I was googling some Haikyuu stuff. Like where to get volume 4 and just general Haikyuuness and I fell on a link called how did this Haikyuu character die. Then there was another Is this Haikyuu character really dead? And then I noped straight out of there. What the heck man, you can’t go killing off Haikyuu characters. These are high school boys. They got their whole life ahead of them

Then I remembered Scott, who is rereading the manga mentioning something like, I’m going to get to that chapter soon, even the second time, it’s still sad. And I thought, oh no…did they really kill a Haikyuu character. I was actually a little mad. I almost dropped the entire notion of reading the manga. I was grumpy all day so I finally went back to that site. Rip off the band-aid. And it was a goof!!! No one is dead. At least not from those sites. Why would they do this to me. My poor feelings!

So all this to say, no one died in this episode of Haikyuu!

You know what, I’m kind of a fan of Kita’s now. I mean I still want Karasuno to win but I’m digging Kita. In some ways, he sort of reminds me of Sugawara but less of a troll. Which means Suga is better of course. We’ve been seeing a lot of big personalities from Inarizaki High, I wasn’t expecting their captain to be a completely even keel deadpan type. It works. he’s a great foil for the twins. The twins are pretty good foils for each other.

So this is the second of three games for Karasuno at nationals. I said in my last post that Karasuno would lose game 2 so that they can make a triumphant last minute come back in game 3 but I just realized, it’s episode 20. Meaning that this last game will probably be all we have time for this season. And that makes it more likely for Karasuno to lose. Not that they necessarily will. But ending a season on a loss is not uncommon. So I,m worried again.

At least it seems unlikely anyone will get killed. I’m serious guys, it really ruined my day!

I really love those two top pictures. Just look at those two huge babies. How can you not love ’em? And there’s something really satisfying about seeing these two characters specifically break down in tears of joy. I dunno, I’ve had a long week. It made me really happy.

The match itself was ok. Not the best I have seen but I may have picked up enough volleyball theory to understand what was happening. Maybe. I’m not sure if anime volleyball theory actually translates to real life.

Oh and speaking of random moments that made me really happy. Asashi trying to cheer up Noya was the best. This episode had a bit more goofball dialogue. Haikyuu is usually good about creating really natural-sounding conversations but this week they sounded a bit more scripted. That’s o.k. though. Once in a while, it’s nice to just have a laugh.

Speaking of anime volleyball theory, I quite enjoyed this week’s explanation from the audience narrators. I’d like to think I would have understood anyway but it was a very clear explanation and they made the impact of the change super easy to grasp. Also, they’re a cute couple.

I’ve been noticing that this season is slowly hyping up Kageyama. He was always an exceptional player. However, in past seasons, he had all these hangups and weaknesses to overcome. He was a key member of the team but he wasn’t the only one. In season 4, he really seems a step above the rest of the team.

On the other hand, the first half of the season started out strong for Shoyo, but he hasn’t had much of a chance to show off his new skills in this second half. He even seems to have regressed a bit. Will Hinata be left behind. He is the main character so I figure at least we (the audience) will stay with him but it might get lonely without Tobio. This is the first time I’ve used his first name. I feel a little embarrassed now.

I watched this week’s Haikyuu after watching Fire Force on Friday evening. It’s been a long week. It’s 10p.m. right now which isn’t very late but I get up a bit before 5. I wasn’t crazy about this week’s Fire Force. But man did I love this week’s Haikyuu. What can I say, I’m a fan.

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  1. Yeah, I can honestly say I really like Inarizaki. I quite liked the backstory this episode. (I certainly didn’t expect this post to open with the insinuation that a Haikyuu character dies. I can’t even imagine that happening.)

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