I wrote a super confusing list called top 5 members of my anime family an in the process, quite figuratively, I tripped over the idea for this list.

By and large top lists tend to be highly subjective however this one will be even more than usual. Today I don’t plan to talk about the top families anime has to offer and discuss their values or meaning..no no. Today, I’m going to talk about the top 5 anime families I would like to get adopted into. I’ve already drawn up the paperwork. This will be great!toradora-25-large-12.jpg

5. the Takasus –  Toradora

(My autocorrect tried to change that to tornadoes)

Despite my mixed feelings for Toradora overall, I’ve always been a huge fan of the Takasus. Both individually and as a unit. They are by far the most kind and likeable people the series has to offer. It’s no surprise then that they happen to be related.

Let’s be honest, having a healthy young man around to obsessively clean the house and prepare every meal is already good enough a reason to want to be a part of that family. Throw in a fun loving live in drinking buddy and the deal becomes downright irresistible. I might insist we all move into my place but other than that, we are good to go. Ok, so I may have to witness the occasional teenage angst but I think I can convince them to keep it outdoors. Nothing but upsides!

Eccentric family drinking.jpg

4. The Shimogamos – The Eccentric Family

No I didn’t choose it just because the word family is in the title (well not only for that… you think you know everything…mumble)

I thought long and hard about the logistics of being a human adopted into a tanuki family. Of course I wouldn’t just become a tanuki, that’s crazy talk! And then I stopped thinking about it and figure, meh it’ll work out. I think this proves I belong there.

To me the Shimogamos seem like a completely realistic and beautifully idealized family all at once. The fact that this series managed to introduce me to a family I want to be a part of is impressive. A family that would rush to my side when there’s scary thunder outside or come visit me when I retreat within myself. A family I can trust to try no matter how often they fail. The fact that the show made me believe such a family could exist, is magic.

You shouldn’t overthink magic. You should just go with it! I bet we could make some wonderful trouble together.

3. The Daidoujis – Cardcaptor Sakura

Three words: rich absentee parents! I bet they don’t even remember all the bottles they had in the bar…..

Unlike most families that fit the bill, the Daidoujis seem generally well adjusted. No deep rooted conflicts so I don’t have to spend awkward dinners pretending not to notice passive aggressive jabs or live with a constant headache from all the screaming. Tomoyo also has very few friends and they are generally well behaved. Besides, we could probably just stay in different parts of the house and never cross.

I have no reason to think I will be forced to marry some important family’s heir or  guilted into taking over the family business. The ladies of the family are also prone to sapphic interests which will keep things from getting too boring as well.

The only downside I can see is that I now probably have to compete with all of you for a spot!

2. Kishitani-Sturlusons – Durarara!!

Is this cheating? I’ve been purposefully sticking to existing traditional canon families. Shinra and Celty aren’t even married. They might as well be. Shinra has never had anyone else in his heart and Celty’s Stockholm syndrome is second nature by now…

Point is, these two are one of my favorite couples and I think their weirdly healthy and loving relationship would contribute to a great home environment. On the flip side Shinra’s definitely less than healthy backstreet scientist-doctor occupation would contribute to a fascinating home life and easy access to a lab so’s *I can do science to it*…

Celty could teach me to ride a bike. I would be an awful student. We would all cook together. Guys, I have a lot of plans!

So considering that they are a fairly young couple, this might read a bit more as threesome than family. I’m saying that’s a plus. There’s a reason this is so high on the list.

Unasked for explanation..

I have a feeling some of you may have expected Natsume and the Fujiwaras to be on this list. Part of me expected it as well. Let me make this clear, an adopted family is very much a real family (even if they are fictional). The Fujiwaras are wonderful people and anyone lucky enough to live in that home is bound to be the better for it.

But Natsume deserves his refuge. I just couldn’t intrude.

Kobayashi family.jpg

1. The Kobayashi’s – Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid.

Once again we have a live in maid and cook, extra points for being a sexy dragon. Double extra points for allowing me to write the expression “sexy dragon”… This is an actual fully functioning family unit with all the best parts of that. The kid also happens to be quite sweet and quiet so no bother there. I am a little worried about those tricky teenage years…oh well we’ll have plenty of help to handle those.

This is a household I think I could really get comfortable in. I would have something to contribute and I wouldn’t *always* be the weird one. There would always be someone around to play video games with and I could help with homework. Math not English… although if they’re Japanese speakers maybe even English…a little.

Extra Extra extra points, I bet there would always be a nice bottle around and a great drinking buddy at the end of a long day.

Oh yeah..! Speaking of buddies. Buddy would of course get adopted too. We come as a set. That sort of goes without saying. So imagine all those families with an 80 lbs dog as well.

So how about you, any anime family you clearly belong to?

anime family.jpg


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  1. Love your choices! I’ve actually thought in the past about what it would be like to live with the Takasus, and the Daidoujis were an inspired pick.

    In the end, the family I zeroed in on if I was going to choose my own living situation are the Kuramotos from Flying Witch. The Tohoku accents might take some getting used to, but the food would be amazing, they’re pretty good about letting the kids do their own thing once the chores are done, and it would be super-cool and useful having a couple of witches in the family. Honorable mention to the Jinnouchis from Summer Wars, who remind me a lot of my own rather large and lively family.

  2. I don’t know all the families here but I’d replace the ones I don’t know with some I do – like the Kawamotos from March Comes In Like A Lion, and the Sohma family from Fruits Basket. I know they have their issues, but so do I. I’d totally join Natsume’s family. Just to drink with Nyanko kitty. I could be the cool aunt maybe. But my first choice would totally have been the Shimogamos. With or without my own tail, I could totally see myself fitting in there. I had not thought about Koyabashi as a family but now that you mention it…if I can be the cool aunt again. But like Dawnstorm – I think I’m most likely to end up living Under A Bridge.

  3. I am very, very interested on your thoughts re: Toradora (tornadoes 😂), so if you have a post about it, I’m gonna have to go find it! Moving on from that, I enjoyed this post; it’s something I’d never thought about but interesting to consider. Nicely done!

  4. I clearly belong with the Fujiwaras as Natsume’s big sister, the doting type that will try to protect him from danger and occasionally dress him in gir… no wait, no. But yeah, I would make him my otouto 😄

      1. hahahaha!!! you should totally join the family, I bet Natsume would be happy with two big sisters and Nyanko would have more drinking buddies 😉

  5. I wouldn’t have thought of the Daidohjies, but it’s perfect. (Don’t worry, I’m not up for adoption. I’m probably more the type of person who’d end up in one of those appartment buildings full of oddballs. Or Under the Bridge…)

  6. My top pick would have also been the Kobayashis, but a close second that you didn’t mention would be the Joestars, presumably because you don’t watch JoJo.

    I get stand powers AND high fashion sense.

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