Only 3 episodes left in the Winter Games! This week Yuru Camp was a bit of a filler episode as the girls just talked about camping and ate food.

The episode starts off with Rin stoping to get food and then continuing her way to the camp site. Unfortunately the road is blocked.

Rin texts the other girls. They tell her to go anyways so she goes anyways and eventually arrives at the camp ground. It’s very windy and Rin has a bit of a struggle to set up her tent but she does. There is a narration about how to make butter fried steamed pork buns. I will make a vegetarian version of this.

Rin ate the pork buns. She liked them. Her friend texts her to say they should all go Christmas camping. Glasses is walking home but she stops to buy food.

The outdoor club is in their club room at school talking about food then they eat some food. The one with the short brown hair interrupts them to say she wants to join the club.

Drunk teacher needs to become a club advisor.

The outdoor club is now in the school yard and glasses is showings a firestand thingie she bought. She lists various camping equipment and how much each item costs. Saitou (that is the one with the short brown hair) says that she bought a sleeping bag and tells them how much it costs.

They start a fire under the stand.

They talk about Saitou’s dog. It is a chihuahua. Drunk teacher sees the fire and scolds them. They say they have permission from another teacher. They all go to the staff room to see the other teacher. The other teacher says he did give them permission but they should have a club advisor and drunk teacher has to do it.

They are now all in the school yard again. Drunk teacher isn’t too thrilled about having to be a club advisor in her free time but then she thinks it’s not too bad. They all take a selfie together like in the puroland episode.

They invite drunk teacher to go Christmas camping. She says she likes camping with bacon and beer. Nadeshiko remembers having met drunk teacher a couple of days ago. She texts Rin about it.


Plot – There will be a narrative break so that we can get a practical lesson in voice over.

Character – The girls will think Saitou’s dog is cute.

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Here are the remaining screencaps. They have all been taken about a minute apart and I’ve kept them in the same order as they appear in the episode so you have a pretty decent visual of exactly what happened.




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  1. This show is great because its so restful, and its pacing is restrained and slow to depict how wonderful and destressing winter camping is. Rather than just be a “cute girls being cute” moe show, it also has a certain amount of education and commentary on camping, which during winter is much more stringent, even in a very safe country like Japan.

    1. I believe I called it a tranquil almost poetic reminder to take the time and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. A slow and calming ode to simple pleasures.

      1. Yep. Quite a few people won’t go camping and probably shouldn’t, and this show lets them see what it is like without all the discomforts. I was a Boy Scout so have a lot of similar memories about camping, though we rarely camped in actual winter, and never in the snow. It is hard to depict serious cold in a show, but they do a pretty good job using those handwarmers and the explanation of making a fire. Rewatching this show seems to increase the tranquility, too, which is unusual. Its nicely done, for anime which might have just gone for straight moe and left it at that.

            1. They escalated from bicycle tourist camping, to scooter camping. Then they showed car camping through an SUV driven by pinky’s older sister. You could see character driven stuff with that sister bringing her BF and more stuff and more comforts as Winter deepens after xmas and goes into spring, and the campers have to choose between having more people in the campgrounds or going upslope into colder and higher altitude sites. If the author were considering things over longer term and further employment on this topic. That SUV would go well to pull a little handmade or rental teardrop trailer.

  2. Aww, you’re sounding less and less enthused with each of these posts! I enjoyed this episode a lot, but then again I’d probably still enjoy an episode even if it was just a whole episode of text messages being sent back and forth between the girls!

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