• Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life, OMG so cute!!!
  • Episodes: 12
  • Studio: 8-Bit


All parents have their quirks. Some insist on showing anyone we bring home all our baby pictures complete with running, extremely embarrassing commentary. Some seem completely impervious to the notion of privacy while others could compete in the guilt Olympics. All Sora’s dad does is leave him alone with his workaholic aunt while he travels the world in search of adventure and send him back various, potentially dangerous mythical souvenirs. It’s a pretty good deal when you think about it. So what will Sora do now that he’s just received the world’s most adorable and neediest mummy?

How To Keep a mummy isn’t so much a show as a fluffy soft ball of adorableness in anime form. I remember all your tweets and posts last season about just how cute this series is and yet, I was not prepared….

How to keep a mummy anime review
you are also not prepared

We anime fans (the English-speaking ones at least) have our own lexicon and sometimes words don’t mean the same thing for us as they do for everyone else…for instance “cute” usually comes with certain associations. Visually, those association are most likely Moe. Super rounded, slightly shiny character designs. Saturated but generally soft colors. Fluid backgrounds. In this regard, How to Keep a Mummy is much more reminiscent of your standard school setting slice of life.

Admittedly, there’s nothing particularly impressive in the production except for a particular aspect of the animation. Mii-kun and his mythical friends are all appropriately adorable in design. I would love plushies of all of them. However cute critters abound in anime. What sets these guys apart is how they move. The clumsy, small and hesitant movements all reminiscent of small animals and babies are just perfect. I had seen images of Mii-kun all over the place but the first time he slipped into a bowl of water I squealed. It’s something you really have to see for yourself but trust me, your heart will grow four sizes.

To me How to Keep a Mummy is pretty much the quintessential cute things doing cute stuff show. It’s a light comedic slice of life where every episode is designed to make you go awwww and smile rather than have you busting out laughing. It’s not as cathartic as Monster Girls for instance or as funny as Kobayashi. It a show that has a similar effect as watching a basket of puppies.

it simply doesn’t get better

In other words it’s the best.

I didn’t choose that puppy analogy randomly, this is clearly aimed at animal lovers of all kinds. One of the barriers I have had to truly enjoying Moe shows is that I don’t find children or teenage girls that cute. At least I don’t have a strong enough natural reaction to them that will make me enjoy an enjoy an entire series on that basis alone. I do however love animals in that blind unconditional way. I instinctively want to hug puppies and cuddle kitties. And for the first time, I found a show that truly and brilliantly exploits that bias.

This is not to say that How to Keep a Mummy is devoid of anything else. The quirky characters are pleasant and work well with each other to form a cozy group. The two leading human characters, Sora and Tazuki, are pretty well developed and their friendship is longingly explored.

great, now I’m hungry

However, without the adorable framing of Mii-kun and the adorable menagerie, there’s not enough left to fill an entire series. And that’s just fine by me. I can’t say I learned much or was plunged into deep thoughts watching this show. I can say I hugged my dog a lot and switched off my tv with a big dumb smile on my face.

If you have ever fallen down a rabbit hole of puppy or kitten videos, give Mii-kun a chance to charm you. If you like cute shows you’d be hard pressed to find cuter. If you enjoy some yummy and playful fanservice…. this is not the show for you. Unless of course you consider adorable pets fanservice in which case, consider yourself served!

Favorite character: Tazuki

What this anime taught me: all Soras look alike

The best things in life either make you fat, drunk or pregnant

Suggested drink: Cranberry cutie

  • Every time Mii-kun makes a mess – gush
  • Every time Mii-kun cires – coo
  • Every time Tazuki is a great friend – squeal
  • Every time anyone rides pouchie – clap
  • Every time anyone has an evil aura- gasp
  • Every time Mii-kun eats dog food – get a snack
  • Every time anyone sparkles – cheer
  • Every time Connie gives a thumbs up – do the same
  • Every time Mii-kun barks – awwwww
  • Every time Connie east anything – do a sit up
  • Every time someone/something is adorable – take a very small sip


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  1. Nothing post related… But! Finally was able to see the new design eheh I LOVE IT!!!! Specially the button feature where appears your sidebar widgets (I think?) Great job!

        1. yeah I don’t think so either. The again I don’t remember what I had for breakfast so don’t go by me…

  2. That mummy is just adorable! Sounds like an easy anime to simply unwind with after a long a day. With the exception of Cardcaptor Sakura, I usually don’t go out of my way to watch cute characters doing cute things. That’s how I ensure my heart remains frozen muahaha!

  3. ” It a show that has a similar effect as watching a basket of puppies.” – This line is just the perfect summary of what this show is. And amazingly enough, that’s enough. I’m not normally into cute for the sake of being cute, but Mii-Kun definitely blew me away (though the Platelets are definitely making a run for cutest characters of the year).

  4. Now you are one of us. This show was just too good for us with is cuteness and everything.

    That being said, I don’t know if I want a season two because I don’t know if I would feel the same about it.

        1. I’m sure I’ll feel the same when I finish season six.

          Oh by the way, would you two be interested in talking about Natsume with me when I’ve finished all six seasons? Maybe you can show me the ropes?

  5. Good thing you chose a non-alcoholic drink. Even with tiny sips, this drinking game could be lethal. Now all you have to worry about is diabetes (both literal and figurative).

    One of my fave shows from winter.

  6. Haha, cute things doing cute stuff! The anthropomorphism trend just doesn’t know where to stop, we’ll soon be loving everything around us! Sweet talking to them, drinking with them, hugging them, kissing them, making lo- *ahem* that’s gonna make the world a better place!!!

  7. I remember befor going on my hiatus that Karandi really enjoyed this one. Sometimes you just have to have a little cuteness (*cough platelets*cough*). Don’t exactly know if I am going to enjoy this show, but maybe I will give it a go at some point or other 😊

  8. I want more! So I’m reading the web comic and praying for a second season.

    I love your drinking game for this one, this happens-do this, this happens-do this, anything adorable-teensy sip. Everyone still be done for in five minutes. Unless they have no soul and don’t find that many things cute. lol

    1. One of my favorite drinking games to date! – a yummy drink too.
      I also want another season very badly

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