A little while ago Pinkie created this really awesome tag called Kore wa Watashi. The purpose of which was to describe yourself through anime comparisons. And Pinkie being an absolute sweetheart was nice enough to tag me in it.

I had every intention of doing this tag because it’s one I have never done before and it’s just such an interesting concept. I had a few false starts though. And after a while, I realized that talking this much about myself through anime was giving me a weird ego trip that I certainly don’t need.

So instead, I’m going to talk about Pinkie. She actually already did the tag and I read it at the time but I’m going to go based entirely on my opinion previous to that post. So I might end up contradicting Pinkie a bit but I think that will be somewhat fun.

  • Describe a hobby or passion PINKIE has through an anime series! For example Shokugeki no Soma if you like cooking or Initial D if you like cars.

I’m going to pick Haganai for this one. Although I’m not sure if making friends can really be described as a hobby, it was in that anime and I find it fitting. Since joining are community Pinkie has been so active on all sorts of social media and always strives to reach out and take part in the conversation. As an introvert, I find this super impressive. Moreover, Pinkie hasn’t given up in those efforts like a lot of people do. She manages to stay active on social media while not neglecting her strictly blogging buddies which is amazing!

  • Simplify PINKIE to an Anime Archetype (Tsundere, Dojiko, Shota, Shounen-Protagonist etc)  don’t overthink what an archetype is, go with your gut. Name a character that is also that Archetype.

Sports anime team mom (think Makoto from Free) with a hint of Ojou-sama (I’m thinking Nonon from Kill la Kill)

  • Describe PINKIE‘s looks through comparing it with anime characters, you can decide how many!

So I don’t actually know what Pinkie looks like but I assume that like most of us, she looks exactly like her avatar.. cough…cough. So Pinkie looks like Madoka (Puella Magi) after Mami dragged her to the hairdresser with her. Awww I bet it was a cute scene!

  • Describe PINKIE‘s romantic bias and or sexuality through anime characters you find attractive.

Oh boy… ok so I sort of have what you would politely call an overactive romantic bias and it overwhelms others’ bias’. I do believe Pinkie is more discerning than I am though. At least I hope so. Most of the time when I see her talking lovingly about characters she tends to favour sweet, kind girly types. Which means I have no chance unless I completely hide my personality the whole time. Which could be worth it.

Now the sweetest, kindest legal character I can think of is probably Aoba but I like to think Pinkie wants a bit more of a…challenge. So I,m actually going to say Akane from Psycho Pass. I.e. a young woman who is undeniably kind and true to her morals but also has her stuff together and would be a good support if ever you need it.

  • Tell us about PINKIE‘s day to day life and what anime that would fit into! You can be creative here!

Oh boy, o.k., I know that Pinkie moved not that long ago so I’m sure that was a big part of her day to day life but it’s not like it’s an ongoing thing.

So all I know of Pinkie’s casual life is what I see through the screen. Like I said she is very active on social media and she also publishes very regularly on her blog so I’m going to say Fruits Basket.

OK hear me out. Even though Shigure is the writer, I think of Pinkie more like a Tohru character so she would be a mix of those two. Or rather she would be Tohru with Shigure’s job. And then all sorts of eccentric family members and friends that flit in and out of the house to bother and entertain her. That’s my head canon!

  • Describe PINKIE’s hopes and dreams through an anime character.

I actually clearly remember Pinkie’s answer for this one and I thought it was so nice. Pokémon Café in Tokyo is such a fitting dream. And I know that Pinkie see’s herself in Kamina and I’m not going to mess with that.

one of my favourite anime cafés

So here are my hopes then, through Moriko Morikawa of Recovery of an MMO Junkie. Now this is a very odd pick because in many ways, I’m kind of the natural evolution of that character. I have a good job, my house and car are paid for and I am a respectable member of society. Moreover, I certainly have no problems with self-esteem.

But I would very much like to be someone who can earn and appropriate their vulnerability. Unlike Pinkie, I want to be less aggressively myself and be ok with just being sort of everyone once in a while. It seems like I spent a lot of my life fighting to be recognized and respected and sometimes I just don’t know how to let go of that. I feel like if I’m not strong I will be assumed weak. And of course, strong means so many different things so that keeps you on your toes.

I think I’m getting better in this regard but I still catch myself sometimes putting up some armour when I don’t really need it.

I’m sorry I kidnapped Pinkie’s post at the end there. It just felt a bit to intrusive to impose dreams on someone else.

You know, describing someone else through anime is a really great exercise. It got me to think a lot about Pinkie and about anime so that was fun. If you want to try it out, I encourage it!

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  1. T_T

    Senpai that is such a sweet and adorable post! Thank you so much ..
    I sniffled a bit thats such a kind thing to do!
    It really means a lot to me!

    I do like the idea of being a Team Mom (let’s omit the sports part or I won’t be an awake one) mixed with Nonon.. kind of makes me feel old.

    I do tend to fawn over the super sweet characters recently I have been enjoying Moe Morita in that kind of way a lot. But there is a truth that I don’t like things to be just existing it kind of has to be earned. So I do think you made a good description of me there.

    Haganai is a nice one to describe a hobby! Though I am no where nearly as active on social media and chats as I want to! It is a huge compliment though so thank you so much!

    Kamina is not persé like me but it is someone I really admire. I do like to aggresively be myself and he deos really embody that for me.. and thinking outside the box.. not posing limits upon ourselves others have set out for us.

    I think I do get the sentiment of not being able to fight to recognised and respected.. and to be fair.. I do not need to be respected..
    I am kind of fine if people would be like “Eeeew, weird Weaboo Trash Blogger” but I am kind of afraid to here “I bet you like Gundam or Naruto” because Weaboo Trash Blogger.. while being an opinion is much closer to a factual truth about me then likes Gundam.. I am not trash but I imagine it like colours.. like my core is Pink.. I do not care wether you say it’s pretty or ugly as long as we talk about pink..
    If you see my core as “blue” even if you are on the postive spectrum.. that is the element that hurts me.. more so than being me.. I don’t want to be mistaken for someone else.
    Not being noticed isn’t that bad.

    I do think you are quite strong but I do not think it is bad to be weak either. We do not have to be everyone to hide our weakness… whatever our weakness those have strengths as well. If I would be less clumsy.. I would not have to rely on my sister as much and I might see her less.. If I was able to start conversations with people I would not need two of my most amazing party buddies. If I was able to detect if someone was romantically interested in me.. I might have never gotten so close to my bestie Bean.
    If I did not have my moments that I cry and feel the world sucks.. everyone who has been there for me would have been robbed the chance to do something for a friend.

    I may not know you that well or in person.. but you are a big inspiration to me say, you feel down about your blogging for whatever (probably self imposed and not truly justfied reason, cause you are amazing) I would like to say something to you that gives you that confidence.. just like you have given me with your work . your support and this amazing post. So if you eliminate your weakness by being everyone.. be careful you do not “rob” others the chance to complete you…
    Pinkie has holes.. I am not perfect..but instead of patching up those holes.. I want people to fill up those holes for me?! Let them help me.. I might be looking to much into that and do not mistake this as me saying.. you should only be you.. if patching you own holes works for you,, that is fine.. but if you embrace that weakness.. people will flock to help you as well. There is merrit in weakness.

    Thank you so much for doing this.. it actually is a much cooler idea to describe other anime bloggers trough anime characters and I secretly wish I would have thought of it! Irina makes stuff better! That is why you are the Senpai…

    As far as how I look, who knows maybe one day I will be confident enough to do a face reveal.. maybe one day I will feel like I am the person on the outside I am on the inside, maybe one day I will find a billionaire who wants to pay for all the stuff needed for me to look Madoka got taken to the hairdresses by Mami.. who knows 😉

    Thank you sooo soo much for doing this Irina I really love it! Guess who is going to be on my post highlights this week! And since I am an Oujou-Sama it totally makes sense I nominated a post about me… Ohohoho!

    1. You have nothing to thank me for I mean you already tagged me and besides it was super fun to write. I would do it again just for the funsies.
      And thanks for taking the time to detail this response. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to write about someone else and this will make the post so much more complete and nuanced. That rocks!

  2. I loved reading this post! I hope she loves it too <3
    I relate a lot with your final comments about yourself- especially the part about feeling weak if I'm not strong. I am not afraid to be myself… but sometimes I feel like I am just too much. More often than not, I feel like a bull in a china shop, actually. 😛
    I am really trying to be better about listening to others more than I speak up.
    In that regards, I really admire you Irina.
    Thanks so much for this post!

  3. What a great idea! And I really loved this. I think you did a wonderful job describing a blogger we have all come to know and love 😀

  4. You made a very special post for this and unless I’m really mistaking Pinkie is going to love this. You did a great job here. See? It’s like I said last week: you are without a doubt a very gentle soul!😊😊

      1. She will…trust me on that😊😊 I haven’t seen her yet today, so might be that she just hasn’t seen the post yet😊 Don’t worry, this was a lovely post! (I get anxious myself as well when I write a post for someone and I haven’t seen him/her commenting on it😅) But no worries..she will love it! 😀😀

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