I really love the word dato. Like I love that the Japanese have adopted the word date for romantic outings and I really enjoy hearing pronounced as dato. I think English speakers should also pronounce it that way. It sounds way more enjoyable than date night. Date night sounds vaguely menacing and sort of boring, like jury duty. But dato night, now that’s magical. Oh yeah, this week on The Case Study of Vanitas, here were some datos!

Also, no Jeanne no! You can do better!

I really enjoyed the first act. It was perfect. Jeanne’s plan was originally pure genius. I always enjoy seeing Domi and she was at her best caring about her new friend. Then seeing how quickly the plan backfires and just shaking my head at Jeanne. I say that but I thought it was rather adorable. They turned The Case Study of Vanitas into a classic romance shoujo for a second there and even I had to smile. Besides, Jeanne can now join the dork club. At this rate, we might end up with an all-dork cast! That would be a feat!

It was the best. The humour was paced perfectly with Domi and Dante interrupting to chime in with their disgust at the flowery love scenes. There was a montage of Vanitas and Jeanne exploring Paris which mirrors the OP and even ended with a couple of cats, almost as if it’s a nod to the Murr appearances. That entire sequence was a subtle type of wonderful that I truly appreciated. Sure it was a bit lacking in Noé but what we did see of him, was him hilariously wrapped around a body pillow which was just the right touch.

Towards the end of their day, Vanitas talks about this tower in the middle of town and how he was sure that they would have chosen Eifel’s design. And I wrote down Alternate universe. Then I scratched it out and had to sit myself down and seriously explain to myself that the series was filled with vampires, werewolves, a pandimesional version of Paris and huge steampunk airships. The lack of an Eiffel tower should not be what makes it an alternate universe…

But it does mean that the histories diverged at some point. It also means that I noticed for the first time that a show that has been so explicit about telling us it’s set in Paris and has been lovingly illustrating it, had never shown its most famous monument, and I didn’t even notice. Either the show did some brilliant trickery or I’m particularly slow. It’s the first one, no need to answer.

However, while Vanitas was busy galavanting around and Jeanne was failing miserably at being a genius, Noé was having a dato of his own. Oh ‘cmon, he was all compliments and blushing around Ruthven. It’s a good thing Noé and Jeanne aren’t getting together, those two would probably get lost in their own living room…

I’ve noticed that The Case Study of Vanitas have this recurring pattern of starting out as completely lighthearted silly episodes and going dark or pouring on the melodrama in the last act. For me, it works because I never get the impression that the show takes itself seriously. It’s simply blending comedy genres. And this week was no exception. Both datos ended up kind of bad. Depending on who you ask, I guess.

At one point, Ruthven asks Noé about his views on Humans and Vampires. Who he sees as an ally and who is an enemy. Noé basically blurts ut that enemies are anyone who tries to hurt the people he cares about regardless of anything else. I’m simplifying it. Ruthven had this complex setup bringing up politics, social pressures, natural inclination and the fragile balance of the world but Noé answered like a 4-year-old would. And I thought, Bless his simple soul. I love Noé. Apparently, Ruthven was charmed as well cause he got real handy after that. I’m sure it will be fine. I have blind faith.

As for Vanitas and Jeanne. That didn’t go so great either. Jeanne sort of ruined the mood. You know how girls are, mood swings and all! I do want to say that the score for this scene was amazing. I particularly liked the piece they chose and I think it added a lot to the setting.

It was another sexy, fun, exciting episode. This show is on a row. Can’t wait for the mid-season finale!

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