I drink and watch anime


Sakura Blossoms and Maple Leaves

It’s no coincidence that one of the very first Japanese words I picked up by watching anime was: Sakura. Cherry trees are so ubiquitous and important to Japanese culture and identity that they even name girls after them! The breathtaking sight of cherry trees in full bloom, raining down soft petals on passersby is so...


Why Aren’t There More Short Anime?

This is should really be called: I want more short anime! There should be more short programs made each season. They are such nice little anime palette cleansers. Just a light snack to munch on. I really like being able to enjoy an entire series with minimal commitment. And of course, when you rely on...


Katsugeki Touken Ranbu – Action!

  Genre : Action, Drama, Historical, Time, Action Episodes: 13 Studio: ufotable   To mere mortals, time may seem like a steady unyielding stream, flowing eternally from the past to the future. But to those who know better, it’s a chaotic whirlpool that spins back on itself and splashes all over the place. If you’re not...


July OWLS Tour – This One Is Going To Be A Challenge

Some of you may know that I’ve been trying to complete a full year of OWLs prompts using Natsume’s Book of Friends exclusively as a base for the essay. OWLS prompts tend to be fairly general so I thought this would be a breeze until I got a real test thrown my way.


Top 5 Reason Anime Top Lists Are Good Content

Do I sound salty with that title? I’m not, for once! But I would like to randomly defend the top list format. You see, I only started doing regular top lists about a year into my blogging journey. This is because, when I started out, I read a bunch of articles on how top lists...


I’m a Reviewer, Not a Critic or Irina Dodges Responsibility Again

Some of you may know that I generally write posts while travelling on public transit using my phone or tablet. For some reason the “word suggest” for what to write next, every time I type out my name is Shayk. I’ve never once chosen it but my devices refuse to give up hope. I’m starting...


Cinderella Nine episode 11 – Almost Over

Okay guys, we’re in the home stretch…I think that’s a baseball expression. If it’s not, just humour me. Yay, Sports!  Hey Matt, Hey Matt, we only have one more episode to go! What do you think about that? I think that’s the best thing I’ve heard all day! (Okay that was a bit harsh…)