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Tags I got on March 23rd – Neat Sunshine!

You know how it goes, when it rains, it pours. I got really behind on answering these posts and for a while people stopped tagging me which made me sad so now I’m going to try to keep up…more or less. And just as I made this resolution I got not one but three tags...


I Wrote A Stupid and Now I try To Fix it

I’m probably going to make it worse…orz A few days ago I published a post about, well actually it was a spoof on the concept of coolness and popularity as many of my fellow anime fans claim to not be cool or popular and I relate to that feeling. So I tried to make fun...


In/Spectre Episode 12 Review — Gallery

In/Spectre offers a few delighting moments this week as its plot thickens. via In/Spectre Episode 12 Review — 100 Word Anime Even though In/Spectre wasn’t that visually interesting, I’m going to miss Kotoko’s adorable character design. In/Spectre is proof that a great character design can really take you far!


Top 5 Blog Related Things I’m Doing While Self Isolating

These are rather hard times for a lot of people, to put it mildly. I am very lucky in many ways. I can and do work from home, even if I didn’t I’m financially secure and have no debt. For now me and my close ones are healthy and taking the proper measures to stay...


SSSS. Gridman – YAY #Mecha March!

  Genre:  Science fiction, mecha, action, adventure, kaiju, Episodes: 12 Studio: Trigger   Puberty is weird. You hit high school and all the sudden you don’t know who you are anymore. Well you do but you don’t know who you should be. Unless you’re Hibiki, then you literally don’t know who you are. That’s cause...