Every week I sort of play this little game in my head, trying to tally up points so I can figure out which episode I liked less. The right Beyond the Tricornered Widow or PLatinum End. It’s a bit of a rough season as far as episode reviews go, I’m not gonna lie.

But this week, Tricornered takes an early lead, or maybe falls behind depending on how you look at it. I wanna say episode 8 wasn’t bad…

One thing I have somehow failed to mention up to this point (I think), is that I quite like the poppy intro song. It’s way more fluffy than the series and I think it creates a fun gap. I do wish they would have put a bit more effort into the visuals though. Not saying they’re awful or anything, just a bit plain.

Episode 8 of The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window started off unsteadily as far as I’m concerned. Basically, it opened on a particularly clumsy expo dump from Erika. There was in fact a lot of exposition all throughout the episode as the series is setting everything up for the finale and most of it was fine. But that opening one was that rooky mistake of having a character explain out loud something that the other characters should already know for the benefit of the audience. I should mention this is not the character’s fault. I am a little tough on Erika but this time, the blame goes entirely to the dialogue.

Right after this, we find out that the bad guys’ strong house that Rihito and Mikado are exploring in astral form happens to be the same house Rihito was imprisoned in, in his childhood and my! Isn’t that a coincidence?

But you know, The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is actually bringing all the plot threads together and I kind of appreciate that. In fact, I like it a lot. The plot is neatly folding all the edges back in and giving us a distinct and important reason for every character to be there. I can’t complain there. I have seen much worse.

Well, I guess Keita doesn’t really have a reason to be there but I’m not going to grumble about getting more Keita…

So the series is building to something and it’s something consistent with the previously established narrative. Good for them. I will say I think all those abusive relationship similies in earlier episodes don’t seem to have served any big purpose and I would have preferred if they left them out. I understand that it’s a particular form of fanservice but it’s not my thing. I do miss the dirty double entendres though. Those were hilarious. I hope we get some in the next episode.

I figure this is all leading to an ever-so-dramatic confrontation between Mikado and his dad. Maybe the mom will be damseled if not Mikado himself. And then Rihito can save the day and be redeemed in the eyes of the audience but not me. I still say Mikado should go for Keita. o amount of tragic childhoods and last-minute heroics is going to change my mind.

I know I’m being a pessimist here, but I somehow doubt that the inevitable family reunion is going to be something I enjoy watching. But I hope I’m proven wrong!

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  1. For some reason, I feel like Hiyakawa’s redemption will come from Mikado saving him instead of Hiyakawa doing something heroic. Or that’s just my hope because we’re beyond a point for Hiyakawa to do good for someone else. But then again, the narration goes in crazy directions so we might be getting to see that as well xD

  2. Yeah, it definitely looks like this was a set up for something big happening in a later episode. And I agree about the opening credits. The song is nice and bouncy and the visuals are very 90’s-ish. It’s odd, but I kind of like it.

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