BL (Boy’s Love) is one of the most loved genres among romance lovers. The genre adopts many of the classic tropes of romance comedy shows, from Misunderstandings and Enemies to Lovers, to Love Triangles and soul mates.

BL is closely related to the Yaoi and Shounen-ai genres, but you should know the difference between the three. Yaoi anime depict more explicit relationships compared to BL and Shounen-ai.

Shounen-ai anime depicts a more innocent relationship while BL is in the middle, being the best of both worlds.

Despite the number of people who love BL, there are not that many anime in the genre. Though there is a really good amount of BL manga that you can enjoy.

But Boy’s Love is a rapidly growing anime genre, gaining more traction in the anime world in recent years and with its growing popularity, more and more wonderful BL anime series are being made.

As rare as BL anime may be, there are still some really great titles and today, I’m going to share with you a list of the 5 Best BL Anime that you can enjoy in 2022.

  •         Semantic Error
  •         The Stranger by the Shore
  •         Hikari: Be My Light
  •         Sasaki and Miyano
  •         Heaven Official’s Blessing

5. Semantic Error

Semantic Error is a great anime but I hated how short the episodes were. It’s a short web anime with only 4 episodes, each being 4 minutes in runtime. But since I’m always starving for BL anime, I took what I got and I loved it.

It has many juicy moments, especially the kissing moments are amazing and you will be amazed by the amount of chemistry they were able to create in only 4 episodes.

Once you’re done with the anime, you should definitely check out the Manhwa.

Sangwoo is a serious student who always follows the rules. He’s been assigned a group project but all his groupmates free ride on the project and he ends up doing all the work.

So, he decides to not give any credit to any of them but one of his groupmates, Jaeyoung Jang, fails because of this and his plans to study abroad are postponed. And now, Jaeyoung has a bone to pick with him.

Only a couple of days later, Sangwoo is forced to work with Jaeyoung on a mobile game he’s been working on after his designer quits midway and Jaeyoung is the only option he has.

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4. The Stranger by the Shore

The Stranger by the Shore is a great anime movie (59 min. runtime) dealing with some heavy topics like death, illness, and homophobia while also being light-hearted and adorable.

It doesn’t have much of the rough and explicit sex scenes like most BL anime do. It only has one sex scene which is really intimate and makes the story even better.

Shun is an aspiring novelist and after being disowned by his parents for being gay, he moves in with his aunt on a small island near Okinawa.

There he meets Mio, a high schooler who recently lost his parents, and spends his time sitting by the sea shore. They slowly start to spend time together and Shun develops feeling for him but then all of a sudden, Mio moves to the mainland.

Three years later, Mio comes back and confesses his true feelings to Shun. So, now they can finally become a couple but Shun isn’t ready to be in a committed relationship.

3. Hikari: Be My Light

You can finish this anime in only half an hour as it only has 10 Episodes – 3 minutes each. But, these 30 minutes are going to make you cry.

This anime was created by a very small group of people and it has no dialogue but the music and animation are used in such a masterful way to deliver a captivating story both sweet and sad at the same time.

Hikari: Be My Light uses its impactful story to prove to you that dialogues are not always necessary.

Akira is a depressed office worker living the same routine life every day. He isn’t interested in life at all and wishes to die.

One day, he meets a college student named Hikaru and soon, they end up becoming friends. Slowly, Akira’s life starts to become a bit better, and his desire to live comes back.

But then, Hikaru is diagnosed with an incurable disease that would soon claim his life. 

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2. Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano aired in winter 2022 and became an instant hit. It’s a cute, light, and fluffy anime series definitely worth your time.

Miyano is a BL fanatic with feminine features and attends an all-boys high school. He’s really passionate about BL manga and spends most of his time reading them.

One day, he witnesses a student getting beaten up behind the school building, and the bullies come after him as well. That’s when a delinquent senpai named Sasaki intervenes to save him and after the incident, they start to see each other more often and become friends.

Miyano introduces Sasaki to the world of BL and even loans him a manga. As they bond over their mutual interest, their friendship grows, and their relationship starts to change from a casual friendship to something more.

1.    Heaven’s Official Blessing

Have you watched The Founder of Diabolism? If you have, then you will definitely love this one as well. They both have a similar theme and style but of course, are not the same.

It has a beautifully written cute and wonderfully interesting story paired with amazing animation and music.

The story is set in a world where Gods exist and often descend to the mortal world to help people. The more people they help, the more their followers increase, and their status in heaven rises.

Xie Lian is a gentle god who tries to help as many people as he can but he always ends up screwing things over. With time, he became the black sheep of heaven with no followers.

After he screws up again resulting in the destruction of the Heavenly Palace, he’s banished to the mortal world and now, must exorcise ghosts to help people, and build his following.

There, he meets a mysterious man who is clearly more than he seems. The man joins Xie Lian on his adventures and they soon begin to uncover secrets of the heavenly realm.

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