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Welcome back to our Natsume’s Supporter’s Battle For Supremacy wrap up! What? Yu thought I was done talking about this show??? Never!!!

 As you may recall, Karandi and I (ok just Karandi – she does all the heavy lifting), had put together a little poll to give you guys the chance to have a say in the Supporter’s Battle For Supremacy. If you missed it, you can catch up with the rounds:

 And today, we can finally reveal the results!


As usual, I have…acquired tastes.

I must say I’m really thrilled by how many of you participated in this little poll. It makes me so happy to see that Natsume has touched some of you as it has me. To be able to share the experience, even in such a small way, with some of you, means more to me than you may think.

In any case, we saw Hinoe take an early lead which she maintained to an early victory, but the adorable little fox boy was close behind. I will admit, I was both surprised and delighted to see so many of you throwing your support behind Taki. She’s a wonderful character but I honestly figured she would have been overshadowed by Tanuma who’s a bit more present and more developed. I’m not complaining though.

I’m sure they don’t mind either(Icageso)

It’s truly a proud day for me to see that the snarky, smart and confident Hinoe wins out over the more, let’s say agreeable characters. This isn’t really the right show to jump to any conclusions since all the cast is lovely and very intricately personified, but I’m still going to assume that you guys love your smart mouth, competent women! I’m so happy!

So here’s to Hinoe. Both Karandi and I thought you were a fantastic character as well. In fact, here is but a small excerpt of what we had to say:

Related image
somehow, this is very Hinoe (Noo-ring)

KARANDI: Her human appearance not just for show, Hinoe is one of the more calm, collected and certainly more understanding of Natsume’s situation than most of the other yokai. … Ultimately Hinoe offers guidance and advice to Natsume on many issues and while she still pretends to be fairly aloof she’s clearly very interested in Reiko’s grandson and in making sure he stays safe.

Irina: Hinoe is not a mere character, not a simple emissary representing the Yokai in this grand competition, more than any other person in the series, Hinoe is the living embodiment of the thread of faith that binds Natsume’s legacy to the turmoil he yet faces… She has been a reliable big sister, a gentle guide and a comforting helper whenever Natsume has needed one.

Congratulations Hinoe!!! And once again, thank you all for playing with us!



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  1. Because I missed bits of bobs of this delicious contest (damn RL), I decided to wait until it was over and binge the whole thing. I don’t think I could have brought myself to actually chose any of the supporting characters, although if the poll were still open I think I would have voted for Touko. Of course, story lines must have antagonists to move forward, and Matoba and Natori are both marvelous, complex characters who serve as worthy antagonists without being outright evil – a welcome marvel of complexity in a world of “keep it simple” story lines. However, the very word “supporting character” personifies Touko. Without her gentle acceptance Natsume would have no haven, no experience of safety from which to explore and grow. Touko is the personification of unconditional love and because of her, Natsume has experienced love as well as rejection. Because of the earlier rejection – he knows the deep, abiding value of unconditional love when he finally accepts it as real. Because he has someone who loves him without reservation he now has a reason to chose compassion over strife, to reach out to yokai with the same openess that was shown to him and to judge them as individuals rather than painting them all as “the enemy” for being different from human – as do both Natori and Matoba. Touko is WHY Natsume is different from the exorcists.

    Just sayin’ HHHH

    1. Foovay – this is beautiful – than you so much! We quickly realized that choosing characters was a painful experience. And Touko is one of my favorite parental figures of any work and the personification of the strength of kindness.

  2. Hinoe! congratulations! To be fair I wanted to vote for all of the options, they all have a piece of my nyanko sensei obsessed heart 💞

    1. I know what you mean – I still have a soft spot for Yokai we see for about 5 minutes in a single episode. Chosing just one is ridiculous. It was wrong of us to even try…

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