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Objectifying vs Sexualizing in Anime

I have a feeling this post isn’t going to do very well. The few times I’ve approached slightly meatier subjects, my readers were generally not that interested. But that’s o.k. This one will be a more for me post. Right off the bat, I might as well warn you, this won’t be a debate. I’m...


Irina Wants Free Therapy – Why Can’t I Review Certain Anime?

When you post everyday, one of the things that suddenly becomes precious to you is source material! Obviously, I’m not watching entire series every day, and I wouldn’t want to even if I could somehow. As such, I’ve come to really appreciate those shows I have watched and tell you all about them.


Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Blog Out There

Not long ago I wrote a post about a different approach to blogging. I was delighted to find that this post got a much better reception than anticipated and I got a lot of great feedback. In particular, I had mentioned discussing tricks for getting a bit of exposure for your blog and you guys...


I Don’t Understand the 3 Episode Rule

There’s no old maxim in the anime community that it takes a full 3 episodes to be able to truly appreciate a show and determine if it’s worth your time. Or 25% of a single cour season. I’m not sure if this rule applies to other forms of media or not but I’ve only heard...


How To Review Any Anime Without Watching It!

Man watching anime takes a lot of time. Have you seen some peoples MAL profiles…they spend YEARS doing it. Who has that type of leisure? Certainly not YOU! We’re busy people, we got….stuff to do. On top of that watching and even occasionally writing about anime, impossible! Imagine how much you could get done if...


The Importance of Writing Skills in Blogging

Look, it’s no secret that typo is my mother tongue. I’m sort of amazed that anyone can follow my posts. (Please don’t burst my bubble if you have never understood what I’m talking about. Le me just pretend….) Despite this, I have presumed to write several posts on the art of blog writing. Yup actual...


Black Butlers and Red Madams (Countdown to Halloween)

I figured an actual classic horror monster would be a great pick this week! How have I avoided Black Butler in this series so far? I am the derp. Clearly, it’s the perfect series to find fun ill fated characters with interesting quirks. As much as I would love to subject you all to a detailed and...


5 Anime Characters I’d Like To See Racebent

Hello everyone. You may remember a while ago I had the pleasure of creating a top 5 collab with the wonderful Jordanne. She is truly a wellspring of creativity so when she suggested a further collab I was genuinely excited! Now the subject here may be a little delicate so I am going to reuse...


Top 5 Anime Families I Would Like To Get Adopted Into

I wrote a super confusing list called top 5 members of my anime family an in the process, quite figuratively, I tripped over the idea for this list. By and large top lists tend to be highly subjective however this one will be even more than usual. Today I don’t plan to talk about the...