• Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, action, political
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures

This is my second post for the Winter Games and having not seen anyone else’s yet, I’m feeling pretty confident. Wanna know what I’m talking about? Read THIS!

I was pretty happy about this choice. I’m always up for a good fantasy adventure and this looked intriguing.

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oohh shiny!

The series opens on what we soon learn is a political marriage meant to bring peace between two long warring nations. The bride and groom really looked like brother and sister… The scene follows Siluca Meletes, a fanservicy young mage, and is both fast paced and dynamic which means you really have to pay attention to understand what’s going on. The wedding ceremony is interrupted by demonic interference and the tentative truce quickly dissolves as the incident becomes known as the Grand Hall Tragedy. We catch up with Siluca some years later as she travels the land with Irvin (awesome Hikaru no Go cosplay dude!) and meets up with obvious bright eyed idealistic hero. Theo.

In short order we find out the world has been plunged into chaos and humans are fighting both each other and encroaching demonic forces in a desperate attempt to find some peace. They say the word crest a lot!

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that could have gone better…

This is a show I describe as “anime looking”. I have a feeling that people who don’t watch anime picture these exact designs when they think ‘anime’. They aren’t bad in any way mind you, just don’t expect me to remember them in a month. Unfortunately, the animation is rather subpar. Details vanish with any camera distance, angles are often very odd looking, and movements are sluggish. It’s not unheard of for animation to get better as a series progresses and they may have kept their budget for more important scenes but as the anime is obvious action heavy, it’s a little disappointing.

The characters are still just archetypes – I have little to say after a single episode. The story has potential, with many intriguing high fantasy elements and what seems to be a complex political intrigue behind the scenes but so far everything is presented in a very naïve way. There seems to be a lack of refinement and delicacy warranted by such an ambitious plot. There is enough here to keep me interested though.

Episode 2:  the second episode picks up right where the first left off. After having taken over the stronghold of a lord, Siluca, Theo and Irvin (a 3 man army it seems) quickly find themselves besieged by an enterprising neighboring lord. Siluca calls on some old friends to help and we get the introduction of our second fanservice babe and oversexed comedic relief Aishela. The second episode is almost entirely dedicated to brainless battle and I found it quite enjoyable. Although far from perfect, the animation seems to have improved considerably. The half hour passed pleasantly as I watched ridiculous characters fly around the screen while throwing easy quips at each other. The addition of brief antagonist Lassic David was also a good asset in my opinion. I have a very soft spot for reasonable antagonists. I think they add a lot to a story and I was pleasantly surprised to find one in what seemed an otherwise superficial plot.

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Episode 2 leaves behind most of the more grand aspirations of complex political machinations and sweeping fantasy epics to concentrate on what is essential a tiny localized conflict which is both bloodless and treated as a silly aside. This seems to be a much better fit for the show. The simplistic narratives and straightforward exposition was hardly as clumsy and ill-fitting in this context and not having to concentrate too much on the story allowed you to just enjoy the simple fun of a classic battle anime.

All in all, if the series respects and understands its own limitations, I think it could turn out to be great fun and this second episode was quite promising. I am looking forward to what the future brings.


Plot: Neighboring lords will here about ep2 battle and begin a sneaky plan/alliance to dethrone out heros

Character: Lassic will hit on someone

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  1. I’m surprised you know about lodoss. I thought Parn is a useless lead with Deedlit or Kashue bailing him out. Why did Deedlit fall for that twit boggles my mind to this day. Anyway on to the show, err it’s pretty standard fantasy after watching 3 epis – and I love fantasy. Enjoyable to a certain extent. Siluca has feelings for bland lord Theo. She says she hates the white outfit, but yet enjoys wearing it in front of Theo.

    1. Lodoss might be getting on in years but I always thought it was fairly popular (I have a tedious grasp on fan culture). Yes Parn was pretty useless but not oddly endearing at times. And Deedy is best girl. I’m not hearing counterpoints on this, she just is.
      Grancrest is…*harmless*

      1. I prefer Pirotes ;). Not that surprising, considering that it is a 90’s anime. It still is popular to those that have seen it or know of it, sadly the more newer viewers or those that just grew up with DB & SM would have over looked it. We’ll just have to see how it turns out. BTW love the gif header.

          1. Fight about what?. It’s a standard fantasy show, a show that isn’t spectacular or anything. Run of the mill. Pedestrian. Mediocre if you want me to be critical. May be it will improve, maybe it won’t. Hence why I said, we have to see how it turns out. It could head in to oblivion or keep it’s head above water. Not exactly sure why people are beginning to misunderstand what I say.

            1. XDD my bad, best girl/waifu are reserved for twitter where you can show off their smexyness in all their full HD glory!! 😛

  2. Things I couldn’t have predicted in ep2 if I tried: Appearance of cat familiar. My favourite character.

    Plot prediction: yup, but opposing side will also hear, and then what?

    Also, yup, it’s no Lodoss.

  3. Hmm…And just when I thought I had decided what to watch this season (I now have for shows that I’m following), I completely forgot about this one…Ugh….I can’t do five shows can I?
    What is it with weddings though? Game of Thrones had the Red Wedding, here we have The Grand Hall Tragedy. I’m not going to be visiting any weddings this year, that’s for sure 😀
    And I agree with Auri’s comments. The battle is already won by you…the others don;t even stand a chance anymore (not that they ever did in the first place😂😂). Ooops am getting a little bit carried away here, this comment is getting way too long.
    Anyways….I might, emphasis on might, add this one if I can find some extra time somewhere 😀 But almost forgot: great post! 😊

  4. Rin-san for the win!
    “A journey well begun is a journey have done!”
    isn’t that ‘job’ and not ‘journey’?

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