I love stats. It’s already been properly established that I am essentially the personification of cool, so naturally statistical analysis and data mining are my jam. People, put your clothes back on. I understand it’s hard to control yourselves right now but you must try!

I’ve seen a lot of you share your blog stats in retrospective posts or on twitter and I’ve loved all of them. I wish more of you would do it. A larger sample size will give us much more info to play with. Not that stats actually matter in any way. I have come across (non anime) blogs that seem huge with hundreds of likes per post and frankly very sub par content and I know for a fact that people are missing out on some incredible treasures. However, if you grew up playing video games like me, some part of your brain has probably been conditioned to collect points. To set arbitrary but measurable goals. I get it. We all know a good post is a good post no matter the views, comments and likes but we also love numbers.

Image result for anime i love math
I finally have a chance to use this image

I bet even those bloggers that are too cool to care about views and the likes, still have some random benchmark the aspire to. Maybe they want to have a minimum or maximum number of words. Maybe they want to see if the can slip in ancient Sumerian expressions without anyone commenting. Maybe they want to tag Shoka in as many posts as possible for reasons they themselves have forgotten…

For me, the most interesting part of my stats page is always the “clicks” as in how many links on my site have you guys clicked and where did you go. That’s how I know the cocktail recipes I painfully hunt down to go with each game, get largely ignored. I should just make up random names and RickRoll you (although some of you click and I also suspect these stats might not be the *most* accurate). But the other shining gem and source of endless entertainment is seeing the search terms that have led people to my blog. You cannot imagine the amount of joy, and occasional unease, this specific stat has brought me.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (thank you!) may know that one of my proudest moments in recent years was when my site was found through the search “will the psycho pass sybil system become real?”. I’m sorry to the obviously brilliant people who had such an insightful and interesting question. I would love to know the answer myself. Sadly, all you found was likely my jokey DIY post. I do really love that post but I also wrote and edited while suffering from a rather high fever and it shows. The post sorts of goes in all types of directions. Maybe someday I’ll revisit it, but I have a soft spot for it, no matter how ridiculous it came out.

Related image
oh c’mon, it’s not THAT bad

A few days after this crowning glory, my top search terms where “truck microwave”. I had just published my second DIY post for the phone microwave so that probably explains it. That trucker must not have been amused at all. If you spot a time travelling 18-wheeler let me know. I need to take credit for it.

So how about we all have a bit of fun and explore together the search terms leading to my blog. I don’t know if this says more about me than about my readers but one of us is a little weird. Let’s try and figure it out together.

I’ve omitted all the variations of “drunk anime”, “drinking anime” ect… There are way fewer than you would think.

  ·  amazon

Huh…nope. How? I have no clue…

·  loot crate anime october 2917

I hope I will still be reviewing loot crates in 2917! I noticed that typos lead to my site a lot. Google is being very passive aggressive with me.

·  drifters lotr reference

I did in fact mention that Drifters had some surprising thematic overlap with Lord of the rings in my review (it’s in y title). I’m really psyched that someone else who saw it actually found my blog this way. I hope they enjoyed it. I loved writing that review.

Related image
it was pretty obvious

  ·  days anime

That’s straightforward but the funny thing is – I hadn’t reviewed days yet. I had reviewed School Days and 91 Days. Not the same thing…

 ·  lu over the wall

Not that many people have seen this movie and even fewer have read my review of it. Still I’m happy about this search.

·  anime fanservice gif •  •  fanservice tag• 

Well, I mean, I can’t deny that you’ll find some. I was about to say that I don’t understand why my particular blog would come up since there’s so much out there, but I looked over my gif choices and…fair enough. Should I be more conservative with those?

giphy (2)
really? Faservice? where?

 ·  مسلسل الانمى sakura trick

The Arabic is just so pretty. 

·  watch goth anime

I think I have a goth tag. I forgot about it. Currently it’s assigned to my reviews for Death Parade, Pandora Hearts and Book of Circus…I guess that’s ok. That person did not stick around, I bet.

·    12 days of anime

I’m so glad I participated in this. I was tons of fun. I wanna do it again next year!

  ·  anime witch   ·  yamada and the seven witches anime

I watch a surprising amount of witch themed anime. You have come to the right place my friend. Unless Goggle was referring directly to me in which case, HEY! Also could have been Bing. Bing gets catty.

·  utapri tumblr

Well – it’s not a tumblr but I am still considering converting my blog to an Utapri fan page (with some Natsume of course)

 ·  gif anime thank you

Right, take your pick. I have A LOT to be grateful for.

 ·  hitman reborn without slice of life

Oh man that’s an awesome idea. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed the slice of life aspect of Reborn but a new season that’s all hardboiled and gritty (more in the vein of the fight for the future arc), that would rock! That show ended way too abruptly for my tastes.

Image result for anime reborn
I would watch more – much more

 ·  kotonoha school days how to watch •  school days anime

Well Kotonoha is a character in school days and you can watch her in the anime. Hope that helped. You won’t see her much in my review though. I did not like the School Days anime. I have since played the visual novel and my stance has soften a little but not much. I hope I didn’t offend all these School Days fans. There are a lot it seems. he search came up often.

 ·  magan he danai   •  magan and danai tumblr

Another straightforward one and another post I loved writing that got relatively few views. It makes me happy to see that those posts that seem to lag in views and likes are attracting people who go out of their way to find them. That’s special to me.

  ·  which black butler character are you  •  black butler volume 14  •  is black butler a good action anime

I would LOVE to know which Black Butler character I am. I’m guessing some random waitress at a hotel they visit once. I’ve reviewed two seasons of Black Butler, Book of Circus and argued about it with Karandi so it makes sense that this would be a common search term.

 ·  best yuri vn 2017

Ok I haven’t written about Yuri VNs at all let alone recent ones. I am pretty sure I have done that exact same search though. My site didn’t come up. I call shenanigans!

Image result for anime yuri visual novel
I haven’t played Flowers – yet!

 ·  idrink games

I just kept this one because I like the styling and weird grammar here. Whoever you are, weary internet wanderer – you are welcomed here!

  ·  shiki anime

Unlike previous straightforward search my shiki review actually did quite well. I understand why. Even now, months after I’ve finished the show, I find myself thinking back on it rather frequently. It makes an impact and I get why people are randomly googling it just to get another taste.

·  hunter x hunter •  •  hxh anime

YES!!! Sorry it’s just a challenge tag but I LOVE Hunter x Hunter and if I can get associated with it in any way, I’m going to take it.

 ·  the ancient magus bride gif tumblr  •  the ancient magus bride ova  •  here (ancient magus’ bride)  •  magi’s bride anime  •  watch the ancient magus bride ova before series

Again, not a tumblr but OK. So this anime is POPULAR. I reviewed the OVAs when they first came out but my second post on it is fairly recent so I’m impressed by the amount of search traffic it brings in. And it’s not just because it’s new. My Hero Academia is new too yet no searches. Well no searches that lead to my blog…

 ·  anime gif Christmas

I’m guessing you got this one, at least I hope you did. I love this gif:

90% of the reason I made that announcement post was to use this gif

 ·  anime onsen

Oooohhh yeah. I’ve reread it and I have to admit this isn’t one of my favorite posts, it’s a little dry (drumroll), but I loved doing the research for it. I did part in my bathtub, to get in the spirit not because I’m a weirdo who does everything in the bathtub. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to rinse.

 ·  new game anime energy drink

I’ve notice that my New Game review gets a good amount of random views on the reg. It seems as if my very few negative reviews are the ones with the most staying power. Maybe I should review Mayoiga – I hated it….

Image result for anime mayoiga
why weren’t you better?

 ·  psychopass computer interface

I think this is about Sybil as well and I’m psyched!

  ·  sexy luluco

No…just no.

 ·  in defense of shojo

I’ve defended a lot of things but never Shojo. It didn’t even occur to me that it needed defending. Should I do it guys? I have watched like – 3…

 ·  good anime to watch

Yeah, I’m betting this was a short lived and frustrating foray into my blog. I don’t rate stuff, my reviews are occasionally about different animes than the one I started with. I feel for you, I do.

 ·  sage of tanya the evil  •  saga of tanya the evil

This was one of my first and rarely seen reviews. I loved this show and I’m happy it seems to have generated some interest out there.

 ·  the royal tutor kai bruno leo and licht

I’m with you reader but you know what, just do an image search… Or go to my pinterest.

Image result for anime the royal tutor
like I’m going to skip a chance to post a pic of this show

 ·  what is serial experiments lain about

Well this poor sod never got an answer. Probably left way more confused than they were at the start. I hope they didn’t throw their computer out the window.

 ·  kakegurui fanservice

I have never seen this anime. Is it good? I read Remy’s review – it was mixed.

 ·  random aine list

Yeah – that’s so me…

 ·  anime harem reverse 201,

I’m not there yet but I’m really hoping to live up to that search some day. I love that it’s 201 not 101. This person has faith in me.

 ·  visual novels

Come back, I am really working on getting some more reviews out.

 ·  картинки д грей мен приколы

This is in Russian in case you didn’t know and it means pictures of D Grey Man. I understand why you would want those. I understand considerably less why a search engine would send you to my site. I’m assuming you use Yandex, so Yandex must not like you.

 ·  gabriel dropout fanservice – gabriel dropout adult

Is there something I missed about Gabriel DropOut. There was some slightly creepy fanserve in the first few episodes, but it dropped off rather quickly. I really don’t associate this show with sexy in any way. Was I watching it wrong? Is there and hentai OVA? This is one of the most frequently searched terms.

Image result for anime gabriel dropout
Does ponytail mean adult?

 ·  blue exorcist generic

I disagree, unless you were looking for the ED, in which case I’m sorry I don’t have it.

 ·  japanese idioms

Another deep source of pride and possibly shame. Pride because I love that post, shame because I am not even remotely qualified to write it.

 ·  natsume’s book of friends anime

This just made my day. Whoever you are, we are friends now.

 ·  how many seasons of hellsing are there

Technically just one. It’s a little complicated but it aired once and the got remade and reaired a few episodes at the time of the course of years. You probably didn’t get that from my reviews. You got that I have a major hard on for Integra. I hope that information was just as useful to you.

 ·  tanaka kun

I reviewed it. YAY! I liked it. A Lot!

·  mafus pronster

I looked this up – apparently this is an Indian p*rnstar. The heck you guys?

·  good guys refrigerators

I salute you!

Well this sums up what search engines thought of me in 2017. Not much… I guess I still need to work on those post names. I really hope 2018 brings me more awesome searches.

As for numbers, well I guess I did tease them:



I started mid July so I’m very happy with these. And the future is looking great! – here are my stats as of January 6:


I’m not sure what any of these mean but I am hoping it means more Indian pron traffic…

54 thoughts

    1. I’ve mentioned this here and there but my blog isn’t monetized. I haven’t even turned ads on. I have never tried to make money off the blog and have turned down affiliate lins and sponsorships so far.

  1. Had to check my stats after seeing your post. I’ve discovered a secret. If you include the term “naked” or “nude” in your tags, the number of hits you get will skyrocket.

    Hehe, you might not want some of the hits you get, tho.

    1. I haven’t tried that yet. I have very little skil when it comes to these things. I guess I’m watching Hentai tonight!

  2. People are so thirsty for the craziest things. Like seriously, leave innocent Luluco alone! Haha! And as a tip, no, you shouldn’t review Mayoiga. *shudders*

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you’ve had one heck of a year full of success, and I can’t wait to see all the places you’ll go! Keep it up!

  3. These posts about search terms are actually quite interesting (and hilarious). Out of 6 specific search terms I’ve got so far, 3 of them refer to Juuni Taisen (which refers to a particular 12 Days of Anime post) and one to ACCA (another 12 Days of Anime post) so there isn’t much of interest so far, but hopefully I’ll get some more diversity in my search terms as I produce more content and diversify post topics.

  4. I wrote a post about Citrus when the first episode came out and now I keep getting a bunch of people who search things like “citrus forced kiss” and “citrus creepy.” Every time I see it come up I’m like, “oh no, is my brand now…?” 😂

  5. This is really hilarious (X’D) when the data gets broken down, and I’m barely holding in my laughter (wipes tears). Sad that this is going to happen just once in a blue moon, if you intend to make such posts again in the future.

  6. In the last month the weirdest search terms that have found my blog include:
    “mechanical flying dragon” – pretty sure this much have gone to a Knight’s & Magic post (sorry to the person who found that).
    “careless decisions for girls” – no idea and I’m sure whoever searched for that was not looking for my blog.
    “anime wolf boy” – again, no idea. Maybe linked to Sengoku Night Blood reviews?
    “nobuaki is the king?” – good theory on King’s Game but not sure why that term lead to my posts.
    “don’t pilot mecha anime” – I don’t even know what they were looking for.
    “sex scene tokyo fish attack” – Okay, I did review Tokyo Fish Attack but if they were looking for the sex scene they probably didn’t find what they were looking for on my blog.

    1. Oh now i despreately want “careless decisions for girls….” Recently i got “Let me do this” which I’m pretty happy with

  7. I’ve only had two search terms lead to my blog. One was unknown and the other one was “haven’t you heard I’m sakamoto theory”
    Yours are numerous and often times interesting and funny. Of course the you have over 200 posts for the internet to display, so no wonder.

  8. My stats are puny! Lol, but it doesn’t bother me, I know it all takes time and hard work. But I love when even a little Stat pops up, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the competitive gamer bit.

  9. I recently decided to watch Mayoiga, because I read comments comparing it to Ousama Game. It has a bad score on MAL and tons of people bashed it, but maybe it’s because I watched it all in one go but I kind of loved everything about it. If you ever do a review for it, let me know and I’ll do one too. 🙂

    As for search terms…I have a few on houseki no kuni landscapes, but also some on mahoutsukai no yome tits, or titania’s tits, or ousama game sex scene and ousama game rape.

  10. Well, some strange search tags there Rin-san LOL
    Though I’ll confess that japanese idioms was mine. (I was lazy to type your blog name whoops)

    I’ve told Remy-nii before, but I haven’t checked stats yet….

  11. Stats? What are those, do they exist? Erm…well, I know they exist, and this might sound strange, but I don’t really look at them very often. Sure I pay attention to comments and likes on my posts, but I don’t really look much at how many views something has gotten or stuff like that. Maybe I should be paying more attention to that, but these I am glad that I can keep up with reading posts and replying to comments. But: I have to say, looking at your stats, these are very impressive and you have every right to be proud of them 😀😀
    Speaking of awards….I nominated you for a new one: you can find it here : https://raistlin0903.wordpress.com/2018/01/16/blogger-appreciation-award/

  12. My top search terms for last year included ‘yaoi anime’, ‘yaoi animes’, and ‘anime yaoi’. This despite the fact that since I first started my blog back in 2013, I’ve made a grand total of 1 post specifically on that topic. I can only assume the 16,765 unknown search terms that led people to my blog in 2017 showed a bit more variety, but alas, that will forever remain a mystery.

  13. I love looking at my stats, particularly the search terms, as you’ve done here, and my referrers — where people are coming from. The latter can be quite interesting (and occasionally a little demoralising when you discover a bunch of people have come to your blog from a less-than-complimentary forum post, for example, but thankfully that hasn’t happened very often) and a sign that your work is getting shared far and wide. FAR AND WIDE.

    My search terms recently have been disappointingly on-point for my actual content, which I suppose suggests I’m doing something correctly, but it’s less fun than laughing at the weird stuff. I’m quite delighted that my top search term for 2017 appears to be “katawa shoujo hanako waifu”, which is obviously a sign that I am attracting kindred spirits to my little corner of the Internet. Fellow Hanako lovers, you have chosen your waifu wisely.

    That said, on January 14, someone found my blog by searching for “thicc anime thighs” (a person of taste, clearly) and someone else came across it by searching for “porn drama animal final fantasy”, which sounds like some extremely specific requirements for one’s entertainment that I don’t think I’m equipped to provide. I’m also not quite sure what to make of the popular January search of “tak tik game ps2 ace combat deinze thunder stage 4 3”, which appears to be someone getting very confused between an excellent PlayStation 2 air combat game and what appears to be a German board game.

  14. “what is Serial Experiment Lain about” hahahahahahaha literally laughed when i read that. i can imagine the confused soul constantly searching the intternet for answers.
    as for search terms, mine is more depressing. i get the xx reviews, but a lot ends with hentai or incest. oh, as of 2018 still, yosuga no sora incest is a daily for my blog. i attract the weirdos, unlike your healthy diverse group. xD

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