The Unique tag is by far the one I get the most often. I consider that a badge of honour!

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Among the wonderful people who have kindly bestowed said honour upon me is my friend and living room party cohort over at A Nerdy PerspectiveIt’s really unsurprising that this blog got nominated so early on (at the time it was still quite new and it remains a young and vibrant blog) because you can always go there for some really fun and unique reads!

 A few days after my buddy Nesha, who runs one of the most beautiful blogs around (go see it! You can’t comment on there so make sure you like them posts to show you care!) also thought of me in his post.

Before the week was up another companion Plyasm showed me some love. Ply has been posting very regularly lately and whose content is not something your likely to find elsewhere. If you haven’t hit follow yet, you should, you deserve some great content!

 And then The Fullmetal Narcissist also joined in. I’ve spoken of this blog before, not only does it have a fantastic name, he also uses beautiful unique headers. Sadly, this blog decided to close its doors recently but the archive of deep, detailed analysis are definitely worth a look through. In fact, we should a go through them and like those older posts – I bet we might convince him to come back!

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we’ll be here

 For those of you who are seeing it for the first time, here are the rules:

  1. Share the link of a blog that’s shown love to you by nominating you.

You know, you don’t have to tell me every time. I’m super happy to share the links!

  1. Answer the questions.


  1. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, tag 8-13 5 people for the same award.

Of course! (I whittled it down to 5 because that sounds more reasonable, if you want to balloon it back up – please go ahead!)

  1. Ask them three questions

Oh I am! (did it sound like a threat? It should have!)

Nerdy’s questions:

1.      If you were stuck in the zombie apocalypse with an anime character of your choice (or other if you don’t watch anime much) who would it be and why?

I’ve noticed that questions are often Zombie themed, do you guys know something I don’t?

I’m going with Integra Hellsing. We could have a little dinner, chat about her plans for the organization. Maybe go shopping. She would introduce me to her friends. We could share some drinks over cigars and debate theological philosophies. What does that have to do with Zombies? Nothing, I just wanna be stuck with Integra somewhere, anywhere…

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2.      If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

The where is difficult to pin down but the why is: for the food… Going to LA for instance, is not particularly attractive to me but I really want to go to there 

3. What has been your current obsession lately? This can include anime, books, TV, movies, music, hobbies, whatever you want! Just something that you are really into right now!

Danganronpa and Kamigami no Asobi…. I have and will tell you all about it.

Nesha’s questions:

1. First question! If your waifu or husbando (or two of them if you have both) … if they somehow selected to join a Hunger Games, with you who also somehow joined in this killing competition … what will you do? Will you eat the poisonous berry together with them? Will you just kill them with love because you’re actually a yandere? Or did you have something else in mind?

Ok so my Waifu is… yeah I’m not even gonna pretend it’s Integra you guys, and because I have terrible tastes in men, my current Husbando is Nagito Komaeda… (why Nagito why???)  

Considering on is the head of a paramilitary organization that deals with zombie vampires and has personally dispatched more than her fair share of them, while the other literally took part in a killing game, well…

I would eat the berries but I’m pretty sure one of them will have already killed me long before that.

Tags: Anime, Mayer, Super Danganronpa 2, Komaeda Nagito, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, PNG Conversion, Pixiv
worth it (artist Mayer)

2. Second question! If you get a chance to visiting Japan next week, what is the first place that you will visit after you dropped on an airport? Beside the hotel, of course. Will it be a love motel? Or a porn shop? Or a hentai store? LOL. Or visiting a number of famous landmarks from Kimi no Na wa.Or did you have something else in mind?

Wow, Nesha has some pretty specific ideas of what type of person I am…

I want to go to a shrine, then Akihabara. I want to do a Steins:Gate tour and try to see divergences.

3. Okay for the third, because the two questions are already pretty high standard enough, therefore the third one is quite simple. Why are you watching anime?

The hecks, this is unanswerable. I really like it? Ok there’s more but I don’t want this to turn into a novel…

Ply’s questions:

1 Who do you think is the most well-developed character from a series?
Manga, anime, novels, anything goes.

Whoa….huh, way to put me on the spot there. I’m going to say Natsume but I may change my mind. It’s just that with 6 season of a series that is almost a one man show and mainly devoted to quietly exploring its protagonist, he’s obviously going to have a lot of nuance and complexity. Not flashy but Natsume is a very complete individual with some impressive characterization.

2. Shoot, shag, marry 3 random characters of you choosing.
I’m evil, I know.

I get this question a lot… I like to limit my answers to a series to make it easier and for some reason (so many hot charas) Durarara!! Flashed in my mind so here we go.

Shag Shizuo – Blond and I’m gonna bet stamina

Marry – Cetly AND Shinra in one of those super progressive polyamourous unions. I can keep shagging Shizuo, I’m ok with it

Shoot – but…why… No NOT Izaya, the only reason he isn’t my shag pick is that I think he’d turn me down ☹ I’m not shooting children.. Oh I now – Mizuki – I may need some help…

Related image
I stand by my choices (artist Ura)

3. What anime do you want to see a sequel to the most?(that they haven’t gotten yet)
Here’s one you would like!

Natsume’s book of Friends. That’s it. Make it happen!

FMN’s questions:

1.In your opinion, when does noon become afternoon?

1 p.m. or for normal people 13h00.

2. Does you wuv?

If wuv is love then Yes – All The Time.

Otherwise, maybe?

3. How many asses have you kicked?

This morning? 5.

 And now for the main event! Thank you so much for choosing to follow me. I hope you don’t regret it! You don’t have to answer but just know that you are appreciated and unique!

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Ok I’m going to somewhat randomly stop at 22 of you for today!

And as for my Questions:

  1.  What was YOUR favorite post to write that nobody read?
  2.  How will you celebrate your next milestone?
  3. Do you have a weird pet peeve people just don’t get?

Bonus question: Do I use too many exclamation points?

Whether you choose to play along or not, whether you even get around to reading this particular post, thank you for the follow. You are making the cold dark month of February so much better!!!

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24 thoughts

  1. You know what Irina? I’m really enjoying learning more about you through all these award posts. Your mention of polyamorous union with Celty and Shinra might just explain why I feel we connect on some deep intellectual level 😆

    1. I may have written these ahead of time and it maybe a subtle push to encourage you to post again…who knows…I’m mysterious that way…

      1. It’s something I like to post, I really like these informal awards. It’s good, for example, for when you don’t know what to write or you want to post but you don’t know what. Thanks again!

  2. Congratulations on the award. I also notice a lot of zombie themed questions in these. Seems a lot of people feel zombie apocalypse is something we need to think about.
    Zombies were a lot cooler before they could run and jump. Old style shuffle zombies for the win.

  3. Congrats, Irina. You certainly are a unique blogger.

    Those were some funny answers. I know you and Integra would be able to own zombies should Z-day occur.

    I’ve heard about Danganrompa. One of my favorite anime series was directed by the guy who would eventually direct that anime (its Yugo the Negotiator, his directorial debut). Funny how some people become obscure yet they get more popular.

    Speaking of you getting awards:

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