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I’ve been accusing Theo lately of being a shady…crest holder. It’s not the first time either, when he first got together will Siluca there was a questionable battlefield kiss that got me a little suspicious. He must have gotten fed up of it because we did not see him at all lthis episode!

Grancrest Senki Episode 19 anime review Alexis
at least we have a blonde again

Grancrest actually played it straight with us, picking up right where it had left off with Alexis marching on the jerky guy from the ball. Do you remember him. He was always super sour faced with Villar. I was cautiously curious to see what this would turn out to be. Most likely an unimpressively animate skirmish with a lackluster resolve in Alexis’ favor. Although with the way Grancrest has been tearing through the cast, it could just as readily end in the other guys favor as well and have Theo assimilate the remains of the Union into the Treaty. Really, this whole thing was very win win for Theo. Just sayin.

Let’s take a little trip together through my thought process as the fight was unfolding.

  • Who’s Doucet?
  • Ohhh Alexis is Doucet – Of course he was going to be called Doucet (ED – apparently he’s sometimes called Douse or even Deux depending on the source…This is a MiLza – Mirza situation all over again)
  • Wait is he a mage?
  • Of course his crest is a rose
  • That’s a very Utena looking rose
  • oh man, OF COURSE he’s an artist…
  • Is his seiyuu a lady?

(I looked it up, not a lady). I was sort of digging the goofyness of it all when suddenly I realized this was a fun battle to watch. Sure it was a bit gimmicky and the animation took that artsy painting over the battlegrounds shortcut. But the strategy at least sounded interesting and plausible. There was forethought and coordination. If you don’t have the resources to animate an impressive looking large scale confrontation, this was a pretty neat alternative. Was Alexis the greatest theater of war strategist all along?


We moved right into a second invasion, a naval battle this time which implies quite a different strategy and a lot more planning when you’re not on your home turf. Facing off against the monstrous and very powerful Sea King. A victory here would be a major blow to the Alliance.

Once again, the was a strategy, and once again it involved a circular formation. It was interesting, intricate, Alexis adapted well to the changing demands of the battle field. He was actually leaving up to the “leader” tag that was the title of the last episode. Calm and careful, so far he seems to be the most efficient general we’ve seen.

Grancrest Senki Episode 19 anime review
I didn’t eve mind the water CG that much…

I really loved that despite giving him this obvious veneer of authority and power. Alexis still remained essentially himself. Soft and a little fragile. Hesitant to act harshly. He didn’t become some type of superman over night. Shows have a tendency to make any perceived flaws or weaknesses suddenly disappear in a protagonist hero moment, so this consistent take on the character was refreshing. And obviously his gentle nature is appreciated in universe as his men were fiercely, almost blindly loyal to him. The again, I have no clue how loyalty works in Grancrest.

I also very much enjoyed the fact that this second victory was a little more hard won. Not devastating, the Union was the clear winner but they aren’t just bulldozing their way through the land. Side note, how is there so much blood in one body? That’s not how volume works.

Grancrest Senki Episode 19 anime review
yeah – it was disturbing, I know

You know, I’ve made no secret of my appreciation for Marrine. At first she just seemed like the cold shrew archetype but we quickly discovered a loving and sweet girl who also happened to be a very intelligent and dutiful leader, willing to sacrifice her own happiness and future for the sake of her people. Taking some questionable steps for the greater good. History tends to exonerate the winners and vilify the losers while the details get lost in the fray. To me however, Marrine always seemed to care a lot more about the lives of her people than any subjective glory. A good character, and a surprisingly nuanced affable villain to Theo’s extremely straightforward good guy hero (or should I say act).

Grancrest Senki Episode 19 anime review marrine
also, great fashion sense

The one thing that’s always left me a bit perplexed about her was exactly what she saw in Alexis. OK, I understand perfectly crushing on a gentle, very pretty, rich, blonde guy who want to write poetry all day or some such nonsense. But eventually, we all grow up, roll our eyes at the forced rhyming scheme and move on. However, I hadn’t gotten to know Alexis yet. I get it now. The boy is smart. A little timid but capable. Even tempered and consistent even in dire straits.

I don’t know how this happened but I actually care a little now. I am rooting for this kids. They make a good couple and I hope they find a path back to one another although I can’t really see it.

Grancrest Senki Episode 19 anime review
you can never trust a character shown from this angle

In the closing scenes, as word of the fall of the North and the Sea King has spread across the continent. It seems Siluca is once again trying to negotiate some type of deal with the Alliance. Are they just openly betraying Alexis here? From what I understood there are three sides now and they are trying to bring it down to two, and no matter how Siluca’s proposal pans out, it would leave Theo and Alexis on opposite sides…

Evil Theo is becoming even more plausible and the possibility is exciting. I know not many of you are watching this show and I don’t blame you if you gave it up earlier but this was a decent episode and it has definitely been getting better. Let’s hope the streak keeps up.

Grancrest Senki Episode 19 anime review
episode 20 – ok let’s get started!

I don’t think my screencaps this week really do the episode justice but here are a few just for fun.





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  1. I agree with you Irina, the previous episodes are much better. I guess it’s because they are ramping up towards the last stretch. Theo is showing more than just a stationary good guy, which is a shame as he showed very little through the majority of the series. We’re seeing a different facet to him. Same with Alexis, we had this pretty boy who wouldn’t get his expensive cloak sullied in war. Now look at him, showing his resolve. The art depicting his ability in the first battle is pretty good. And yeah…how the hell did that king have some much blood, what was he a lorry full of Ribena juice?.

    1. I think maybe it was a super subtle joke cause that bood scene went on for soooo long. If you put silly music over it, it works perfectly as a sight gag.
      Good to see you around again Rocco! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. phew, i finally caught up with this show after dropping behind by about 6 episodes. ive honestly been enjoying this show more than i expected. once the show moved away from small-lord skirmishes to full-on wars, i think it’s been working out a lot better. i quite liked seeing alexis spring into action and show some actual backbone. i think we’ve seen too many power-based crests from the “enemies”, and alexis brings a refreshing style to the battles.

    im not super clear on how the treaty faction is planning to do things, but i guess im guessing they’re trying to avoid swaying the balance of power too much to either side, so the alliance and the union are forced into a stalemate. and in that way, there’s a diplomatic victory, which might allow marrine and alexis to be together?

    im with you on cheering for these characters. honestly, im starting to want everyone to win.

  3. It was visually a nice episode. I still don’t really buy Alexis as a leader and I don’t really get why Marrine is forcing a confrontation that mostly seems like it will serve no purpose. And I’d really like to know what Theo was doing while Alexis crossed half the continent and the ocean to fight two battles.

    1. I would also like to know what Theo was doing! I get Axis as a leader, soft and gentle monarchs have existed and I like this different take. Almost like a mother figure leader.

  4. I’m not sure Marrine’s into it for the people. Seems more like a family duty; it’s not that she doesn’t care, but there was something about her philosophy back in the Marrine/Alexis episode I don’t quite remember. It’s where I would look it up, if I cared enough. She feels trapped in her path, and her final words (after Siluca left) felt quite a bit ominous, as if she knows they’re all headed for desaster, but can’t do anything against it.

    Do I remember that wrongly, or didn’t they leave the Union before they went to see Alexis last week? I assumed so. They’re pretty much officially three different factions now, and I doubt anyone’d be surprised at them negotiating with either side. Not sure, though. They’re pacing that a little erraticly still, so I’m not all that sure myself.

    And that berserker was scary, but also a tad ridiculous. If the direction had been just a tad off, this could easily have truned into unintentional comedy. In fact, imagine the scene to some fast paced dance music…

    It’s a decent show, but if I were more invested, I would pay better attention and remember things better, and it would be easier to follow. I think with shows like this there’s a tipping point: at one point you just lose the plot, because you can’t emotionally give the story the attention it would need.

    1. they left the Union when Villar refused to lead them against Marrine but they convinced Alexis to attack then immediately used that to negotiate an alliance with the other side which is a little sneaky methinks

  5. I don’t think that this show is going to do it,Theo snapping and going off the deep end or Theo having been a part of the conspiracy the entire.

    But damn that would make for an epic twist.

  6. “Alexis still remained essentially himself. Soft and a little fragile.” Wasn’t that just fantastic, for the reasons you mentioned? I was so happy Alexis remained Alexis!

    “A good character, and a surprisingly nuanced affable villain…” The signs have always been there, but after this episode, I think you’re starting to convince me Marrine’s more than I gave her credit for.

    “Are they just openly betraying Alexis here?” I don’t think so… But then, I’m still not embracing the idea of Theo as hidden villain. If he is, then he could probably influence Siluca to act in good faith…

    It’s going to be fun watching the last episodes play out!

    BTW: Love the featured GIF! I think Noelia’s my new favorite character (if that’s her name; I’m still not sure…)

    1. Thank you. I really liked this episode and I’m looking forward to your write up!
      I didn’t Alexis’ mage’s name but she caught my eye. I hope they get a chance to develop her a little.

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