Everyone’s favourite seasonal ship has sailed. I think My Dress-Up Darling took a lot of people by surprise. There’s a lot to be said for shows that know how to use their charm and this is certainly one of them. For my money, the adaptation actually manages to bring the very best out of the source material but that’s a personal take.

In any case, it was a pleasant little weekend distraction and I would watch another season should they choose to make one.

There were a few production touches I really enjoyed in this week’s My Dress-Up Darling. For instance, the opening tab, before the OP, didn’t have a score. Everything was just so silent. And I think that was a great way of reminding us what Gojo’s life was like at the beginning of the season. Not bad at all, but sort of empty and silent. certainly not as exciting as it could have been. The contrast with the bright song of the OP really drove the pint home.

I was also thrilled when I saw that the art style and animation used in that little snippet of horror movie we saw, was completely different from anything that has been in the show so far. Some of you may know that I am a big fan of art and animation style mixes in shows. And even though this was just a tiny little touch in the last episode, it fit in so well and was obviously thought out. I loved it. Somehow that art style was ominous even though we didn’t really get to see what was going on.

As for the substance of the finale. What can I say? It was cute and sweet just like the entire show has been cute and sweet. Now it might just be that I’m too childish but I really wanted a confession this week. The past few episodes have felt like the show was slowing down, at least to me, and that’s not the best way to go at the end of a series. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it a lot, but I am a little underwhelmed compared to past episodes, I guess. Maybe it’s just My Dress-Up Darling’s fault for being so good right out of the gate. It’s tough to keep up getting better under those circumstances.

I admit, they got me with the early ED fake-out. I was a bit disappointed when the credits rolled. I mean Grandpa was great and the festival was fun. I thought that fireworks scene was beautiful and made me want to go watch some myself. But it felt unresolved. Like an episode in the middle of a season, you know?

The post-credits scene did help with that. It brought a little bit of closure. Having both of them go to sleep and wish us goodnight is a really nice place to end it (possibly) all. I think you’re enjoyment of this scene largely depends on how you feel about the telling your feelings to someone who’s asleep trope. I use to like it well enough but I think that I’ve seen it so much that it’s wearing a bit thin on me. As the climax of a show I have enjoyed so much all season, I would say it’s just o.k.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that the show as a whole is delightful. I would not hesitate to recommend it to romance lovers with a little warning about the fanservice. For those of you who loved the show a lot and are thinking about reading the manga. I just want to let you know, the manga is a lot more ecchi. If that is not your cup of tea, keep that in mind. This is a weird sentence to end my My Dress-Up Darling posts, on. I can d better than that!

My Dress-Up Darling was a sweet little show about learning that people will love you the way you are so you should love yourself too. And who doesn’t want to learn that?

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  1. Even though the ‘telling each others feelings while you’re asleep’ thing is a bit trope-y, I do think that My Dress Up Darling has done an amazing job of incorporating tropes in a way that is tailored to the characters and their personalities, or subverting them somehow to add a little unique spin on it (that, again, is usually tailored to the characters and story).

    I’ll admit, there have been a few moments that felt out of place because they were too trope-y, but I actually really loved the final scene on the phone. It felt natural and intimate in the context, and it didn’t matter that Gojo didn’t hear her say it. She just said it because she felt it in the moment – which is exactly the kind of person Marin is – not necessarily because she’s usually too nervous. I also loved that she didn’t get super blushy and embarrassed afterwards – she was smiling and content and in love, which finished the season on a wholesome note that fits the overall experience of the show.

    I don’t know quite how to describe it, but all these romance tropes in My Dress Up Darling just felt a little different – like they fit into the scene more naturally, rather than being checked off a list. Although, I probably haven’t watched as much romance anime as you, so maybe these scenes are just a bit more novel to me. Either way, I loved the finale, and I hope there’s a season 2!

  2. I just bought the manga for review, and will buy the Season from Amazon Prime as well. Nice. I ended up buying the manga from two different retailers and buy it digitally too… Sigh. Looking forward to reviewing it and Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers.

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