I have to say, last week’s episode was a high for me in this season’s of The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window. Not that episode 9 was horrible but it wasn’t that great either.

One thing I have been thinking to myself is, why is it BL? I mean there are a lot of double entendres and insinuations. It’s definitely HoYay. But there are tons of shows like that. Heck, this season Visual Prison has a man confessing to another man and it hasn’t been designated BL but The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window has. Just how sexy do the last three episodes get?

Last week, I mentioned that I was enjoying how the narrative was bringing everything together in a pretty logical and consistent way. That sentiment was completely washed away this week but it does seem like the writing got way lazier.

We pick up from the cliffhanger where Erika and co. seem to be in some very serious trouble with Sensei. This was honestly a pretty suspenseful moment last week. However it got resolved very easily because Erika’s mom, a character that we’ve hardly seen in the show and that really hasn’t been established at all, basically took care of everything offscreen.

Like not only did she have a handy dandy stun gun with her and ready to use at a moment’s notice, she also had the foresight to:

  • Buy a car under a different name ad park it in a parking lot near enough to easily get to on foot from Sensei’s house;
  • Prepare a care package to bring with her that very day (even though she left in a hurry followin her daughter sneaking out) and put the car key in the package;
  • Prepare and unconspicuous photo of ther daughter with the exact locatio of the car written on the back;
  • Rent an appartment under a different name that cannot be traced by the group;
  • Also put the details of the appartmet and the keys in the package;
  • Make sure to get wifi or an internet conection for that appartment and electricity;
  • Somehow have the financial statements they were going to steal at the appartmt for them…

Don,t ask me how she managed to get any of that done without getting caught and without her husband noticing. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it did feel like they needed Erika to be in a particular position and just reached for the nearest convenient excuse to get her there. This is one step away from the wizard did it.

And just as the episode is getting back on track with the Scooby gang and all, Rihito just loses it. Why now? Let me ask you this: why not? Once again, Rihito picking this very moment to have some sort of emotional breakdown isn’t impossible. And it’s not completely inconsistent with his character. But it does undo some of the slight growth he managed to have. And the timing is once again so very convenient.

To me. episode 9 of The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window really felt like the writers needed all the characters to be in very specific situations for what comes next, but they either didn’t want to bother or didn’t have to time, to get them into those situations in organic and satisfying ways.

So the audience just has to go with it. Oh, and I’m not sure what role the house you can’t leave is going to play but I hope they don’t just drop that plot thread. The scene there was long ad not very interesting to me, I hope it will at least serve a purpose later.

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