Hey today we meet for a review of 3 survival anime !!

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Firstly, in survival anime, we follow several characters in a place that endangers their lives / mental/physical integrity. Basically, you will have to survive.

Suddenly hang on well, your shock will be unavoidable …

Naka no hito Genome – completely unknown

Let’s say your favorite streamer, YouTuber, Influencer is sent to a world where they will have to do certain things surrounded by another group of people in order to survive.

Would you watch these adventures to see how far they will go or how far they will go?

Or contrario you will not agree with this practice and not to encourage it you will be interested in something else?

Survival anime naka no hito

We will follow Akatsuki Iride, a streamer not badly known in the gaming community.

One day he will wake up in a rather bizarre world, surrounded by people, his objective will be to have to carry out quests made by a kind of llama disguised as a waiter .

Naka No Hito Genome Season 2: Release Date, Characters, English Dub

Our hero will therefore have to use cunning and malice to survive in this unknown and above all abnormal world.

So, the anime is rather nice, my beginnings were “light” you will not be under pressure in each episode.

It will rise crescendo, you will also have to expect everything. You may come across llamas who speak, giant pandas, trolls etc.

The characters as you will be surprised to see a place like this. You will come to think that our hero may have made a dream or has been sent in a video game. Because you will find everything in this anime.

Yet despite this world illogical, it’s logic that will allow our heroes to move forward, I won’t tell you more, go see it right away !!!

Episodes: 12

Date: 2019

Tenkuu Shinpan – Survival anime underestimated

Tenkuu Shinpan survival anime

One day, Yuri found herself on the roof of a kind of skyscraper. In fact, Our heroine will wonder why and how she ended up thereafter some research.

She will come across a person who will try… to kill her.

In fact, Yuri will be in a kind of game in which it is to kill or to be killed, people wearing a mask push to suicide those who do not.

Why? Who are they? What is our high school girl doing in this game?

Yuri won’t have time to think about these questions since she will simply have to run for her survival.

But our heroine will not be alone. She will be accompanied by her big brother, an ultra charismatic and intelligent young man.

So this one will help her via their phone calls, will our heroine get out of it? How will her big brother manage to save her and see her again without being present?

An incredible anime that you will devour is the style of anime where you watch two or three episodes, then one more, then one more, then one more, and finally in one day you finish it.

I just found that from a certain moment, the capacities of certain characters were abused. You will see some who will hardly be human anymore.

You will see the destruction of buildings etc, I think they should have just been leave characters who try to survive without giving them crazy skills.

The story behind it’s super interesting, you will see that there will be a reason for everything. just that sometimes it won’t please all our protagonists.

Episodes: 12

Date: 2021

Talentless nana – Best survival anime with intellectual fights

survival anime talentless nana

So this time, you will be in an ultra original survival, we will be in a world in which a small part of the population is born with a power. These children with a power will all be gathered on an island in a class in which they will be educated.

Indeed these special children will have to control their powers to be able to use them against the beasts that threaten the survival of humanity,

We will be teleported into the daily life of Nana, a young student of this class, she will have the power to “read minds”, you will see that our heroine in reality, will have a completely different goal, Since she will be on this island to kill these young people who could prove to be a danger for humanity because of their powers too developed.

Talentless Nana Hiiragi | イラスト, 女の子イラスト, 柊

Otherwise, Have you seen Death Note? Code Geass? 

I won’t dare compare them to Talentless. But the intellectual fight between our heroine and another character, will be close to that between Light and L or Lellouch and the empire.

It was pretty cool to be from the point of view of ” villain “. Haha The kind of anime like overlord.

You will have the reasons and you will want us to arrest Nana while hoping that she doesn’t get caught, It will be quite weird.

Whatever happens you will be happy. Although, you know that you shouldn’t smile when you see the brilliance she will show to get by every time.

It’s an almost flawless survival anime.

Episodes: 13

Date: 2020


I would have talked about darwin game which is good but underestimated but I already talked about it in a previous post .

Talentless nana is a little known so I think I’ve been nice.
Anyway, I’d like to know how much sip did you drink?

2 thoughts

  1. Trust me, Ensemble Stars has a very interesting plot which explores the dark themes of the idol industry alongside the angst of growing up as an idol. Xfire says the anime adaption looks like it is trying to rush the main story (which has like 100+ chapters) so it obviously is gonna miss out A LOT of content. The transfer student actually gets more screentime and appreciation in the future but considering the pacing of the anime, all I can say is RIP Anzu screentime

  2. I haven’t seen Highrise Invasion and, to be honest, don’t intend to. I’m surprised to see Genome on the list. Loved that dorky show. Nana was pretty okay, too.

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