Hello one and all. I spontaneous decided that I would start off our Jeweller Richard conversation this week so I’m hoping Karandi isn’t putting together a wonderful first draft as we speak! 34 more words

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As you may have noticed, I’m really cutting down these gallery posts. Mostly because I am watching and reviewing so may shows this season that I can’t keep up. It is tons of fun talking them over with Karandi though and you should definitely visit the link above to read what I mean!

Is it just me or does anyone else find Richard’s store a little too minimalist. I mean what does he sell? He could have just one display case in there or like a painting of gemstones or something. They bothered to illustrate those beautiful moulding and that grandfather clock. Even the fancy security system so it’s not just cost cutting, it’s empty for a reason. And yes, I have visited appraisers and I know it’s not the same as a jewellery store, but still.

I may be the only one, but I’m digging the CG on the actual jewels. I think it makes them look more shiny!

Shouko’s serious face is the best. I like how it really changes her appearance.

Also, I know it’s a pretty boy trope but I just want to brush that hair out of Richard’s face so bad. I honestly spent the episode mildly irritated by it and kept pushing my own hair out of my face out of this weird sympathetic reaction.

The “problem” with this episode (it’s not really a problem), is that it mostly took place in Richard’s office. That means that most of my screencaps ended up looking very similar to each other. You get a pretty good idea of the entire visual spectrum of the episode with about half the images I would use for another show. In fact, I left in many caps that are really redundant and it’s still a short post.

Nothing wrong with that mind you!

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard ep2-7 (1)

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  1. If you want to cut down on screenshots, this is the show. It’s… just nothing special. It looks okay, but that’s all I have to say about it. I’d agree with the gem CGI, though if we ever saw them raw and unprocessed that might be different (gems are geometrical and that makes this work; crystalline structures may work in raw form, too, but who knows?).

    1. We might find out. It’s true it’s not a visually interesting show so far but I have fun going on random little trips like whining about Richard’s anime haircut

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