• Genre : Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
  • Studio: Pierrot

Well the Winter Games are really heating up! Can you guys feel the electricity in the air…ok this week’s Sanrio Boys was kinda boring. Not horrible or anything just kinda there. Let’s see how much padding I can stuff into one post!

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basically me

Taking par in this collab and doing episodic posts like this has forced me to start creating my own screencaps and in a classic me move, I went completely overboard with it. My posts get a little shorter every week but I’ve been hiding the fact by adding more and more pics. I keep getting spam comments about how my articles are great but I should think about the layout, too much text, not enough pictures. I think we’re about to prove that spam wrong!

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maybe I should have thought this out better

Despite being exactly what I expected, this week’s episode of Sanrio Boys still managed to surprise me somewhat by completely shafting supposedly adorable fountain of uncontained hormones Ryo. As we all knew, the episode was the conclusion of last weeks arc, neatly putting to rest the strife between suspiciously attentionate student council president Seiichiro and the random junior he stalks wants to help.

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he seems nice and not scary at all…

Despite Ryo being the one acting like a spoiled brat here, if you really think about it, the pres is a little creepy. He’s the high strung always under pressure needs to be perfect type who drops everything for some kid that he barely even knows, going so far as to show up at his place announced. He seems like a nice guy in the show but if some dude started treating me like Seii treats Ryo out of the blue, I’d call the cops. Unless he was cute, obviously!

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he was going to find out some day…

In any case, no one at all seems to have any problems with Seii’s possessiveness issues and tentative grasp on personal boundaries, least of all the show which decides to forgo any further character development of Ryo to instead concentrate on the Pres’ backstory.

It’s nothing really that grand, he has a strict but loving household had always been a bit to stiff and rigid and seems to have a stern dad who once took him to Puroland for no reason so he loves it there. It was sweet in fact, but quiet and unassuming.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.14.46 PM
nice house!

So now the Seii is a strict but gentle young man who pushes himself too hard to seem perfect because he is unable to ask for help. But then he fainted at school and it was duh-ramatic guys! I don’t know if this is a thing in America or now but when I was in school, with the crazy hormones and before my blood pressure evened out, I use to faint pretty regularly. I wasn’t the only one either. But I was talking to a friend and they seemed shocked at the idea of people just dropping. I see it pretty often in anime though.

That was just an aside (remember nothing to say…) The pres fainted, everybody gathered at the nurses office, he got sure beauty pageant queen emotional about some stuff the Ryo decided he luved him again then everybody talked about the cute charas they like and Hase said: “we’re Sanrio boys”. Roll credits!

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.16.39 PM
Shu, it’s the other blonde that was supposed to catch him

I still like Yuu, Has and Shu as the slapstick comedy trio. I liked the president’s family and backstory, much like him they were calm but pleasant enough. The drama was – to borrow one of my esteemed competitors descriptors – contrived but that might as well be the shows signature by now (complete with some truly jarring sappirific music) and then we got a happy ending.

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 2.18.00 PM
ther’s something weird about Ryo’s face – is it just me?

A really happy ending. Like wait a minute happy ending. Pretty much all the notes I took on the episode are about those last few minutes were all the boys meet up to walk to school together and joke around. Warm saturated colours filled the screen, the soft music was as discreet as possible in the background as bright sunlight bathed all the unfailingly smiling faces and all I could think about was Plesantville – or possibly Stepford Wives. I’m thinkinh the Pres never wok up from that fainting spell and we are now seeing his mind desperately clobber together unsustainable saccharine scenarios as his body withers (a bit like a Disney Jacob’s Ladder). I’m a little scared guys.

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this will haunt my nightmare

Even if he does wake up…I mean the post title says it all.


Obviously we are going to Puroland next episode and I had already predicted we would so let’s try to figure out what will happen there.

Plot: The boys will be surprised to recognize someone at Puroland they didn’t expect to see there!

Character: Yuu and Ryo will bicker

I had a crazy weekend that seeped into a crazy week so thank you very much Astral Gemini, Leap and TPAB’s for taking over score keeping duties. Considering how well I did, maybe I should just let you boys do that from now on!

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14 thoughts

  1. That one flashback with the all but naked child Seii out in the snow wiping his back was a bit creepy to me. It’s clear his dad loves him but it also felt like borderline child abuse. Dude, this is 2018, not 1618, calm down with the old-timey strictness.

  2. That episode seemed pretty bizarre with all this stalking, fridge horror with the class president’s situation that you brought up, and the Stepford Wives vibes.

      1. Actually…nobody did. Strange huh? I have found a movie to review on Valentine’s Day though….it’s not a horrormovie, but I think it will be fun to do that one on that particular day 😊
        But brrr….maybe I should do a review for Jacob’s Ladder in the near future. It’s such a scary film, and maybe even one of the most terrifying movies that I have ever seen 😊

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