My title is a direct quote from this week’s episode of My Dress-Up Darling. I picked it because I feel like it will give you realistic expectations for the rest of this post. I’m having a tough time…

So here’s the deal, you guys. I like My Dress-Up Darling. Always have, still do. Nothing has changed on that front and I have no complaints about this episode. But it’s just that right now, it’s in that phase, where friendship is slowly budding into romance and I have nothing to say. One episode is a lot like the next, in a good way. But if I’m talking about the show in general, I can just take what I said last week and copy-paste it. The only things that change are little details specific to the episode.

So these are the only moments I have any thoughts on. I was going to write interesting thoughts but I don’t want to over-promise.

When Granpa was inspecting Gojo’s work on a doll head, I figured it was the perfect moment to introduce that conflict I mentioned last week. Instead, they decided to go the super optimistic way and spell out that Gojo’s cosplay work is also helping develop his dollmaking skills so no worries there! Yay.

That’s nice because Gojo does seem to genuinely enjoy making costumes. In fact, he also seems to be starting to genuinely share Marin’s interests. He enjoyed the game, he’s watching anime. Hopefully, this will go both ways and she’ll show up with a doll magazine or something. In any case, it’s sweet. Relationships based on shared interests are weirdly few in anime and on TV for some reason.

I really like the fact that Marin does not have pink eyes. Obviously, no one does, but I figured it was just an eccentricity of design and we were just going to accept it. But she has pretty brown eyes. I may not have noticed if the characters didn’t point it out but once I did, I thought it was really cool. The difference is subtle but it does considerably shift the effect of the character. And from experience, do not cut onions with contacts on unless you don’t get irritated by them.

I also really liked how Gojo’s nerves immediately calmed down when he saw Marin’s room. It was like, oh yeah she’s a really pretty girl but she’s also my friend who I know well and is a huge dork. All good…

I continue to think the in-show magical girl anime looks fun and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Neon costume. I find the design much more interesting than the gothic lolita maid one. This show is quite pretty so those see-through layers of the skirt part are probably going to be some real eye candy. This is neither here nor there, but the two boys made me think there was some Card Captor Sakura inspiration for Flower Princess Blaze although they also looked like Princess Tutu characters. Hmmm, maybe magical girls have tropes you say?

Finally, I like the introduction of the little sister. Not so much as a character, we hardly got to see her. I like the idea that Gojo will have someone more experienced to show him how to take cosplay photos. The poor guy has had to figure everything out on his own so this is a nice change. And I just enjoy the idea of having them all learn about the hobby they enjoy together. I know it may sound a bit boring to some but I figure it’s going to be pleasant. And a little sexy cause you know.

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  1. OH! So the subtitle is because Marin one day decided to go the Lucoa/Ilulu way of never wearing a bra one day… Oh. I thought the review suffered a stroke. Never mind.

    Also ok fine. I just assume this series has smatherings of fan service here and there. It is a series about a young adult male liberally dressing a young adult female so sure… Ok it’s not simply that. But you read my reviews. You know I melt everything I review into basics so… Blame it on my poor shallow mind that wouldn’t even drown Popo the Bunny on a good day.

    Anyway I’m beginning to order some Anime DVDs so I’ll see about adding them to the schedule soon. And yes. I did see your post on SPOILERS. I have a piece coming on things I’ll try to order from Live Action… Sigh… Anime that has spoilers you should know. Before the anger induced stroke sends you to the hospital.

    I don’t care if they had the best of intentions making Kiki’s Delivery Service live action on its recent anniversary! it’s still evil!!

    1. Was this because I said we shouldn’t mind spoilers? I’m not sure I’m following your train of thought here.

  2. Marin: Oops, I’m going no-bra. Mah, no matter. It’s not like he noticed.

    You think, Marin? You think?

    Also, yeah, when Gojo left to pick up the Dvds and Grandpa encouraged him to go, it did look like Gojo was thinking “So I won’t be missed, will I?” But it got addressed surpringly quickly.

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