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Anime Podcast of Some Awesome Sort!

David Majors is a Twitter buddy. Am I bragging? You bet I am. I’m not sure how we found each other exactly but we’ve been politely exchanging tweets for a while now. I’ve always found him to be that difficult to come by mix of authority and respect when it comes to anime topics. I...


Chio’s Topsy Turvy School Road

  Genre : Comedy, Slice of Life,  Episodes: 12 Studio: Diomedéa There are very few things that Chio wants out of life. A good computer and some peace and quiet to play video games. One long time friend to chat with at school. And avoid standing out at all costs. She has spent her entire life working...


Talking Anime to the Normies

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while…. Wait that was even blunter than usual. I mean: Hi Guys! How is everyone? Enjoying early spring? Montreal has never been a city you choose for the weather but the past few years have really been brutal. A little dose of sunshine is certainly welcomed!


Do you know Hōka Inumuta?

When I called out for help and inspiration on anime characters to write about, Kill la Kill’s Ryuko was one of the top contenders. She doesn’t exactly fit the underrated/underappreciated theme I’m trying to go for. In fact, she’s one of the few characters with her very own TV tropes page I have now wasted an afternoon...


Fruits Basket Zodiac with Gaijin : Hatsuharu

I started a feature with Zodiac expert Gaijin but because I’m a bum, he got the first post out before I managed to do my part. So please go over to Trust the Gaijin to read all about Ayame’s sign (who doesn’t want to learn more about Ayame!!! – no one) then you can see how it...


Bungo Stray Dogs 3 – 4: Red Dawn

It’s good writing not to just give away the punch line right from the start. I’ve tried to become a better blogger by reading a number of writing guides and essays for post format. They suggest vague titles that give you a good idea of the content but don’t give away too much. Your posts...


Top 5 Anime Nudist

You guys keep telling me (ok, mostly Fred) that putting more nudity in my posts will draw the readers in. I’m finally listening! It takes me a while to pick up on stuff… This is actually a list that’s been in my post idea folder for a minute. Not because I thought it would be...