… all I can really say is you guys are all the best and 2018 is going to be great, I mean there are probably  going to be some lows and some more difficult times but we’ll come out of it better than we were and really it’s already better for me, because you’re here: Thank You!

Some of you who have blogs probably already know why this is special and important to me. Every singly follower feels like a small victory, a little achievement you can be proud of. Imagine you’re having one of *those* days, the weather is just awful and you didn’t sleep well and school/work was boring but you still managed to screw up something. It’s another tedious day, in an insipid week and you just can’t be bothered right now! And then you discover that someone you don’t even know, someone that doesn’t want anything from you, found a random thought you put out into the world and said to themselves, huh – there’s something I like about this person’s mind – I want to know more! It’s a great feeling and I will keep working hard to earn it.

Whenever I do these posts, I mention that because of my limited hacking skills I can only really shout out the people who have some sort of WordPress account tied to their virtual identity but let me take a minute right now to thank the 169 of you who are anonymous email followers. Just because I don’t know your names doesn’t mean you count any less. In my head I call you Super Genius Beautiful Reader McAwesome. I know for a fact you guys aren’t just trying to get a follow for follow and that makes me so happy. I occasionally post about blogging and frequently about the WordPress community which may be a bit less interesting to you but I’m grateful you stuck with me nonetheless. If you ever wanna chat, my Twitter is always opened… I was trying to do a play on “my door is always opened” but that sounded a little dirty, right? Is it just me?

As for those of you who have your own blogs and sacrifice fun and sleep to post yet still make the time to read my stuff, of course I love you too. You don’t get the cool nick name though. I have never made any effort to hide my deep fondness for this community.  The warmth, patience and kindness you’ve all shown me, and each other, is a source of constant bewilderment, in the best possible way. Don’t ever change, unless it’s for the better but how would you even do that? 

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us but not as cute

If you’re new here, you may not realize that I have been lucky enough to get a chance to publish appreciation posts previously:

How Did This Even Happen – Thank You!

You never forget your 100 first…I was still completely fresh and clueless and 100 followers felt like a gargantuan accomplishment. It still does! I knew most people usually marked the occasion in some way but I didn’t know how exactly. To be honest, I was just going to quickly thank my followers as an intro and get into the real substance of post but I came to realize that you were the most important thing about the post!


I honestly couldn’t believe that I had the chance to write another one so soon after the first. I wrote this as a knot of gratefulness and appreciation wound its way around my insides. I’m certainly not an emotional person but I could have fooled anyone back then. It took me a few days to put the post together and as much as I was intimidated by the task, I loved every second of it.

Expletive deleted YEAH! 300 baby!!!

And then it happened again! I was floored. I was giddy. I wanted to dance around my living room but I was also so sick. I wrote my 300 post as I was coming down with one of the worst illnesses I’ve had in years. I mentioned it before but for two weeks I was having dizzy spells and black outs (I was not allowed to drive for obvious reasons). Severe chest pains and constant numbness in my limbs made it difficult to walk. It was not a fun time. This post was difficult to write on a practical level because of all that but it kept my moral up and was great medicine. In a very real sense, you guys helped me out through some pretty rough times. 

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seriously, you guys rock

So once again, I really want to take the time and acknowledge you for all you mean to me. I figured I would try something a little different this time around. I the past I had always given you a short description of the various blogs but I realized that it would be so much better to hear from these wonderful people in  their own words (from about or description pages). Some of you go into a lot more detail so I may have trimmed some down a bit but I hope I’ve kept the essence of your words intact!

Usual disclaimer – these blogs are listed in chronological order and off my WP follower list, I could have missed someone in which case I am so sorry and more than happy to fix it if you let me know!


I am just another person.  I am just another thought.  I am just one more example, one more statistic, one more reason to never look back.

Ethan Bayes

Hi, I’m Ethan Bayes and welcome to my blog. I write about the films I love and sometimes hate. I currently attend worthing college where I study Digital Media CamTech, Film Studies A Level and History A Level.

E. Lattimer

A blog dedicated to the ORIGINAL ARTWORK of J E LATTIMER. There’s no about page so I’ll just tell you that for me these works are very soothing and calm. It’s a little island of tranquility in blog form.

Viorel Moraru

My name is Viorel Moraru, i  was born and raised in Romania.  I have a bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in  History, both received from Valahia University of Targoviste. I have worked almost a year to make Codex Dracula: Books 1&2 happen, it wasn’t easy, but it was fun.

Codex Dracula tells the story of Vlad the Impaler and his descendants. The comic book combines Fantasy, Historical Fiction & Horror stories.


thank you for visiting my blog.

I’m a so-so photographer but i’d like to think that once in a while, when emotions connect, when the eyes meet, i could take one or two nice photos, of friends, people and places. i hope you like them. i used to write loads of travel journals and i thought i should put these journals to good use instead of letting it turn yellow in those shoeboxes. that’s how this blog got started. i hope you’d get inspired to visit the places that i’ve been and write your own stories.

i am yamnut. female. singaporean. single. and loving it.


Remember those old times, when a friend would recommend a book to you and would give you a brief on why you should read it. Just enough information to trigger your interest. We have many good recommendation sites for books on the internet but there is still dearth of sites which recommend good articles on the internet.

Charlie De Luca

Hi. My name is Charlie De Luca and I am an author. I work in Higher Education but write racing thrillers. I have written Rank Outsiders, The Gift Horse and Twelve in the Sixth. i was brought up on farm and my father ws a permit holder, so trained a National Hunt horses that he and my mother had bred. I love horses but sadly grew too tall to be jockey. I still have a few horses and some ex race horses. All books are available on Amazon.


I am still learning who I am as a person, I am growing into the women I am supposed to be. I love to travel, I love animals, and I love my family. I am obsessed with makeup and skin care. I love fashion, and buying new outfits. I like to see others express themselves through their own unique style. I am caring, sweet and compassionate. I try to put everyone in my life first, I’ll be there for you when no one else is.

I hide behind my computer screen, and write what I feel.

Super addicted to coffee, loved being a barista.

Frances Roxas

My name is Frances Roxas, a certified Bicolana – born and bred.

I have a degree in Journalism but I did not pursue a career in writing.Eventually, I plan to write more and find more avenues to showcase my love for writing and for self expression.

Every life is a journey and I believe that there is always an opportunity and the time to do what we love and what makes us happy.


I am Saranya Sridharan, Software Engineer by profession and a passionate author by choice. My hobby was initially just reading and reading alone. Surprisingly, my writing spree was ignited at a Haiku competition conducted by my college. This ignited spark then rendered to offer another hobby “Blogging” into my life. I have been blogging since then for the last 6 years. I have published a book ‘Poetic Medley’. I am author at herspiration magazine. Few of my poems are published in Ashwamegh literacy magazine. My stories has been published in this ebook https://drawneartochrist.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/menagerie-draw-near2.pdf .


Hey there! I’m a 21 year old from the UK, but currently living and working in Paris, France (and loving it, might I add!) I like other things besides anime, such as reading (horror and science fiction), working out, baking, video-games, and travelling!

My favourite genres of anime are battle shounen, comedy, horror, or anything that would be classed as ‘edgy’. You can view my specific favourites at MyAnimeList, or go into super-duper detail at graph.plus.

Maranda Dimmick

Unfortunately God  is Real does not have an about page but it does have this absolutely fascinating post about the likelihood of mermaids. I can’t wait for the next one!


Well I can’t tell you much about this blog since it hasn’t officially started yet and I can’t read the title. This is why I’m letting people use their own words. My words are not that useful.


Who is Vinnieh? That’s a tough question but here’s what is known.  From a very young age cinema has been one of the biggest things in his life. He loves the absolute hell out of movies and would probably die if there were none in the world. He’s just the typical young man; smart, interesting, devilishly handsome(OK the last one may be a lie). He is sometimes known as Vinster or Satrap. The aim of my blog is to write about the movies I have seen and hear feedback from the many other’s who populate the blogging world. Feel free to stop by and comment on my posts.

Shilpi and Abhinandan

The words have always been beautiful, they have the power to transform themselves into a beautiful symphony and in the process transform the lives of those who value their light. The words carry a light and they enlighten the one who reads; the words carry a thousand unheard voices, a million emotions not expressed and each word has a story to be told. The words are vulnerable, the words are powerful, the words may heal or the words may bleed; the words have a soothing touch, the words feel the pain of longing, of losing someone who will always be a part of you, the words are about the leaves that drifted apart from their soul, the words are also about the colours of the spring, the words travel a thousand miles crossing oceans and defeating the infinite Himalayas; yet the words may not be able to reach the one next to you.





Jason W. Akers

The Otaku Corner collects all sorts of intriguing posts on various aspects of Japanese culture that are always of such interest to us Japanophiles. These posts will bolster your knowledge of Japan’s history and traditions old and new to give you a better appreciation of the Japanese media we consume. A must for any true otaku.


Though Achernar is originally a star in the constellation of the Eridanus, sometimes she also becomes a writer and a blogger, and sometimes she even remembers to post and share online the things that she writes. On this blog, specifically.

Life has made me multicultural at heart (and a little bit American) but I am originally Italian. Discussing theories and ideas is what I love most, even though watching cartoons is a close second. Socially awkward and anxious at heart, I am surprisingly adventurous, but laziness (e mancanza di sbatti™) often prevents me from pulling off a true Indiana Johns.


Hello, hello.

This blog is really just for me to get my thoughts out that people are not interested in hearing, and you probably aren’t either unless you’re really bored I guess.

Pretty sure I’ll get too lazy to maintain this blog regularly but we’ll see.

Thanks for stopping by anyway lol.


I am a dreamer, made in Canada, raised in HK, educated in the UK and Japan, currently discovering Spain, I wander around the globe picking up languages, cultures and furry babies. I’m a mom of two adorable pups. I’ve never been a writer, this is my diary, my thoughts, my sharing platform and my theory of life. Enjoy.


I’m Jacob and I run this blog. I used to have a personal blog over at http://tsundeity.wordpress.com, but I decided to make a new one.

The type of content I’m going to writing on here will be different from what I was doing before. Instead of reviews and following seasonal anime closely, I want to do more critical analysis of series as well as their different forms and adaptations.

That’s the plan anyway – I hope to upload once a week, since I have a lot of free time at the minute, but that might change. Otherwise, please enjoy my posts.


Do What You Love.

As the page title suggests, this blog is about everything and anything that I love to do. It primarily includes movie reviews, reviews on the latest books, manga and comics, music and pretty much anything. I try to span the range of topics through as many languages and genres that I can. I don’t intend to make this page have reviews and complicated posts about anything-be it movies, books, music or anything. Anything and everything I write is just views of what an ordinary person who watches a movie, or reads a book etc., will think about. In short-simple but sound writing.


Hello, and welcome to Curiously Dead Cat, hosted by yours truly, NegativePrimes! In 2016 I began blogging guest articles for Beneath the Tangles, a community of Christian anime enthusiasts. Finding that I really enjoy blogging, I decided to launch out on my own—duc in altum!*

About Curiously Dead Cat: I’m curious enough that, were I a cat, I would be dead already. Maybe I do, in fact, have nine lives. Everyone is welcome here, provided you observe the Dead Cat Principles


Vwani is a Nairobi-based member of the health care team directly involved with patient care. He gets disturbed by two things, either your prescription is taking so long to be filled or it’s very expensive key focus being safe and effective medication use. In his free time, if that ever exists, Vwani utilizes the same to come up with ways he can improve his site or write an article for the site. There is essentially nothing best about Vwani but he is about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact means getting results, and influence spreading the passion for healthcare information & this together serving as an inspiration to the community.

Luk Meister

My name is Luk Meister a.k.a Praneeth, I respond to both. Just like any anime fan I too love watching anime and I am also responsible for turning a lot of normal human beings into not so normal fanboys and fangirls(not that many). Should I take credit for that?

I am not a very socially active person but trying to change that by reaching out to those wonderful people who love to share their similar and interesting interests. As the title of the blog says this is all about anime and every thing anime related. Well mostly it will be reviews of anime series and anime movies that I watch every day if not, every week.

Mostly, it will be like giving my own opinion. I am not very good at it but i am doing it and hopping that you guys will also share your opinions, like and dislikes and hope you will add me to your list of anime watching friends.


This blog hasn’t started yet but my super intuition tells me it might eventually be dedicated to photography!


Get most usable stuff here , ask for if you do not find it here.


The blog is setup to give the impression of a choose your own adventure book but it hasn’t started posting yet. I think a choose your own adventure blog – maybe with a poll at the end of each post to decide the next post is a brilliant idea!


The Lost Voice doesn’t have an about page but my fellow Natsume lover has been super productive and busy, regularly posting a huge amount of reviews (including some little known titles you might not have heard of elsewhere). Anime fans should definitely go take a look.


I’m Per. I really enjoy the anime I watch and the occasional manga I read. I started writing a while back but never got too much done. I’m hoping this blog will serve as both a motivational factor for me and an entertainment factor for others.


Husband of Christina, Father of Gloria & Anna. Ok, this is one of the most adorable about pages I’ve seen. The psts are dedicated to wellness and health products.


Hi I’m Jonny, an ex-teacher living on Kent’s South coast. I’ve spent most of my life worrying about one thing or another but it hasn’t stopped me from cramming lots in. I’m busy, love learning, reading and drinking coffee. This blog is partly a diary and partly an attempt to force myself to make a few important lifestyle changes. I want to feel better about life. I’ve spent too much time at the chalk-face and not enough time breathing.

Lets see where this takes me….


His blog doesn’t have an about page either but I can tell you it’s dedicated to a large variety of different books including some  of my favorite classics like Murder on the Orient Express

Sir Noogen

Hello, name’s Steven but I go by Noogen and I typically write/produce content for League of Legends eSports but here on this blog, I write about Anime here and there. Hope you enjoy!

Mirian de M. Silva

This blog is still at the template stage but that’s a beautiful theme they’ve chosen. Some of you know that I keep threatening to change my layout and this would be a good option.

pankaj kumar

Sadly I can’t read sanskrit (I think this is sanskrit). I have a feeling I’m missing out, it looks so pretty.


Hi! I am Alicia and I started blogging summer 2017. Blogging is a bit intimidating but I’m learning more and more every day. I plan to have a YouTube channel in the near future as well, where I can share my bookish inspired creations while talking about that book, but one thing at a time. For now, welcome to my book-filled corner! I post content at least twice a week but expect even more than that. ***Also posts about the Natsume manga you guys!!!***


Here you will find a blog written by a new to the scene shoujo lover. This is a great place to get and leave your anime recommendations, as well as discuss your favorite shows! Click the Blog tab to get started.


Simply put, I’ve started up Reading Between to analyze stories, and acknowledge the little theological, psychological, symbolic, literary, cinematic, etc., factors that add to the value of a story.

Of course, that being said, there will be a lot of different content on the Reading Between.  There’s countdowns and top fives, some statistical analyses, several reviews, and simply personal thoughts on trends I’ve seen in stories in general.  Regardless of the specific type of writing, however, I just aim to better appreciate the stories I write about, and share that appreciation with others!

Reading Between, as you might guess, is named with this goal in mind.  Reading Between the Lines, the Pages, sounded just a bit too cliché, a bit too specific, so instead, I just decided to go with Reading Between.  The whole goal then, is to read between the basics of what an anime, game, or manga presents to the audience, and find any deeper meaning that the story has to offer.  Whether that’s thematic, psychological, theological, or simply emotional, there’s a lot to delve into, and I hope to do just that!


LEO – Love Emotion Own –

A being, observer, childlike, looking at situations. We are faced with so many challenges on a daily basis … LEO will take the audience on a journey finding the love even in the most hopeless of situations … into the world of the imagination LEO will share these situations as if looking at it through the eyes of a child … Just for a moment we can step out of the mundane into this world … feeling alive again …

Donald McKenzie

**Donald is from Montreal, It matters to me…***

This blog is focused on Food.  It will feature reviews of places to eat books, and the odd recipe. I also write about what it means to gather together around food.  I can be found on Twitter as @anglibubs.

I’m the youngest of six boys.  So, meal times were very much shared experiences.  The family dinner table was a place of learning.  One where we were taught to ask questions and not simply take everything for granted.

As a priest it is my desire to spread the the welcome that is found in the Eucharist at the Lord’s Table to all the table settings in which the church community gathers

My dream is to create a seminary style course on eating together.  You can find this under the Common Eating heading.  The first post in the series is called Meals (Common Eating)

My Long Post Titles

Read it as my personal diary if you will, except its in a scattered chronological order. It’s totally random stuff I decided to write down and, I don’t even know why! Now here I am posting it. Read at your own discretion. Like it or hate it but Remember I didn’t strap and force you to it. Okay? Cool.

Oh and one more thing…This is not fiction.


A fairly young blog I’m finding it difficult to describe. Th posts vary in subject and tone but are all very fun somewhat diary style. I love the gif choices too.


Hi! I’m Arya, a highschool student. I might publish my reviews occasionally so look out for them!

Feel free to write to me at arya.amritansu@gmail.com!

***Arya, your site is very pretty, I love that header pic!**


My name is Rohini. I am an undergrad. I love to write and my hobby list is never ending.

I guess yu are here to k n ow about me, huh? I am not that good talking about myself. But, I’ll give it a shot!

I love to write.I spend almost 2 hours daily on wordpress.

I love to sing but my voice ain’t melodious. My favourite songs are Billie Jeans, Me Enamoré, They don’t care about us,Black or White, and many more but I can’t recall all those names at the moment. I love food.Haha. I love Indian food.I am so happy to be born in India because Indian food is so diverse and it offers so many different dishes.

I love to dance(freestyle) I  still love to watch cartoons .I’m 18. I love Doraemon.Haha

I love to imagine. But, lately I have been trying not to imagine weird stuff

I am sorry but, I don’t really know what more to say

Aman Thakur

This is the implementation, the putting into practice the doing of it. Life is not just about living, it is about being fully alive. You are limitless full of infinite potential. Live your dreams and follow your passions.


Foovay doesn’t have an about page and says they are just keeping the blog to keep in touch with the WordPress community but aren’t planning on posting too much. Too bad because the archives featuring NaNoWriMo from a few years ago we’re quite fun. I’m never going to do that challenge myself but I was really impressed by everyone that took part this year!


Hello!Welcome to my small corner of the internet and thanks for visiting!

I’m Sharon, Entrepreneur and currently reside in US.

I started this blog because of my love for a creative outlet,writing,Style,Beauty and healthy living. My goal is to help shape those wonderful ideas we have and move us closer to actualising that dream life we have always longed for. To inspired and encourage individuals to live more productively, Purposefully and Positively

Here you’ll read post about  personal growth, Self improvement,Beauty ,Fashion,Healthy living ,Productivity and General wellbeing,With a little bit of me mixed in.

The Two Of Us

Hey there welcome to my blog page..writing and reading is a great hobby this is the reason I started this page and also inspiration from loved one..hope y’all enjoy my short articles stay locked for more please like,share,comment and follow.

Thanks love


Magpodcast doesn’t have a blog (at least not one I could find). Hank you so much for following Magpodcast


Hey there peeps. ^_^

I assume you are here to learn a few things about me. I mean you did click on this right? The quick low down is that I love Kpop and I love Asian dramas. Been into these things since 2008. They aren’t the only things that I am into but they are the things that I am the most passionate about.

Overall I would say that I am a big fan of entertainment in general. Music, TV, Art, etc, I love it all. Regardless of what language it is in I will give it shot. If you have any recommendations feel free to let me know. I pride myself on keeping an open mind and taking a positive approach to things.

In terms of any useful skills that I may have. I am really good at math does that count. haha Let’s see I am able to play a few instruments.(guitar, Alto Saxophone, violin, and piano) Doesn’t mean I am awesome at them though. I can also speak English(duh!), Spanish, French, and a little bit of Japanese. Been working at improving my drawing ability which I have done a few posts chronicling my progress.

In addition to all that, for about a year I have been on a fitness journey. I have lost about 55lbs. It feels fantastic. Now that I lost the weight I wanted to, my new goal is to get ripped. Wish me luck cuz so far that is waaaay more harder than loosing all those pounds I did before -_- When I am done I plan to be a sexy man…well more than I am now. lol


I am a freelancer, have experience with 5 years, want to do your work such as seo, web developer and web designer.

contact  at Email: amitrekras@yahoo.com.


TinyUglyAnimal; that’s me. Not really an animal, except sometimes. Ugly, well that’s for you to decide. Most definitly not tiny, but one can pretend now and then.

Let’s take a moment and reflect. Life…

Yeah. that’s pretty much it. This is a blog about anime (for the most part), manga (now and then) and life (whenever life decides it to be). I might be boring as hell and I might be funny as fuck. I swear a lot, but I am gonna try and be a good girl and bite my tongue. I love adorable things, although I have a pretty dark personality that likes to break cute stuff. I’m also rotten to the core. At least when it comes to boys love. A first rate fujoshi, loving all the dark, dirty yaoi. And the light hearted, cute one too once in a while. All things where boys are kissing boys. Not too much into pairing up boys with boys though. If it isn’t canon it isn’t interesting. No Eren and Levi for me. (and for the love of  Satan, the man’s name isn’t Rivaille. Get the name’s straight you idiots. Or at least listen to Isayama when he tells you it’s wrong. Dude’s name is Levi. There, I got that out of the system.)


Artz in Us is all about showcasing our inner creativities, our passion of innovative and creative things because we believe that art is not about beautiful Oil Paintings. It’s a way of expression of what we love and how we Love!!


Bakaanimekingdom doesn’t have an about page yet, After all they started posted a few weeks ago but they already have an impressive assortment of anime reviews and new ones keep coming. Keep an eye on this blog for a great mix of fun seasonal reviews and older complete series analysis.


Hey everyone, my name is Rich. I am the creator of Level Up Stud. Although this site is based around me. Everything here is for you. Like you I’m living life and learning every single day. So check back often, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If life were a game, the avatars would be called Studs. And we’re all trying to level-up and get more out of life. Keep in mind, although this site is my way of giving back to the world. It is also my art and it is still also my blog.

Final Checkpoint

  • It’s that final checkpoint before the last boss battle.
  • The battle where you take action and win the game.
  • The game is Life.
  • Are you going to be fearless and conquer life?
  • You better.
  • Because if there’s one thing I want you to know leaving this site it’s this:
  • Your Life Belongs To You
  • Make It The Life You Want It To Be
  • Thanks for reading and again

Welcome to

Level Up Stud


Reviews of anime series, movies and things I love watching and want to recommend. Well this is underselling this wonderful new blog. Although not that many posts yet, it is regularly updated and what is there already is awesome.


Another blogless account with a mysterious name. I’m intrigued – who are you Wp20170928?

Izzy Stars

Welcome anyone who’s found this, I like you already. This is the blog of Izzy Stars, who is a person, me, with a great interest in history and entertainment. With the former, I’m trying to go through informative posts about every nation to have ever existed (that we know of) throughout history – and a few non-nation specific history posts besides. This has somewhat been put on hold with Significant People taking its place but I do intend to return to it. Starting from the beginning of recorded history with the Sumerians, and slowly advancing through time towards the present day. At time of updating we’re still well into the BC years so don’t expect that to get finished anytime soon but as we go there’s plenty of stuff I’ve already covered so check that out. If you are a budding historian and want to see just those posts, click on my ‘History’ category and you’ll filter out everything else.

With the latter, I write reviews about something I’m watching or liking at the moment – with an attempt to pick up a point you might not have thought about before. There’s no real schedule, I try to put out something once a day. They are variously organised into their different categories, music, television, and anime. I am a big fan of that last one and probably most of my posts are on anime. Currently airing series I cover include Attack On Titan. Anything I like enough to cover week to week as it comes out will be done as soon after it comes out as I can, otherwise, if it’s something I’m ‘bingeing’ I’ll probably do a round up or pick up a talking point as I finish it or when I think it’s necessary. Also I’m liable to write something about a video game I’m playing every once in a while and do a semi-AAR to pass off as a post here, I’m a big fan of playing strategy games in my spare time.

Jon Yolo

Whats up guys! I’m a recent college grad who has know idea what the fuck is going on. I went from living in Downtown Boston in college to living back home ( insert post grad depression joke). I’m here to comfort those going through our twenties and here for those lucky enough to still be in college (never graduate.) I’ll be here to write about life tips, cool shit I find on the internet, sports, and entertainment. I hope you enjoy!

Instagram: @somedrunkwriter

Twitter: @jlindahl1

Snap Jlindahl1

Email: Jclindahl563@gmail.com

Marjo “Dice” Degoro

SIKWATE.ORG is generally an ambitious attempt at encapsulating into mere words this age’s Zeitgeist — the soul of the generation, its hopes and its sorrows. While I pen these stories, some of these are lived by others and I cannot but be grateful for the privilege of telling them.

Sikwate is named thus after the memory of my Lola (grandma) and of that delicious drink she used to brew for us, her grandchildren, when we were little. She was the typical grandmother — doting, kind and nannying. She used to spoil us a lot, and the best that I could do  is to name this little journal after my sweetest memory of her.


An average Australian in his twenties with a passion for travel and writing. My dream is to write for a living and I’ve recently taken up writing poetry. This might be my new favourite: A Traveller.

I’d love to travel the world and provide some entertainment to you all as I go. I hope to make you laugh, cry and sigh with relief as I tell you my tale. I might even try to guide and advise you from time to time…you never know your luck!

You can find me on Instagram @mistakesandadventures


Young Man. Artist. Dreamer.

Hello there, I’m Russell Kurashige. Well that’s not really my real name, hahaha. Think of it as a pen name but you can call me Russell. Though here on the web I’m often known  as RussellStar but I’ve also gone by X-ice, or variants of the two. I’m just a young man, who likes drawing and various other things, trying my best to make my way through life.

I’m an American born half- Japanese young man with a passion for art, and this is my personal blog. Here I’ll talk and post about various things from my personal life to my art and maybe the various things that I like. But most likely my art and life.

I was born December 20, 1993 in Sacramento, California but I’ve spent most of those years growing up in East Tennessee. Ever since I was young I’ve loved drawing, and it is my dream to one day share that love and passion with the world. It is my dream to combine my love of art with stories and tell them through sequential art. I want to make people laugh, make them smile. I want to fill their hearts with love and hope but also sadness and pain. I want to share my love and dreams with the world. But more than anything I want to encourage others to dream.


My name is Sky Morrell, I’m 24, and I write this blog. I’m not a professional reviewer, and I am pretty biased when it comes to anime shows.  On average I tend to prefer slow life and school based shows without any action, and I love moe. I’d like everyone to remember all that when they read my posts. Sometimes, you’re going to think my opinions suck, and that’s totally okay.

Anyway, back to the real meat of me. I was born in Florida, but I have been living in Kansas since I was in 6th grade. I have gone to three colleges (Central Connecticut State University, University of Kansas, and Pittsburg University), but I only have one degree: Business Administration. I also went to South Korea for two weeks as a study abroad trip with PSU. I am currently back in school for a degree in graphic design.

I have been watching anime since I was in 8th grade, and successfully transitioned out of my “weird anime kid” phase toward the end of high school. Congratulations me!

Today, I live with my boyfriend in an apartment with two cats (Latte & Mirai), a hedgehog, and two fish (Mirmulnir & Paarthurnax). I spend a lot of time watching anime and playing games, but I do find time to exercise and cook on the side.


Welcome to Pinky’s Palace!

If you want to get to know me a bit more, check out my profile below!

Occupation: blogger, student, artist, full-time otaku, fujoshi, professional shower singer, pokemon trainer

Likes: time-traveling aliens, cosplaying, fanfiction, yaoi, funny pick-up lines, bishies,

Dislikes: damsels in distress, the color pink, seafood, annoying characters, M. Night Shyamalan live-actions

Fears: tentacles, yanderes, Care Bears, playing Pokemon GO at night

Catchprase: ” Yo!”


Aiirace is still upcoming – I have to admit I don’t actually know what it will become for now the possibilities are endless


Anime film reviews, Anime television series reviews, and other anime stuff can be found on this website. All of them are written by a sleep-deprived otaku who also has a crippling addiction to coffee, video games and of course, anime.

– Yopi


Galvanic Media is an internet-based collaboration group that produces a variety of content for the consumption of the geek in us all. We create reviews, web comics, web shows, and so much more, in the future.



I’m a 25 year old mechanical engineer who has spent the last few months wishing she had the gumption to write out my thoughts on various topics. These are mostly anime-related thoughts, but I’ve also got opinions and experiences related to cooking and eating, fixing up my fairly recently acquired 1950’s house, and dogs. So, if you’re at all interested in reading about the disappointments of iDOLM@STER Side M, creating on the fly ice cream cocktails for more efficient consumption of booze and dessert, the trials of rewiring electrical outlets, or how many pillows is the optimal amount of pillows for a napping pup stick around. *nudge, cough, Ice Cream Cocktails, nudge!**


I started the blog to help myself keep up my newly-won photo interest.  I‘m a  happy amateur who  wants to take better Pictures and by “better” I don’t mean more technical.  I mean finding new angles or funny details… because… I mean… these Pictures will not bring any joy to the people

Maths Academia

This site has been created in order to promote educational tips and give solutions to requested math problems.


A warm welcome and heartfelt greetings to everyone visiting my blog. My blog is a channel through which I connect to my fellow readers across the length and breadth of this world surpassing the borders of any country.

What I write or refer to here may be from a gamut of emotions, art or perhaps anything just like my mind itself. As I said, it’s a wire that carries the current of thoughts, opinions, experiences and viewpoints from me to all of you.

I personally find blogging the best way to pen down one’s instantaneous thoughts or store one’s work so as to keep them safe and consolidated. It’s a divine feeling when you get to see and appreciate others’ work on their blogs and communicate with them. On the whole, this blogging world is sure to inspire your every bit. It will leave you awestruck as you sincerely explore deeper and deeper into this enlightened mine to find the most precious gem of learning.


Welcome! I’m Jack, 22 years old, living in the UK, and what some would call a nerd. I’ve been into gaming and “nerd culture” for almost my whole life, having been bought a Game Boy (the grey brick, none of these fancy coloured shenanigans) by my dad when I was just four years old. As a result, I fell deep into gaming from a very young age and that is a hobby that has stuck with me my whole life!

More recently, I developed an appreciation for aspects of Asian culture by stumbling across Korean music almost seven years ago now! Eventually, my appreciation for Korean pop, indie and metal music let to me exploring more, where five or so years ago I began to dip my toes into Japanese so-called “otaku” culture – anime, manga, Japanese music. Fast forward to today, where the majority of my life consists of video games, anime, and music!

I hope you enjoy your stay here at my first foray into traditional blogging, where I hope to put out sporadic reviews and opinion pieces on the anime I’ve been watching, manga or novels I’ve been reading, games I’ve been playing or the music I’ve been enjoying!


Marie doesn’t have an about page, she does have some sweet poetry and an absolutely amazing instagram page. Check it out!


I suppose my first order of business is that I introduce myself—I won’t bore you with any excessive or entirely needless details about my personal life, however. Let me just say that I am a typical college student in the U.S. who, on this platform, shall go by the profile name ‘Cojiro’. Oh, and also, being that the major focal points of this blog are going to be anime, games, and suchlike, I should clarify that my interests include…well…anime, games, and suchlike… (Is there an echo is here? —Helloooo! Helloooo! Helloooo!)


mejustgotlucky is a full-time writer, fan and dreamer. A part-time realist and romanticist. Loves South Korea and fan fictions like they are the most essential for breathing. Secretly, she dreams on travelling the world and capturing them under the lens of a camera. One day, she dreams of writing about all of her travels and experiences

Didi Oviatt – Author

Growing up in a small town had more than several advantages and disadvantages. Saying that my childhood was sheltered is nothing short of an understatement. Unlocked doors, cleared streets, and the quiet of a trustworthy neighborhood were all welcomed features of my hometown.

It wasn’t until I was settled and married with a child on the way that I found my love for the literary world. Rearing out of my mid twenties left me a bit more mature, having to find more important things to do with my time than re-occurring nights at the bar. This is when it started – I read one book after another for a few short years, then decided to give writing a bash. I’m completely amazed at the love I developed! Once I started putting the world of imagination that has long been trapped in my overactive mind into a keyboard, the transformation of self began. A new aspiration in life has formed. I want nothing more than to be known as the unexpected novelist who took the literary world by storm!


Hello! My name is Joshua (Kausus for online handle) and I am the CEO and lead writer behind Otaku Gamer Zone! I began this endeavor on March 16th, 2015 with the hopes of providing a website that caters to a unique perspective on anime and gaming as a whole. I have been an avid anime fan ever since my wonderful seventh grade world history class and a gamer since the days of the Sega Genesis!  I love these two fandom’s to death and I will often berate them or praise them; depending all on the mood of course!


My name is Jennifer M. Noble and I am so pleased to meet you. I am just as excited to know that you were able to find me here and now.  For so many years, I have been the one needing and searching for help coping with everyday stresses that have presented themselves to me on an everyday basis. Here and now I have found the strength and a desire to help those that are in need of coping with everyday stresses. I want my story to be heard and I want my story to be used as a learning tool. I am not a life coach that has said to anyone, “I know what you are going through”, without actually going through it. Coping skills are amazing tools if implemented correctly, consistently, and with a great support system. I am happy to answer questions, give opinions, even give some advice. I understand its hard when you don’t know someone to openly talk. So ask questions and lets help each other find a solution to your stresses.


Fancy Poet. Loving The Essence Of writing what I have been through !

Based In New Delhi, India.

14 years Old.


Inspired by the nostalgic shoujo anime show, Cardcaptor Sakura, Memecaptor.com ignites explosive fun through the latest memes in the anime world and digital geek culture written in a Filipino mind.

Khayl Adam

I couldn’t find Khayl’s about page but full disclosure, I kinda got distracted by reading through some awesome game reviews he posted instead. Go see for yourself, you won’t be able to blame me.


Bloket-chan is an obsessive enthusiast anime blogging community, we also would like to engage and discuss anime and blog related with great attention to numerous genres and subcultures. We’re certainly not the experienced blogger nor an expert on Japanese cultures, but we don’t think that we need to be one to provide people with the most possible enjoyment out of that matter. We all admire people who proudly nurture their obsessions, we love to work with and highlighted those passionate people.


This blog is intended to show how autism affects the entire household and what a family does to stay strong.



Dedicated to complete randumbness,i sometimes post reviews,sometimes fanart and wallpapers,but most of the time random things related to anime one way or another.

hope you like it!!


fb_img_15153244925291363074488.jpgThis is when luffy almost died and i cried what a relief that he is still alive ***Gotta admit – this is a pretty dope about page***

Manish Karki

Manish doesn’t have an about page but Intriguing Ones is a very fitting name for this blog. Apparently, no topic is off limits – go see for yourselves!


Hello. I’m Zainou. I write about anime and manga (although sometimes I write about comics). Welcome to my blog.

Everyday Knowledge:

If I can see Stands when reading JoJo does that mean I’m a Stand User?

SaLt AnD CoCoNuTs

Hi! We’re SaLt AnD CoCoNuTs (Sarah and Louis) a Nurse and Teacher from Wimbledon, London. We’ve travelled around some amazing countries over the past few years and we’ve managed to achieve a lot whilst sticking to a strict budget – after all, being a nurse and a teacher doesn’t bring in crazy amounts of money, so travelling well on a budget is one of our specialities! Many of our friends have asked for advice on where to go and what to see in preparation for their own adventures, so we decided to make this website for people who want a little inspiration when planning their own fun yet relatively cheap travels.

Joseph Opoku

I started this Digital Entertainment 2016 November: I would say I’m a (Blogger, writer and enthusiast)Entertainment Blogger, specialising in writing about: Video Games, Comic book shows, Movies and Anime and Manga.

Ankit Thapa

I am Ankit, I like video games(Dota 2), If you like talking about space, planets or stars I am a suitable candidate for you, I play guitar(good enough for myself only) and sing some countable songs. I’m a Metalhead who also likes Progressive music, and currently a huge Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson fan,  Most of my writings are influenced by PT/SW.

I write poems very often, Once it pops into my head, it could be anywhere that I start writing. Most of the people around me find it crazy. I am crazy. But I’m completely okay with it. I really don’t care if I’m judged for expressing my thoughts. You shouldn’t too.

Beside writing, I really enjoy going deep into the meanings of what I read, Once I like it I spent some time researching about the song or poem I like. Without sticking my nose there, or else, it would be incomplete to me.

That was a short intro about me.

Thanks for reading.


The reason I started JustAnime Times was so I could review anime’s that I have watched, and also do reviews on ones that I have yet to watch. My blog has come so far and it’s all thanks to everyone that is following me on this journey. You all help me to strive to make this blog even better than what it is now. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know if I ever say thank you to much, but I think it’s good to say it when you can.

So grab your friends or crew and come and join me on this journey as I write reviews on anime, and maybe some manga to boot. You know I have so much fun writing on this blog, and it’s in hopes that someone will read the blogs I write. Even if they happen to get stuck in an old sock drawer that’s dusty, and never see the light of day. I hope that someone will find these old and ancient blog posts and read them.

Brooks Power Systems

It is one of the leading manufacturers of Power Distribution Systems, Multiple Outlet Strips and Surge Suppressors.

A D Solomon

Phenomena Spun is about sharing the most informative.

History, Law, Paranormal, Philosophy, Cooking, Social Issues etc.


 While often seen as polar opposites, the liberal arts and sciences, in reality, interweave with magnificent movement. The liberal arts fosters the mind’s creativity, the soul’s exercise of ethics and diversity, and the body’s expression with communication and analysis. The sciences develops curiosity through investigations and research, inspiring a new appreciation and understanding for the natural world around us.

By exploring both the liberal arts and sciences, Moosmosis aspires to integrate these foundations into a traditional and more comprehensive education. Here at Moosmosis, we hope to explore multidisciplinary fields and subjects, from cognitive psychology to sociology to quantum physics. We hope you embark on this intellectual and exciting journey with us!

Jacey K Dew

I am twenty six years old, mother to a two and a half year old girl, and wife to a heavy duty mechanic. I was born in Edmonton, Alberta, but raised in Leduc, Alberta by my adoptive family. At seventeen, I moved out of my parents house, and to Edmonton. (*yay Canadian!*)

Writing wasn’t a passion of mine until I was sixteen. A couple things happened that year. My mom passed away, and I started reading more to escape. This lead me to read anything I could get my hands on, and I soon found fanfictions. Eventually, I had ideas and started writing my own AU (Alternate Universe) fanfictions. This type of fanfiction is when you take the characters and put them in a different story world.  I soon scratched those stories, and started writing my own books with my own characters.


I’m a 20-year-old full time IT Apprenticeship recruiter in the process of “finding myself”. I’ve always been one of those people that’s never really known exactly what I want to do career wise until now. The only things that’ve been consistent in my life so far is my relationship with my clothes and my love for social media and photography.

I’m aspiring to further my digital and fashion marketing experience so that I can eventually make a career out of the 2 things I love. I don’t just write solely about fashion, I also love travelling, any kind of social event and music so a lot of what I share will be my personal experiences as well. I know you’re all dying to hear about what I wore to a party so happy reading…

Warning: I say lol a lot. (*I don’t say it but I think it*)


I’m so sorry I couldn’t find your blog, mostly cause I assume you sell merch and I want some!

Laxmena Dragneel

That is an AWESOME avatar:


memes, poems, and posts for the soul – the blog doesn’t seem to have quite started yet but it does make some big promises!


Meet Tac, 15-year-plus resident of Japan and the founder of Tokyo Interlopers, a project focused on telling the stories of Tokyo’s non-Japanese residents. Think ‘Humans of New York’ (HONY) meets Tokyo meets foreigners, with slightly less regular updates than on the original – Tac has a full-time job to attend to besides this, after all.

Image result for anime  haikyuu win
we did it!!!!!

And there you have it. How lucky am I, right??? right!!!! I have all these wonderful blogs to entertain myself with! Are you jealous??? You could have them too!!! So here’s to arbitrary milestones and very real exhilarations.

For being there for me in your own little ways, for cheering me up without even meaning to and for taking the time to make me feel like my random thoughts are actually valuable, once again all I can say to all 595 of you is: from the very bottom of my heart – Thank You!

Image result for anime thank you
I wuv you all!

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