This season Crow and I are collaborating on: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III episode reviews. And you should totally go read our review post over on Crow’s site. It was a really fun episode to discuss

Now this here is my Gallery post. Originally I started doing gallery posts because I was reviewing episodes over on 100-word anime and I didn’t want to completely clog up the media library with my tons of screencaps so I just dumped them all in a post over on my blog. Back then, It was literally just a picture post. And because I don’t have much to say about the visuals or production of IIWTTTPUGIAD I figured I could bring that back.

You may have noticed that this week’s official post was supposed to be on my Blog but Crow took the lead instead. That is because I was at my Birthday party yesterday and as a result, I didn’t get to watch any of the 3 Friday shows I review on weekends. I will watch the other two today to have posts up tomorrow but I needed help with this one and Crow being the super friend that he is, stepped up to the plate.

So once again, if for some reason you haven’t read our review post yet. please go head and do so over on Crow’s blog.

And here are a few more pictures for you!

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