Is it just a basic thing to love Halloween? I feel like it’s most people’s favourite holiday. It’s mine. Well most holidays are my favourite. I’m festive and have a loose grasp on the concept of favourite.

Every year I do this little thing on my blog. In the days leading up to Halloween, I try to set the mood by posting thematically appropriate articles. I sort of wing it every time so I don’t really have a set date or anything for when I start. Anyways, this year, it’s Today!!!!!


So what can you expect from I Drink and Watch Anime’s 2019 Countdown to Halloween? A comfy mix of horror and Halloween related essays and how they apply to anime or Japan as well as this year’s pick of creepy anime reviews. I will be covering Blood Blockade Battlefront, Demon Slayer and Happy Sugar Life. I do hope you look forward to it.

For those more impatient readers of mine, I have done this twice in the past so feel free to check out the previous years’ posts:

Countdown to Halloween 2018:

Countdown to Halloween 2017:

Ohhhh, I’m starting to have a decent Halloween post collection. I hope you find something you enjoy! Next year, I’m hoping to be able to get Halloween posts from a few different bloggers. Maybe a classic posts repost special or something. Let me know if that sounds interesting!

In the meantime stay safe and don’t forget to have a fun and terrifying time out there!


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  1. I do like Halloween, but it is such a pain at work. The students are completely distracted and it’s practically a wasted day as no one wants to do anything, but I still have curriculum to cover.

  2. Woohoo! And a GIF of one of my favorite episodes. I can hear the voices of the Dog’s Circle singing, “Natsume sama! Natsume sa-MA!” 🙂

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