I’m sorry guys but it’s going to happen. Sooner or later you’re going to have to go back. It’s not that bad really. There are lots of great things about school. I sure miss it! I would still be there if they would pay me… Ok, that applies to a lot of people.

In any case, if the crushing realization that the new semester is just beginning has got you down, I have the perfect solution for you: Anime! I’ll tell you a little secret. That’s my perfect solution t everything. Here are 5 school-based anime that would make me happy to be back in class!

Just like my school! – except our epaulettes were silver

5. Revolutionary Girl Utena

It’s all a matter of perspective. You can choose to look at school as a series of hassles, unflattering uniforms, obnoxious popular kids and weird quiet exchange students that stick to you for some reason. OR you can choose to wear a pimped-up version of the boys’ uniform, duel those popular kids in climactic battles and learn to understand the beauty and power of those quiet kids around you. Then school is an epic adventure.

Ohtori Academy in Revolutionary Girl Utena is as much a dream as it is a place. And like any dream it’s equal parts magic and menace. School is a place where you discover yourself with all the dangers that implies. But if you do it right, you will come out stronger and better. And maybe, you’ll even meet someone you can care about.

KILL.la.KILL ensemble
any excuse to report this – by Shouin 

4. Kill la Kill

To my knowledge, none of my teachers were militant nudists. I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad about that. Schools are a collection of people and just like people, each has its own unique personality. Some are strict and disciplined, others more carefree and colourful. Some may be a getting on in years but comfortable and warm while other are brand new shiny and exciting! You never really know what the new school year ill bring with it.

Honnoji Academy for instance is also a reflection of the people in it. A little disorganized, often frantic, stylish and loud and really underdressed. Honestly, you would not get away with that anywhere else! Sheesh!

Ouran Kyouya
I know I would regret it nut I’ll still take it every time

3. Ouran Host Club

So maybe you were an unassuming young girl that had to cut your hair for some reason and accidentally ended up at an all boys school. It may sound like an embarrassing nightmare at first… Never mind, even at first it sounds pretty good. Ahh teenage hormones, apparently, I never got over them!

So instead of desperately trying to figure out how to avoid going to school, how about figuring out how to get enrolled in a school full of students of the opposite gender. Or the same. Whatever floats your boat! Same is much easier though. Just saying! It can be surprisingly fun.

I always forget how tall Nagito is

2. Danganronpa

And now for an item from the “things could be much worse” box. When’s the last time your school threatened to murder you unless you actively murdered your friends and fellow students yourself? I bet it’s been weeks! For some of you, maybe even a whole month! Well at Hope’s Peak Academy, it’s a daily ritual. Not only that but you don’t even get to go home on weekends!

What good is it to be surrounded by the best, brightest, strongest and most talented if you just end up killing them all. Worse even, if they are trying to kill you! Being stalked by a murderer is bad enough but when that murder happens to be totally awesome….it gets weird is what I’m saying. I would rather be trapped in a murder school with remedial out of shape students if I had the choice.

Well at least you get to look forward to the day when you can leave the place! That’s going to be absolutely awesome.

I already want to replay those games – is that weird. They should make more!

brings back memories!

1.       Assassination Classroom

Showing us hat school can be at it’s best under the worst possible circumstances. School shapes us into becoming who we are. Teachers and classmates are the formative bonds the serve as basis for all our future relationships. For better or for worst, these are some of the most important years of our lives.

And you don’t need fancy classrooms or cutting-edge equipment to get the most out of them. You don’t need to rub shoulders with the rich kids to make the best of friends. All you need is just one teacher who believes in you and you can change your world forever.

I wanted to march straight back to class when I watched this anime. For a hot second I even thought about becoming a teacher. Then I remembered that talking to children may be required and realized it was both ill-advised and unattractive a prospect. But still, for an anime to even make me consider it, that’s quite an accomplishment.

These are 5 animes that make me want to go back to school or at least make me happy I’m not going to those schools!

Do you have any back to school anime to recommend? Maybe you have an actual favourite anime school – for me it’s the absolutely gorgeous school in Tanaka-kun is always listless. Man that place is beautiful!

Tanaka kun school

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  1. As much as a part of me wants to groan seeing the words “back to school”, I cannot because this list is just too good 😂 I wish my current uni was a bit more like Ouran or maybe even Kill la Kill. It sure would spice things up a bit from just doing essays 😂

  2. 1. They do pay me to work at school. ;P
    2. My list of back to school includes: Ouran, ToraDora, Neighbors Club, SNAFU, Love Chuunibyo and Other Delusions, A Bridge To the Starry Skies, Interviews With Monster Girls, Pet Girl of Sakurasou, and D-Frag. If you want to go older, I’d also include Sket Dance, Azumangah Diaoh, Hidamari Sketch, Mahoraba, and Honey and Clover. These are all good shows about school and the important changes and relationships which occur there. The really great thing about the above shows is they are classic anime which have staying power and will remain good in years to come. They have universal appeal for anyone going to school now or nostalgic about it later in life.

      1. Be sure to see the first season of it. The second is very confusing otherwise. It translates to “Sexual Harassment Student Council”. And the girls harass the guy. Its very funny though.

  3. Aww, the Tanaka school is so pretty! I’ve also been partial to the school in Tasogare Otome X Amnesia, which alternates between old and new parts, and has a pretty good horror aesthetic (it’s a horro/slice of life combo, but weaker in the slice-of-life sections).

    As for school schows… isn’t that around 90 % of all anime? Some random shows:

    School Rumble (a rom com with emphasis on com)

    Mikagura Gakuen (your status is decided by club battles; our heroine, who is in no club, starts out with a sleeping bag in the corridor)

    School Live (School is better than… that, isn’t it? You’d go back to school, too, considering the alternative)

  4. Lol…well pretty sure it’s not going to happen anymore, since I’m 43 now! 😂😂 (at least I hope not😅😅)
    Trying to think of some schoolbased animes, but the only one that springs to mind is Orange. Not too sure if that would make me want to go back to school though….🤔 That said, great post as always! Have an incredible and relaxing weekend Irina! 😊😊

    1. You never know. Maybe you’ll want to become a violinist or something (wait are you already a violinist?). In my head you’re everything that’s cool

      1. Lol…aww that’s just too kind 😊 But no, sorry to disappoint, but I am not a violinist….yet. Okay, I guess I now have to start looking at violin classes. Something to do in the weekend lol! 😂😂

            1. Nah, just a fun side effect of unabashed honesty. Not my fault Raistlin is so cool. Deal with it

            2. 🙈🙈 Okay…lol…enough of let’s make Raistlin blush. Let’s get back to making the Queen of cool blush next week! 😉😊😂

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