I actually liked this episode. I’m still super snarky about it but Matt put up with me like a champ!

Anime Q and A

Episode 4 Collaboration Review with Irina (in bold).

So who’s the one asking the questions this time? I mean as much as I enjoyed our free-flowing conversation on episode 3 that was posted on your blog, this one is on my blog and this is Anime QandA… Fine I’ll ask questions. Man, Matt is cracking that whip.

But first I want to know what did you think of this episode, Irina? A lot more ‘SPORTS!’ than the previous three eps, in fact there was barely a mention of idol concerts or extra-curricular activities to distract from the pure thrill of horse girl racing not to mention the rigorous training! Yes much more sport-ish and unsurprisingly my favorite episode so far! More running and race theory, less everything else plz!

*insert dirty joke about larges boxes*

So tell me, what did YOU think of this more *sporty* approach? It’s more of what…

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2 thoughts

  1. Groping joke wasn’t funny the first time, and I don’t appreciate the repitition. Still, the four girls sidling in for a synchronised kick caught me off guard, and I chuckled.

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