Hi Scott! I hope you’re having a great week. I am. Although the days are getting really short now and I feel like it’s always nighttime. Thankfully I don’t have seasonal depression. I hope you don’t either. It seems like it’s a real pain.

Hello Irina! :D. I’ve pretty good so far. I don’t really get seasonal depression usually because I am very much a fall season person so this is one of my favorite times of the year. I love the color of this season the reds, oranges, and yellows. But the darkness was a little too much…

So tell me, what happens when you kill a ghost? Does it just get pissed and come back to haunt you stronger than ever? Or can you actually put it down for good? I think maybe they should have tried busting that ghost instead… 

I thought this was your department. I mean, usually you have to exorcise a ghost to get it to stop right? So maybe what happened was accurate considering that they just knocked it out instead of destroying it. But I think you know much more about this then me…

Alright, that was a little dumb. Let me go back to the beginning. So it turns out that Shion was actually sobbing due to nerves. Which was a bit of a letdown to me at first. Like I wanted some big reveal as to what was happening. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. It’s kind of sweet. I mean I’m a crybaby too. I would probably be bawling with relief and conflicting feelings as well. What did you think, Scott?

Haha, Irina.I feel like we are two crybabies watching these shows together, so I am with you. I mean, I had a lot of nerves playing a small solo in a community band tonight so I can see myself completely bawling like Shion did with her nerves. She feels like the most relatable character so far despite Gashin and Amou being pretty good people too. I do like the three kids a lot. 

We also got to meet Shion’s AI, Nayuta. I really like Nayuta’s design. I think it’s my favourite of the three. I just really like the little antlers. It’s Christmassy too. I’m not so sure about his personality though. I feel like he could get a bit old pretty fast. Thankfully, there are enough characters around that he won’t necessarily have too big a role to play.

I agree with you. Nayuta definitely has the most interesting design. I also really dug how the three A.I. can just go to each user’s phone and hang out and beat on each other too. So having the Gai and Kai balancing out Nayuta by keeping him in check felt right so he doesn’t just take up the screen time with his arrogance. His European name did hint at a lot of elements to come.

The one big note I have is: Oh my, are they actually nuanceing an antagonist. I’m guessing that Brad Watt is either going to become our main villain or he’ll join the good guy at some point. I mean we’re 7 episodes in and all military have been just moustache-twirling baddies so far. Giving this one guy some sympathetic traits has to be for a reason. 

Also, Brad Watt is such a fanfiction type of name.

Brad Watt is definitely a fanfiction name, but it does feel like one appropriate with how Sunrise and Gundam names their characters. With the very gundam way this show has been so far, I feel like he is going to like a secondary protagonist/villain like character. Possibly a Char Aznable like character or Graham Aker from Gundam 00 or something. 

In construct, I actually thought this episode was pretty good. We had two parallel stories going. On the one side, we have Amou, Gashin and Shion getting to know each other and establishing the mystery of the autonomous Ai. As in who created them and how did they all end up together. I think this plotline has a lot of potential but I’m not sure how well it’s going to mesh with the greater war happening. Still, when they were talking about similarities in the code and secret defence contracts, I was intrigued.

Oh, I really agree with that. I honestly feel like this was the most engaged I’ve been with AMAIM for all 7 episodes we’ve had so far. It has a lot of complicated things in it but in a natural way. I like Amou, Gashin, and Shion establishing their dynamic as well. That mystery is really kind of fascinating and will probably carry the story more in some interesting and complicated ways. I feel like I know where that plot is going, but I could be wrong. 

On the other side, there was the saga of Brad Watt and poor Roger. And of course their Ghost Hunt. So my understanding is that Ghost is entirely AI and doesn’t seem to be on either side. However, it does seem to have allies. I’m still not entirely sure what/who Ghost is and I think I’m supposed to feel that way.

Yeah! I love that Ghost is a complete mystery. I hope that they keep teasing us for a while about what Ghost is because I just find it so cool. It feels that strange turning point or last act reveal that will either save or move the plot in some direction later down that road in a way that we all wouldn’t expect and I am ready for it honestly. But, I guess I will have to have patience. 

To me, this was a slightly messier plot but it still worked. Partly because giving this new cast a very simple and clear objective: i.e. catch ghost and use its technology to greatly increase military power, was a great way to focus the action. And it made it super easy to follow.

I’m in the same way here too. It felt like the show really knew where it wanted to go and just executed all the beats it wanted to in a very effective and clean manner. The world building and complications with our three and then Brad with everything going on with Ghost and the US’s presence in Japan. Simple can be pretty good sometimes, you know? It’s hard to do simple.

I can’t say I really got to know any of the American military aside from Brad but I still understood their motivations very clearly.

Hopefully we can get to know them more. I am glad to have two female pilots added in this show in this episode and I just want to know them a lot more. 

The final scene sort of hinted at possible future conflict with the Resistance pilots being introduced to a company contact with another fantastic name: German Gobert… Is it just me or does German look like pure concentrated evil. Like all the villain visual tropes you can think of stuffed into a single character. I was sort of surprised he was actively kicking orphans down the stairs as he was introducing himself. 

And now you know why no one will let me write an anime!

All in all, I liked this episode well enough. I’m just sort of going with the flow and this was a pretty good one in my opinion.

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