What’s driving me to click the next episode isn’t so much character affection or interest in the concept (It’s too unreliable), but curiosity. It’s likely not something I’ll come back to ever again, except maybe for standout episodes. (Episode 1 might rise higher on a re-watch; initial orientation difficulties drag it down a little.)

    1. You are so sweet. I’m devastated but I loved my puppy with everything I had and I wouldn’t change a thing
      I’m really grateful gor everyone’s support. I’m sort of hiding out and a bit too broken to reach out right now but it means the world to me. People are just so great and I’m lucky to have you all

      1. We love you, Irina 😁

        Ever since it happened, I’ve been keeping more of an eye on Anna then usual and giving her more love. Kind of worried about her 🙁

  3. I really like the way the face is drawn in this episode. (Body, too, of course. But the face just seems really nice this way.)

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