Yup, I’m still watching The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window. I’m not sure if anyone else is as well. I know a lot of my readers have tapped out and I can’t blame them. However, this is your chance to see what happened through screencaps.

It’s just like watching anime without all that annoying story and stuff.

Ok, so if you’re actually not watching The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window and are just here for an update, let me do that first. People have been disappearing so that cop fellow from the first episode asked Rihito for help again and he sent Mikaido instead. Turns out Erika and the obvious bad guy from last week’s closing tab are there to collect bad mojo and Mikado sort of gets spiritually traped by him. There’s also a lot of gay innuendo.

Actually, the cop brought up the word gay in the open. I was surprised by that, I thought they would keep it all tongue in cheek. Not that it was subtle or anything but I guess they needed to make sure everyone in the audience got it. That’s sort of unusual. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

You know, after thinking about it, I think the problem I have with The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is that it’s not stupid enough. no really! Or maybe not stupid in a fun way. Honestly, I think if this show just committed to being trashy, it could be fabulous. There are some brilliant trash moments in every episode. And they make me laugh. Mikado getting possessed at the end (seriously, who hasn’t possessed that guy, which is also a joke in itself) and getting all subcontext lewd with a suddenly shocked Rihito was trashy fun. I laughed at that.

And that scene of the passersby on the street sort of going zombie mode and back again when in front of the ramen shop. It’s what I used for my header gif but I’m not sure if you guys can see it well. In any case, that was a really great shot. Visually creepy but dynamic, nicely framed. I enjoyed that as well.

But boy, do I not care about Erika and her sorted family. I also don’t particularly care about either main character and definitely have no emotional investment in their relationship. I liked Keita, the other blonde fake psychic guy, but mostly cause I liked his design and he was a nice contrast to the other characters, but he’s not an interesting enough character to make me want to watch an entire show for him alone.

And unfortunately, at times it seems like The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window is going to insist on having character arcs and an actual plot I have to pay attention to and all that. Fr m, that’s just not what the strength of the series is. Maybe that will change. Maybe they’ll put together a super compelling mystery and I’ll have to eat my words. I certainly hope so…

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  1. I am still soldering on with this series! I still remain undecided whether the biggest horror is the relationship between the two mains or the actual supernatural goings ons. I am leaning towards the former…

    Outside this questionable aspect of the anime, which at this point you need to make peace with the actual cases are pretty cool. I will say I do enjoy Erika as a character and while I don’t especially care about the family setup, I believe there will be some drama stored in there. I will agree that Keita was an interesting fellow and the show would benefit from bringing him back.

    One thing I would say is if you expect some comedy then I think you come to the wrong place as this anime seems to be played straight and is fairly serious. If you want a mix of horror and comedy then I would suggest giving Mieruko-chan a go as that could be more down your alley based on the comments you have been making.

    In any case, just know there are still survivors and you are not talking to a wall!

    1. That’s too bad. I thought the show was pretty funny so far and I was lloking forward to seeing that sense of humour develop even if it is a little mean. Oh well

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