Oh my, a list of top anime Mom’s just in time for Mother’s Day, how deeply original Irina… Well pshaw! I’m a classic, I don’t need to hide behind the imaginative!

A very long time ago, I did a list of top anime dads and I had a great time. I realized though that parents in general are few and far apart in anime and mothers seem to get the worst of it. When their not quickly ushered offscreen to presumably cook and be generally harmless, they tend to be killed off just to give our heroes some motivation. Sheesh, that’s just harsh. You’d think that motherhood pretty much ended with getting the kid out. That’s where it starts!!!!

But these fine ladies remind us that being a mother is difficult, delicate and truly something to be proud of. Even though I bristle when Shoka calls me mom, I wouldn’t mind so much if these were the ladies he had in mind.
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5. Takasu Yasuko – Toradora

Yasuko proved that great moms make great kids. Traditionally, a character like Yasuko would have been looked down upon. Consuming alcohol and entertaining men is considered highly inappropriate in the strict and traditional views of Japanese culture (actually pretty much everywhere, to be honest). But Yasuko is portrayed as a cheery and pleasant young woman doing everything she can to provide for her son, and succeeding.

Not only is she making sure that Ryuuji doesn’t want for anything, but she is always there to listen and support her son. Never once has she let him get so much as a whiff of regret or bitterness at a life that slipped out of her control for a second. She has always acted like both he and his questionable father were the best things to ever happen to her and as a result, she raised a young man with a healthy respect for women, himself and really anyone who deserves it. Ryuuji is growing up to be a caring and responsible young man who any mother would be proud of and guess who gets credit for that! Image result for imagenes kobayashi san no maid dragon especial

4. Kobayashi – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

I think we’re all past thinking that a mother is an ovary donor at this point. But if you still had some doubts, look no further than Miss Kobayashi. You have got to admire this woman’s coping mechanisms. Admittedly some of them appear to be sake which is also my coping mechanism, but in general, Kobayashi knows how to go with the flow.

However, when she accepts Kanna in her life, she does not take the responsibility lightly. Rearranging her entire lifestyle to meet the young dragon’s needs. She makes herself available for school events, picks up supplies and even moves to a bigger apartment to give Kanna the best possible life she can. And she does it all as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. Who cares if they’re not the same species, if this isn’t what being a mom is all about, I don’t know what is.Image result for uchouten kazoku

3. Tōsen Shimogamo – The Eccentric Family

When Soichiro left his family behind (in his defense, he was killed not exactly his choice…) he believed that his four children were ready to live on without him. And they were, but only thanks to their mother. Tosen took on the burden of grieving for her lost mate and raising her children on her own, with dignity and tenderness. She had to bring her sons t accept a loss just as it was tearing her own heart apart.

The ghost of Soichiro is ever present in their lives. Had they ever intended to forget him, it would not have been possible as everyday bring a reminder of their lost father. He was highly respected and credited with great deeds within their society and those expectations trickle down on his kids as a constant reminder. But their mother has never allowed them to feel the weight of it. She held them together through sheer strength of will and that in turn, kept her from falling apart. At the end of episode 2 Yasaburo seems to think that the boys will never live up to their great father, however he caps it off by saying no matter how great their father was, so was their mother. I agree.

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2. Touko – Natsume

I mean c’mon…

There are those softer traits we associate with motherhood. Gentleness, infinite patience, boundless love and understanding. Touko may as well be the personification of these things. It’s one thing to be able to accept the differences in your own kid, it’s another to do so in a boy who is essentially a stranger. Yet Touko never once saw Natsume as anything other than a young boy in need of love and occasional discipline.  

Her ability to take in a lost little soul and create a real home for him clearly saved Natsume. It may have taken some time but he finally found a fantastic mother. Touko is that great thing worth waiting for. I’m sure that if you asked her, she thinks the same about Natsume, as any true mother would.

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1. Sachiko – Erased

I mention Sachiko any chance I get. I have mixed feeling about Erased. Some elements I loved, others I thought missed the mark. However, I was always dumbfounded (no I’m not just generally dumbfounded) by the intricate and balanced portrayal of a mother son relationship. I went on about it in my review, but that aspect made the show for me and propelled it to one of my favorites of the season and a generally memorable series.

This is helped by the fact that Sachio is an astounding character all around. The unapologetic moma bear – you Do Not Mess with Sachiko’s kid. In fact, you better avoid messing with any kids if Sachiko’s around t because she will tear you a new one.

A force to be reckoned with, throughout the course of the series we see Sachiko showing some though love while trying to prod a grown son out of inertia, displaying apparently infinite strength and compassion while defending not only her own child, but a little girl clearly in trouble, while raising a kid on her own, and finally being the epitome of sacrifice and devotion as she forgoes her own life to take care of a comatose son without ever complaining or giving up hope. Might I add that she does most of this after getting murdered.  A little dying is never going to keep a good mom down!

These are all great moms. I’m lucky, I can recognize them because I had a great mom too. So, if I missed any, please let me know and don’t forget to get your mom something nice. She loves you!

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  1. Really solid picks here 🙂 Catching up on posts I didn’t get around to yesterday. Been having to do a lot of stuff so I can start working.

      1. A lot of your posts have been for stuff I haven’t seen yet T.T I want to read them but at the same time I don’t want the spoilers :/

  2. Tis’ the season for anime mom lovin’. Great list, I almost forgot about Touko-san as a foster mom. Really though, for all the things she did for Natsume, her position on the list is well deserved. Though, I wonder what you think of Deku’s mom from BnHA? I think she’s a pretty high up there! Cheers! 🙂

      1. Ahh, I see. Maybe its because I read ahead in the manga that I’ve put up her up higher because she does become a key role in Deku’s growth as a hero.

        1. I’ve not read the manga at all. And I’m waiting to binge s3 so I only know her from her brief but supportive appearances in the two first seasons. Mind you 5 isn’t much, I always end up leaving out great charas

  3. Sachiko’s presence in the anime/manga world definitely pushed a strong point about the love, support and sacrifice that a mother has to offer. Nice to see it in the 5. Although Hana provided a more realistic representation on that.
    You’re mentioning “The Eccentric Family” again! I guess this is an omen to give the series a shot myself.

    1. I get it…I’ll watch Wolf Children! I adored the Eccentric Family, and even though it is a peculiar little show I’m happy to push it on everyone around me!

  4. Well, people are going to expect Hana from Wolf Children if you’re going to put her in your heading… One of the best anime films out there and certainly Hosoda’s master piece.

    That’s a great range of picks, there. I’m happy to see all of them on this list.

    Also, only recently having finished Shakugan no Shana, I was quite taken with Sakai Chigusa (Yuuji’s mum). The way she instinctly sensed a lack in Shana and was simply there for her without ever being pushy was a thing of beauty. Awesome social skills.

    1. I’m never going to live this down…
      You know what I just realized this minute…I never use a header gif of one of my picks. I’m not sure why. Is it a jerky thing to do? I guess I like the variety…

      1. It’s not a jerky thing to do. Like everything in life, it can sometimes have unexpected side-effects. That’s all.

  5. Another vote for Hana from Wolf Children. I expected her, then got disappointed by her absence, but then got pleasantly surprised by the high place of Touko. I guess you’re excused then.

  6. Good selections, though with your featured gif, I thought you’d pick Hana from Wolf Children, who to me, is perhaps the best mom in anime!

  7. Great list! and OF COURSE Touko had to be there! One of my favorite characters of all time!!! 😀 I would just had one, Miyako Ishida from a Silent Voice 😛
    Although the movies does not give her such detail about her character as the manga (obviously), it really takes a lot for a mom to know his son was about to take his own life and commit suicide! She responds brilianntly and she gets to be the rock of the main character in those first episodes! I just love her and I think she is one of the best moms out there XD

    1. This is actually the second vote for Miyako Ishida. I haven’t seen or read a silent voice but this description finally got me interested. I might give it a try now! Thanks!

      1. I would recommend for you to read the manga since it’s way better than the movie xD It made me cry at some parts though, so be prepared!

  8. Sachiko is awesome sauce. Also I give her props for being a mom who actually listens to their kid. She trust his intuition about the things that are happening and heck yeah, backs him up when he needs it. You’re so right you don’t mess with that mama bear!

    1. I like Deku’s Mom but we really don’t see much of her. Also as we are quickly establishing in these comments – I don’t actually watch anime and I haven’t seen a silent voice. Also romantic dramedies are just not my thing… However, probably a great choice!

    1. OK, this is starting to get embarrassing – I haven’t seen Wolf Children either… Maybe I don’t actually like anime?

      1. If this list is coming from you then you HAVE to watch it, please.

        It is a movie so you dont have to sit through a full cour of it.

          1. It’s streaming in dub on Funi if you have a Funi sub, you could be watching it in five minutes! You SHOULD be watching it in five minutes!

  9. She essentially becomes an adopted mother, originally because the job was more or less forced onto her, but Balsa from Seirei no Moribito gets my vote for best anime mom!

      1. This may not be a hugely popular opinion, but I view the anime as truly excellent, and Balsa one of the best female anime leads of all time.

      2. Its a very interesting setting, very unusual. Takes place in the Tibetan Plateau or one of the 4 major river valleys which descend from it. If you have ever seen the BBC documentary called Wild China, it looks like that, only animated. A very pretty show, even if the plot is rather simple.

          1. The clothes are unusual, as are the weapons. She uses a broadheaded spear, not a sword. Its NOT Japanese at all. Oddly, the woman in the story is absolutely The Major (Kusanagi) from Ghost In The Shell, in both looks AND voice actress. I don’t know why they chose that, but they did.

  10. Nice list, so glad you included Kobayashi in the list!

    My pick for simultaneous best AND worst anime mum (sorry that’s the correct way to spell it :P) is Akiho’s mother from My Girlfriend Is Shobitch.

      1. Thats one of those anime where there’s reverse sexual harassment, kinda like GJ Club and Seitokai Yakuindomo. Its on Amazon Prime, and rather cute for the serious determination of the girl who has been raised to be really interested in getting married and making babies. Its a comedy of embarassments.

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