Are you a buffet sort of person? I am! Well, I was. Dietary restrictions sort of limit your options. But you know what, it’s way better than kidney stones! What foes any of this have to do with BRAIN Anthology. Hopefully, I can come up with something before the end of the post!

Once again, let me explain my webcomic feature! Every week, I plan to tell you guys about a webcomic I am enjoying so that maybe some of you will discover a story you like. For now, I plan to concentrate on webcomics that are posted by the author and as such completely legal to read for free over the internet.n I may eventually venture into scanslations or pay to read comics if I think something is really worth it but I wanted to give you guys some options that are easy to find and accessible to all. Since a lot of us are still spending a lot of time indoors, it’s a good time to expand our libraries a little with some new reading material.

At the beginning of the year, Webtoons held a short story writing contest. By the way, I think this is a really cool contest and I hope they have it next year as well. You can see all the details here.

The short of it is that each contestant had to submit a story between three episodes and five episodes, with each episode being at least thirty panels in length. So you get enough space there for a full short story but not one of those never-ending 300+ episode webtoons. It’s a great format.

Moreover, the entries were separated into two general narrative categories: Brain: mind-bending stories and Heart: heartfelt stories. And the winners of each category got compiled into these anthologies.

I really like anthologies. First, I like short stories as a narrative form in general and we see so few in webcomic form. Second I enjoy being able to discover a slew of different artists and authors in a single place.

Now the HEART anthology has been out for a while and I do recommend it. They are sweet, wholesome stories but they do get sad though. Also, very emotional. And if you know me, you know that I get really picky with the feeeeeeeeeeeelings filled stories. I did enjoy quite a few though. A lot in fact. This is kind of a double recommendation.

However, the BRAIN Anthology only started publishing on Halloween so it’s still very new and has a lot to come. It seems mind-bending stories ended up being about the creepy and surreal. And be warned, some of these stories deal with sensitive subjects. And that’s great. These authors really challenged themselves.

So if you enjoy trying out new series without having to commit to endless chapters. If you want to read something you know won’t be abandoned halfway through, or if you just want to discover a bunch of authors in one fell swoop, I think either anthology is a great choice. I just happen to like the BRAIN one better but who knows, maybe one of the HEART stories will turn out to be my new favourite!

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  1. I have been enjoying the Webtoons recommendations. I like the idea of this anthology, and I am kind of gathering some short form stuff to enjoy before I dive headfirst into another long series to read so this is perfect timing. Besides, maybe I’ll get brave and inspired and have a shot at the next contest if they have one.

    1. You know, my tastes are pretty varied. I’m not the biggest fans of traditional romance but otherwise I’m open to any good story

          1. My favorite medium as well. Why don’t you check out one of my short stories? Its anime inspired. I think the Queens Last Knight is something you might be interested in.

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