As you guys are very well aware by now – I am one UNIQUE individual. I reek of uniqueness. I also happen to be lovely, I’m considerably more unique than lovely but what are you gonna do. But did you guys know that I’m also Mysterious? Neither did I. My posts are a collection of TMI but apparently some brave souls still want to know more. Blame them!

In this case first blame tetrax4berium (that’s a mysterious name!). Tetra or Lawrence for short(?) is my adorable kouhai with an absolutely gorgeous Spice and Wolf themed blog. Honestly that layout just makes me smile. If you’ve only been reading the posts in your reader – well good on you for getting all the quality posts, but you are missing out on a visual funfest. You know what, how about you start by reading Lawrence’s Mystery Blogger Award post here (complete with Hyouka themed imagery – very nice touch by the way…). I dare you to say that didn’t cheer you up just a little! THANK YOU TETRAX4BERIUM

If you still need to blame someone then direct your attention to Ryuiji. To be honest, I really like Ryuiji’s layout as well. I know, I know, I sound like I just have no particular criteria and just like everything, but that exact layout is something I’ve been considering switching my blog to and the little anime dude site logo is adorable. See!? You can read Ryuiji’s answers to Tetra’s questions and find out if we are related. Also Ryuiji is a highly awarded blogger so he knows exactly how to craft one of these posts unlike certain drunkards I know. THANK YOU RYUIJI

Finally, any leftover resentment should be directed at the lovely Hat . I have had a special spot in my heart for Hat ever since a random comment suggestion of mine to watch Perfect Blue, was greeted with an incisive and downright fascinating analysis a few days later. Why can’t everybody just take my advice like that! In fact you guys should take my advice right now and go read how Hat is almost like Leonardo DiCaprio (only much much better), because it’s super funny, and it revives the old don’t cry craft meme, which happens to be quite dank. And go see that adorable Clementine cosplay. Trust me! THANK YOU HAT


  • It is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts.  Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates.  They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition. **COUGH**
  • This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion
  • The award was created by Okoto Enigma.

The Rules or Guidelines for the Mystery Blogger Award:

  • Display the award logo on your blog. √
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. √
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  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself. √
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  • Nominate 10 5 bloggers. √
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on linking to their blog. √
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice. 

Wow three more things about myself huh… You guys pretty much know all the things. I’m a shallow individual.

1 – I don’t like oranges

Not the fruit, not the artificial flavour, not the soda. It’s all, the yucky.

No thank you

2 – I really, really, want to go to Karaoke but literally NO ONE wants to go with me.

Honestly, if you want to go to Karaoke, let me know. We’ll figure something out. I am considering buying a plane ticket. You should probably know that I am a bad but very enthusiastic singer.

3 – I am straight up allergic to heat.

It has to be really hot mind you, but when it creeps past the 30C I have issues. I get rashes and dizzy spells. Past 40C I usually can’t keep food down. My ideal temperature is somewhere between 7C and 15C. The state of US environmental regulations is NOT making me happy.

I hope this gets graded on a curve


I think you can tell as much about a person by the questions they ask as by the answers they give. These are incisive, personal questions that lead me to believe Lawrence is a kind person who genuinely wants to get to know people better. Lawrence, Karaoke?

1. Other than blogging and watching anime, what other things do you enjoy doing?

Enjoy or just do a lot of??? Ok first, this is going to be shocking to all of you: Gaming. I like video games.

Although I often act like it’s a chore, I do enjoy walking Buddy. It’s our alone time together – I mean we live alone together but he ignores me at home. When we wak togeter, we get to catch up and have some fun. He tells me about his day. It’s cool.

I also like cooking. I am not a big eater, so I’ll impose dishes on people around me. They’re usually too polite to refuse but I have a feeling some friends are one weird stir fry away from never speaking to me again.

There was something else too, but I just can’t remember at the moment.

2. What quote most inspire(d) you? It could be from anime, film, or some person in real life.

A combination of Don’t Let Perfect be the Enemy of Good and You Can’t Fix Nothing – or my version: You can polish a turd but you need the turd.

Basically, TRY. Very few things are definitive in life so if you think about it there’s really no reason not to just try something. Also, making an idiot out of yourself can be surprisingly fun. And people mistake lack of shame for courage all the time so Win Win!

3. Have you travelled to other countries? If so, where have you been to, and how frequently do you go travelling?

OMG ok this is going to take a while… I have visited/lived in every country in Europe except Georgia, I hear it’s lovely. I have also lived in/visited all the North American countries ;P, Morocco, Algeria, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Djibouti (I wanted to die – so hot), Niger, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, Réunion, Jordan, Turkey, India, that side of Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Australia.

I have never set foot in South America, I feel like I’m missing out. I have heard great things about Argentina and Chile.

I travel a lot.

4. If you were an anime character and so were your parents, which two anime characters would play the role of your mother and father? (they don’t have to be related to each other)

Mom would be Sachiko Fujinuma form Erased. I love her so much. My erased post was mostly a love letter to Sachiko. I think she would have my back.

Like Ruiji I was really thinking of Shiro but just for a little variety I’ll go with Fujitaka Kinomoto from Card Captor Sakura. I mean he’s a great dad and we know he can handle a strong-willed daughter so that’ll come in handy.

5. How did you come to decide what to name your blog/ blogger-id?

Blogger ID is most definitely not my name cause that would be lame.

As for blog… Have I told you guys yet how bad I am at naming things? I have a dog named Buddy so that should give you an idea. (Actually he was already named – I tried to rename him Livingston but he would have none of it). The blog name was a play on the Tyrion’s “I drink and know things” line because I saw a lot of myself in that. I originally was going to go for “I drink and know anime” but I thought that might be overpromising, so I went for something a touch more accurate.

Again, thank you so much for the nomination. I know I’ve been a little slow to answer these lately but I do appreciate them a lot!

This is not going well…


Ryuiji’s questions take on a more surreal bend – I have a feeling this is a subtle yet intricate personality test meant to weed out the psychos. Well if my entire blog wasn’t proof enough – here goes nothing:

1. Do you take part in any kind of sports? If yes, then which one? (Regardless of it being Indoor or Outdoor game)

I don’t do many actual sports anymore, it’s more the boring workout cardio/strength stuff. I use to box and I have been thinking of taking it up again.

I play tennis once a week – I don’t like it at all. I also go bouldering although I’m not sure you could count that as a sport.

Not to brag but I’ve also won a few drinking contest in my day. Don’t be intimidated – I’m human just like you.

2. Name a film/book that you absolutely loathe.

Hmm…I don’t know…It’s says something that I instantly forget things I dislike. I might be too lazy to loathe anything really. Except ideas – there are ideas I really loathe. Huh – if I ever manage to come up with something I’ll come back to this one.

3. If you were given the power to change/remove one thing from this world, what would it be?

Communication – I would change it. I would make prompted telepathy a possibility. By this I mean just like talking you would have to consciously will your thoughts to be shared with other people and you couldn’t prod anyone’s mind or anything.

The only real difference is that there would be no language barrier, no room for misinterpretation. Your intent would be communicated along with your words making misunderstandings all but impossible.

Poker might get real boring…

4. Have you ever had thoughts of disbanding your blog? If yes, then how did you prevent that thought from becoming a reality?

No! I started it mid-July so it’s getting there but it’s not that old yet. Who knows, maybe I’ll get fed up at some point but so far, I’m having an absolute Ball. And I think my writing skills may be improving.

5. If you were told to torture someone you hate, how would you do it? (Ok that’s a weird one)

I wouldn’t. Cheap answer I know but I got to be true to me.

This is a more complicated question than is implied but although we can debate the justifications for harming others, hate is never a valid one.

Now If I had to torture them for information, well that’s a whole different story.

well there’s only one way out of this


Hat is to the point and has obviously thought about questions that would be geared specifically to our community.  These are the types of questions most of us know exactly how to answer cause it’s the stuff we think about all the time. I say most of us because as you will see, I am not so great at it.

  1. Why did you start your blog?

This is a more loaded question than you realize, or maybe not.

I’ve actually touched on the subject a bit before but it was not in a super popular post so most people probably don’t know the story. There were tons of reasons I started a blog really, but the short of it is that I needed to find a hobby that wouldn’t get too harmful if I over did it. Something that I could pour hours into and consider constructive on some level.

I also, like a lot of people, wanted to find a like-minded community that I don’t necessarily have access to in my daily life. The community I did find has blown me away!

  1. When was the proudest moment in your life?

When was the proudest moment in your life?

You know, I’m hoping it’s still ahead of me. I honestly don’t know. And it’s not for lack of self-esteem, I have done plenty of things I’m generally proud of but nothing so exceptional that it rises above the rest. But you know, I will! Just wait, you’ll see!

  1. Do you prefer life online or offline?

I like a comfortable mix. I guess if I had to choose only one it would be offline cause that’s where my dog and TV are (priorities folks)! But I seriously enjoy my online life too, aside from my dog and TV, I would give up most things for it (yes I know I can watch TV online …I guess just my dog then)

  1. If you had the opportunity to cosplay, who would you cosplay?

Well I have cosplayed a lot. Last cosplay was Naoto from Persona 4. I’ve also been Melo (you can walk around with chocolate all day!) and Misa (that’s just basically me everyday) from Death Note. Maka from Soul Eater. Griffith from Berserk – without heels I,m small enough to make most people seem like Guts by comparison. Both Jigen and Fujiko from Lupin the 3rd and both Celty and Izaya from Durarara. The black leather jumpsuit gets a surprising amount of use…

I’m thinking for my next cosplay I’ll go with something from a sports anime – that just seems so comfy. Maybe Shoyo or Kuroko…

Or actually maybe Natsume. Costume’s pretty basic and I can carry around my stuffed Nyanko. And if anyone recognizes me they will be my new best friend. Sorry old best friend, the last decade and a half’s been fun but we all got to move on one day…

  1. Would you be able to survive the apocalypse with the item nearest to you being your weapon?

Don’t judge me guys but it actually is a sake glass full of green apple vodka…. so clearly the answer is YES! Of course as long as I have my biting wit I am never without a weapon!

This seems like a happy note to end on.

Apocalypses really just get a bad rap

After reading the description of this award, narrowing it down to 5 is going to be a challenge but I know you guys are getting spammed left and right with nomination posts and I don’t want to make it worse, so I’ll limit myself.

  • Hayurika – I am so happy to have discovered this blog… I love otome reviews almost as much as otomes themselves…
  • Merlin’s Musings – I think Merlin’s already been nominated for just about every other ward already so let’s complete the set!
  • Shokamoka – You know it
  • The Xenodude – Have you guys dicovered the Xenodud yet – you really should. Have I ever stirred you wrong?
  • The Animanga Spellbook – Ok I know this blog is going to be huge because it is so much fun.

As for my questions:

  1. What skill do you wish you had? Why?
  2. What is your go to comfort food?
  3. What’s the thing you admire the most about your best friend?
  4. Any good Manga I should read?
  5. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Just so you know, there are wrong answers!





33 thoughts

  1. What a fun little blog! I’m just now stumbling upon it, ’cause I’m a total newbie to blogging. =p I like your taste in characters to cosplay! Good luck with the contest!

  2. Congratulations on the nomination, Irina!

    Oh, no, what will you do if you’re near a kotatsu and they’re peeling and eating mikan?

    That picture of the girl with the gasoline nozzle made me spit out water. I wasn’t expecting that?!

    Green apple vodka sounds pretty good right now. Wait, it’s only 7 AM…

    That last question of yours is quite thought-provoking…

  3. You continue to be one of the most interesting people on the Internet. 🙂

    I’m particularly interested in your story of how you came to choose a hobby; it’s something I’m occasionally conscious of, particularly as I used to do what I do now for fun professionally before I was bullied out of it by horrible people. Full story here if you’re particularly curious:

    The reason I feel pretty strongly about it is that I’ve always written about the things I enjoy doing, ever since I was a kid and used to type up reviews of the games I’d been playing on my old Atari computers and print them out on our noisy dot-matrix printer. To have the opportunity to do that professionally was literally a dream come true, so to have it snatched away was particularly heartbreaking.

    The reason I put so much time, effort and money into my blog now is because I’m still chasing that dream to a certain degree; I’m never going to be a huge-scale professional site, I know — and given the current political climate in the commercial games press I’m unlikely to work there again, given what I’m into, which is fundamentally incompatible with present-day ill-informed hyper-progressiveness (i.e. the “omg dis game haz pretty girls and looks anime so iz sexist” brigade) — but I get enough of an audience who appreciate my work now to make it feel worthwhile. And developers and publishers like what I do enough to give me review copies now and then too, which is even better!

    I’ll go to karaoke with you. We have a Japanese restaurant in my city that has proper Japanese-style karaoke booths upstairs and I’d love to try it but my wife isn’t keen. I can’t even get her to play SingStar. 🙂

    1. The woman doesn’t know how lucky she is….
      It’s nice to be able to recapture some version of your dream, I’m always impressed by passion and as silly as it sounds I honestly believe it comes out in one’s writing.

  4. Took me a while to respond to your comment-message and this pingback! (Argh, time why is there only 24hrs a day…)

    Awwww thanks for the awesome compliment Irina-senpai, I’m even more honoured to be called Lawrence (:’D). Its okay to call me by tetra, but if “Lawrence” ‘s more comfortable with you by all means (I’m not there yet, but being called Lawrence really made me supersupersupersuper happy!!! -Loves!- ~)
    ^ Karaoke? Sure! Awesome!! (But yea a male’s voice is you know… …a broken music player X’DDD)

    Hehe, your post is so cleverly structured and subtle with references like Ryuji-senpai’s introduction XDDD
    I think even without the 3 questions about yourself, all the questions from the rest of us are peeling information off you layer by layer XD.

    Aww come by Singapore next time… … wait it’s summer all year round here.
    That’s a lot of awesome wonderful places that you’ve been to. You should be an officially certified multicultural enthusiast (apart from being a drink connoisseur) 😉

    1. Singapour it is! To be honest it’s a little off I haven’t been yet. Ok Tetra, you figure out where the best Karaoke place is, and I’ll figure out the time of year when I wouldn’t literally met…

      1. XDDD
        There’s this place which I heard is pretty good. It was in a bucket or something… … ah I remember, they said put an inverted bucket on the head, and the karaoke surround sound system is awesome!! 😉

  5. Congrats on winning more awards. That’s awesome how you got to travel a lot. You should visit Ecuador when it comes to South American countries. I visited there earlier this year.

  6. Unique, Lovely, Mysterious…. the list seems to be getting longer and longer.

    Oh my, I never knew that! My blog looks that good? Wew… I guess those random changes in layout for the last one year paid off.


    Cooking buddies! *0*)/

    By the way, what exactly did you visit in India '-')

    About le communication thing… You do realise that if telepathy became a thing then no one will be able to lie?
    The 3 years old kid will now know that his mother didn't go to meet Santa, she's dead ^^
    (Why do I make everything uncomfortable ?)

    GREAAAAAAAAAAAAT POST! Thanks for letting me pass these 10 minutes with loads of hilarious lines. Now if you will excuse me, i have a monotonous life to get back too.

  7. Haha, unique and mysterious, that is you allright. But awesome is another one that should be added…there isn’t an awesome blog award yet is there?
    Seriously though: congratulations …all of these awards are well deserved and you made yet another fun post of this 😀

  8. real talk, i would want to go do karaoke as well. it looks like a ton of fun in the slice-of-life shows I’ve watched and I’m surprised it isn’t a popular thing here in the United States.

    i’d be ready to sing like an idol in an appropriate environment 😛

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