I really strayed from my format last week. I’m not sure anyone read it but it was one of my favourite posts. And I’m happy this episode didn’t just immediately prove me wrong by going with completely different visuals. In fact it stayed right on track. I’m a little proud.

If you want to know what I thought about the actual story then please do go take a look at my post over on 100 Word Anime. You can also scroll down to see what I thought about the look of it:

I really like the little evolving opening tags we’ve been getting for the last few episodes. With that cardboard cutout feel. They are absolutely gorgeous!

I’ve noticed that quite a few of the Fire Force arcs end on sunsets. If I,m right, then this is probably the last episode in the current arc and we’ll move on to something new next week. It’s a cute visual device. End of the day, time for a fresh start…

Giovanni with his beak punched in looked surprisingly better and more normal than otherwise…

Man it is good to see Hibana back in action! She remains my very favourite character design in this series and I really want to cosplay her. As if I could pull that off…

Lisa’s flames were interesting, almost textured. I don,t think we’ve seen anyone else with flames like these. I’m not sure if it means anything but it was a nice change in any case.

So we got back to the fanservice this episode with a shirtless Shinra showing off his body. They did let him fight for himself though. I have to say, it looked kind of odd. The Fire Force uniforms have this huge and exaggerated silhouette. Even without the bulky jacket, the pants are like loose snow pants. Since I’m so used to seeing Shinra that way, he seemed sort of disproportioned this week.

I didn’t mention it before but Lisa’s pants are pretty silly. I mean you either have one leg sweating like crazy or one leg freezing. It’s unpractical!

Sho and Shinra really do look alike. They nailed the family resemblance in the design. Not just the eyes, the entire facial structure is similar but tweaked. With the younger Sho having more innocent rounded features.

I’ve been trying to figure out if Joker looks like anyone else. Maybe some connection that can explain his action this week. But I’m not seeing anything.

The copper toned junkyard bathed in crimson sunset was nice but I prefer the fresh multicoloured version.

For a second there, I thought the hospital was on fire. I like the coloured skies but they may be overdoing it a smidge.

Hibana is fantastic even in her chibi form.

I wonder why they use that colour light inside the fire truck. It doesn’t seem very practical and is would probably get tiresome after a while. I’m starting to notice that the Fire Force universe has a lot of brass in it in general. Or at least brass coloured things.

I wonder what those fried bites are. If it’s deep fried tofu, I’m super jealous. I love deep fried tofu.

Every time we get a company dinner scene, it happens in the dead of night. As in, the world outside the windows is pitch black. Not even a street light or anything. While the mess hall is pleasantly lit and looks warm and cozy. I understand that it’s for effect. But once you notice it, the world outside sure does look ominous…

Obi and Arthur have similar shaped eyes.

In the closing tab we got back to those beautiful colours with one of the most refreshing skies we’ve ever had in this show. Light blue with pink clouds. I can feel a pleasant breeze through the screen!

It was a pretty arc, well it’s a pretty show. I can’t wait to see what next week will look like.

Fire Force ep17-13 (5)

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