I drink and watch anime


No Game No Life Zero – Noble Sacrifice

Genre : Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action, Tragedy, Romance Movie: 1 hour, 50 mins Studio: MADHOUSE A long long time ago. In days before imanity became an official race. The world was dark and barren. The ongoing war between the gods of each nation had poisoned the land and made constant ash fall from the sky....


Are Otaku The Worst?

Hello everyone, welcome to my storytime! Some of you might remember this post from when I published it on Karandi’s blog. I’m repurposing my old essays for those that didn’t get a chance to read them then. I hope you enjoy it!


Reinserting Fun in my Anime Watching

For newer fans and some older fans as well, it’s difficult to imagine how someone’s passion for anime could ever fade. How could anyone get fed up with anime – there’s an unlimited amount and it’s entirely made up of cool… I feel you. It has been my entertainment of choice for years now and...


Noblesse OVA – Noblesse Oblige

It’s a new anime season and I am excited. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy! I’ve actually already decided which airing anime I will be following this fall. And Noblesse is one of them. This isn’t a big surprise. I’ve been following all of Crunchyroll x Webtoon’s projects and out of all...


Haikyuu!!: To the Top ep14 – Anticipation

This is my most anticipated anime of the year. I really like Haikyuu! I know I’m hardly the only one. But where I might be a bit more unusual, is that I think To The Top is spectacular and possibly the best Haikyuu! has been. I’m about to go n a mini-rant so please humour...


Fire Force 2 Episode 14 – The Devil You Know

At some point, I’m just going to have to admit it. I really like Fire Force. That’s really all there is to it. It speaks to me. And this second season is turning out much better than the first. Not that the first season was bad but it seems that the show has found its...


Top 5 Isekai Anime (Guest Post)

I like to keep you guys on your toes so today, we have the second ever guest post on I Drink and Watch Anime. This Top 5 Isekai list is brought to you by Sujith Kumar of findmesimilar.com. I hope you enjoy it. (For the record I haven’t seen all of these but I liked the...