Man…Arthifis always has such great ideas!

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Hi everyone and welcome to my place!

Today is my birthday (yaiiii!) and I wanted to do something for this special ocasion! So I used an idea which was in the drafts for a long time by now and finally share it with you guys! It will be a tag and it will be called “Let’s All Write a Story!” .


Remember when I told you that I would compensate for not tagging anyone in the Liebster 2.0 award? Well this is it! Let me start with the idea first and then I’ll explain the rules!

But, first of all, I want to thank Irina for reviewing this post and helping me with the rules! You’re the best!

Irina says : It was my pleasure and I’ll happily read your posts anytime!

Now the idea:

Well, basically the title says it all honestly! My idea is for everyone write a…

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  1. He really does: this was such a cool post and idea!. I have already congratulate him over on his other blog. But….you really deserve some praise here as well, as it’s so cool and awesomely kind of you to help him out. You always think of others: and that really is so very sweet of you! 😀

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