Hi Scott, Hi everyone! Sorry I’m a little late with this week’s post for Sasaki and Miyano. I decided to try to make pelmeni from scratch and it turned out to be a considerably more ambitious endeavor than I had calculated. On the upside, they are delicious! Like almost worth it delicious.

How are you Scott?

Hi Irina! It’s not a problem. I’ve been having a bit of a slower day myself, so it’s fine. Though, I am jealous at your cooking skills. I’ve barely figured out how to bake by scratch yet, but it has resulted in some tasty cookies. Not a bad prospect there either honestly.

But I am ok. Mecha March is ending soon and I find myself struggling to right longer posts about anime again. But I want to do it. I miss having everything scheduled out and having some easy times, but that’s ok because I want to write more and that’s what matters after returning from my break.

I’m really glad I got to see at least one bonafide confession this season. The other one I was expecting didn’t completely pan out. It was still sweet but not quite as sweet as this. Then again few things are quite as sweet as Sasaki and Miyano!

Oh man, I feel a little too giddy because I’ve gotten two. I have to say, it matches the level of sweetness of this one because it was just as honest and as pure as one can get too there. Takagi-san is really good guys. I feel so bad that it feels like I am keeping this one to myself somehow when its out there and people can watch it…on Hi-Dive…

Ok, I shouldn’t be talking bout another anime when we are talking about Sasaki and Miyano. Ooops, sorry. 

The episode pretty much played out as expected. And that’s a good thing. This is what I wanted from the show. I did like how bad Sasaki felt for being forceful. It did complicate things a bit but he constantly catches himself and beats himself up for stepping over boundaries. Now that is something we don’t see a lot of in romance shows and I think we should see more of it. It might balance things out a bit!

Oh it was such a good thing for all of it there too. It was some excellent and believable romantic tension for Sasaki and Miyano here. I’m glad that tension with Sasaki is there. I’m also glad that Miyano has been having the same sort of tension for himself too. It was a good episode for everything there. 

For a second there, I thought they might really miss each other and that Hirano was going to get to punch someone. Live out his delinquent dreams. That might have been funny too but at the end of the day, I’m sure glad they didn’t. 

Out of all the manga, that confession scene was probably what I remembered best. That and their first meeting. Once again, I’m surprised by how much more I enjoy it on screen compared to on page. The actors did a really good job bringing out that hesitation and excitement mixed with fear.  

It was a really long kiss scene but we’ve been waiting for it all season. It’s good they didn’t skimp!

Also, they brought back that little comment about having cold hands. I really like that. It’s such nice continuity and an adorable little reward for those paying attention!

Oh it would suck if they missed each other. Such a romance story cliche of the two lovers trying to find each other and there is a reason why its around still. It gets people every time and it works so well here too. Especially since we care about these two so much.

I don’t have much to say about it because it was just perfect. The acting was definitely solid and there was such great tension between these two all season that it was just right there. The mood was right. Everything was right. It really was everything. 

Scott, you have always been a fan of the big orange cat. I am too. It’s a great cat. But this week, we saw a gray tiger-striped one… Do you think big red is gonna get a friend?

I hope so. I think that two cats would be ok to have. Very good to have them around and be cute without taking too much screen time. I hope the gray cat stays around. 

Speaking of friends, I hope you all stayed for that final after-credits scene! We’ve both praised Sasaki and Miyano’s friend group before. They are supportive and understanding and a lot of fun. Hirano has been rooting for these two all along, despite not being the romantic sort in the least. Of course, Miyano’s friends are more than fine with anything, as long as Kuresawa can tell his girlfriend about it.

I have to say, I’m actually pretty impressed he didn’t tell her all about it instantly and actually waited to ask permission. Even if his way of asking is a bit forceful.

I mean, Kuresawa is just going to be Kuresawa and that’s ok. Same with Tashiro and just the rest of them to help these two get together and be happy about it. A lot of good friends helping the two somewhat dim love birds join together and then accept them immediately too. I like it as well. 

All in all, it was a sweet season for me. There were maybe one or two episodes around the middle where I thought they could have picked up the pace a bit. Not that I disliked them but it did feel like they were stretching things out. But in the last few weeks, somehow everything seemed to get back on track and it all ended in such a perfect conclusion.

This is a great last episode. We got to see everyone and there is clear closure for the main plot thread. And everyone’s happy. I don’t know about you Scott, but I’m a sucker for a happy ending!

I love happy endings too, Irina. I haven’t gotten a lot of those with the shows that I generally watch so I take them as much as I can so I can enjoy them so much too. I keep them in my mental pocket so I can think about them when I watch shows with bad endings.

Yeah, I felt the pacing around to middle to be a bit taxing from time to time too, but I feel like these writers wanted to end here without getting much material after it and I feel like that effort was highly worth some small watch checks here and there. 

And I was pleasantly surprised to see that other viewers seemed to have enjoyed it as well. It had some very decent ratings when I checked on AniList. That makes me happy!

And it brings me to that very last shot. It seems Sasaki and Miyano is renewed. On the one hand, it makes sense. If people generally liked it there’s no reason not to continue. There is a lot more material in the manga after all. On the other hand, though, it was such a perfect place to end things, you know? 

I say that as if there’s any doubt I will be watching the next season. There’s no doubt! How about you?

Oh, I know that I will be checking it out too. I already put it on my plan to be watched even without it having a title or anything there. I want to see what these two are like as a couple now that they are officially together. 

One final thing, the mangaka has another title they are working on Butai ni Sake. And I really like that manga. It’s not BL, (at least not for now and there are a few volumes out) so I’m not sure it will generate as much interest. Still, I hope it gets a chance at an adaptation as well. 

Oh, maybe I will have to check it out. I like the way they write characters.

There you have it, folks. I had fun this season. Thank you so much for going along for the ride with me, Scott. 

Thanks for inviting me, Irina. I had a blast and a few soft tears over the cuteness for this show.
I suppose next time, it’s back to Amaim. See you and everyone else then!

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  1. For me, this show falls into the category of romance shows that everyone seems to like more than I do (along with Akagami no Shirayuki hime, and Ore Monogatari). The feeling I get from those shows is “textbook romance”; a sort of ideal to be followed more than an organic story. That said, it’s by far the best of the bunch and I’m certainly going to watch season 2.

    I loved the post-credits scene with all the supportive friends being happy for them. Well, it makes sense. Everyone figured it out before Miyano did. Heh.

    And all the romance scenes were just so well done, you just have to cheer for those likable kids. I was happy to see the thanks-for-the-support-new-season-greenlit message at the end. It’s such a rare safe haven. Not a single mean character in the show.

    1. I agree, nothing revolutionary here by any means. But there is something to be said about simple sweetness. I like sweet things…

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