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My schedule of reviews on 100 word anime is a bit off this week so my galleries are going to follow suit. I hope this doesn’t bother you guys too much.

I’ll still try to spread them out a bit but You may end up with a screencap dump at some point…

As someone who changes their hair a lot, I should already know this. Nevertheless, I’m always surprised by how much impact hair colour has on character design. Granted Hiroki also lost a lot of weight. This said he’s downright unrecognizable. Since I liked Hiroki’s character design it makes me a little sad but I still appreciate the visual trick.

This said, even Satoru looks very different and he is otherwise unchanged.

You can’t tell from the stills but the scenes of Tsukasa getting dressed were really well directed.

What you might be able to pick up on is that this entire sequence, Tsukasa getting dressed, Hiroki and Satoru getting to their job and Tsukasa being driven to the aeroport, all of it was in restricted neutral tones. Colder hues for Tsukasa’s scenes and warmer hues for Hiroki and Satoru. These are completely mood setting choices. The colours reflect the emotions of the characters in the scenes. There is no in universe reason for the light to behave this way. The llight drifts off into the colder tones at the end of the Satoru and Hiroki scene when Satoru is rather depressed and lost to blend in perfectly with Tsukasa’s scene. See that’s good film-making. But the rest of the show…

I really find the mindscape scenes more effective when their not so purposefully grim. For instance, this week’s sunny and bright scenes were such a huge contrast to the rest of the episode that it grabbed your attention. Also there really hasn’t been this much green and blue anywhere else. Sp simply dimming the scene a bit and adding shadows was more than enough to getting the point across without it being annoyingly forced.

Why are excessively skinny people always more menacing looking in anime? Or should I say cheekbones. Why are cheekbones scary? Is it just me?

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