Anime is such a fickle mistress. There you are, innocently going about your life, when Zing Boom! You fall head over heels in love with a new anime. The world is brighter, there are birds singing, wonderous adventures and fascinating characters await you behind the screen just to have all of it ripped away right as it was getting good!

We’ve all been there, a lovely little story that had tons of potential abandoned by the studio before it has a chance to come to a satisfying conclusion and we, innocent little otakus are left to wait years, hoping it will magically reappear so we can finally know what happens! If only they had 12 more episodes, they could have dug into those great characters backstories and really fleshed them out. They could have explained those perceived plot holes. They could have finally gotten those two estranged lovebirds together. It was too soon! We need MORE

Here are five series I am holding my breath until I see again. I’m getting a little dizzy here…

natsume go
back – had to go buy something Natsume

OK let’s not even pretend you don’t see this one coming so might as well get it out of the way

Natsume’s Book of Friends

This one doesn’t have a number. It’s out of list. If my entire blog could be boiled down to a single thesis statement, it’s that there should always be more Natsume. I was feeling sick this morning – nauseous in the bus and reading a chapter of the latest manga actually cured me. For realz! This show is magic, please make more of it. Thank You!!!

Now onto to the actual list we go!

oh no – what happens with Kino’s hat? tell us!

5) Kino’s Journey – The Beautiful World

I recently finished the 2017 series and thought it was a truly fantastic premise with rather mixed execution. And although I don’t count this as one of my favourite series, I really did enjoy a lot of the “countries” and would have liked to see more.

I also think that a bit of extra time would have allowed the show to iron out some of its weaker aspects, such as poor characterization and surface level treatment of the conflicts presented. It wouldn’t have helped much with the flat and exposition heavy nature of the narrative but there was something very interesting at the core of Kino’s Journey and I felt the series never managed to get to it.

just one more bite

4) Days

I know I know, most of you don’t care about some random little football(soccer) anime. But Days had heart! It was a little formulaic and cliché to be sure. However, I found it consistently endearing and even managed a decent emotional connection to a lot of the characters. Because of the structure of traditional Sports anime narratives, they often need a little time to build up to something truly interesting and I feel like Days got further in its first season than a lot of more popular shows.

Not to mention that the story was just starting. They were in the middle of tournaments, there was foreshadowed conflict between two close friends, a slow burn potential romance was hinted at. Clearly this was not the whole story, in fact they literally told us that by ending the last episode with a “To Be Continued”.

Yona…dawn… it all checks out!


3) Yona of the Dawn

This show gave me anime blue balls. Yona is a classic fantasy adventure. It has a clear set beginning, middle and end but the series stopped right in the middle. It stopped so abruptly in fact that it might as well have been mid sentence.

It was particularly painful as we were in the heat of the action. The four dragons having just barely reunited with the last one still completely mysterious and suspicious. Yona needed to figure out if he could be trusted before attacking the palace and reclaiming the throne. All the while Su-Won is working to unite the kingdom and prepare for potential war with its neighbors. It was starting to become apparent that things were not quite what they seemed but at the same time, we never found out what exactly was going on.

Unlike other shows, Yona was at the apex of it’s narrative, just to disappear and leave us all hanging. And with so many fans of the series, there really is no reason not to finally finish this one.

anime drifters
wait – come back!


2) Drifters

I loved Drifters. I realize the studio has a reputation for extremely drawn out release schedules and I hope we won’t have to wait a decade for this one to wrap up. There is so much potential in this series and it offers a completely unique viewing experience.

This show was dazzling to look at and naughty, bloody fun to watch. I personally enjoyed that first season more than Hellsing Ultimate (Integra excluded of course) and I really can’t think of any similar series to fill the void.

Time travel, ancient Japanese history, high fantasy, mysterious god like figures, Lord of the Rings symbolism and childish potty humor. This show has it all and obviously has a long way to go. ‘Cmon, don’t make me read the mange to find out the rest. I have a hard enough time typing.

 Honorable Mentions

The Eccentric Family

The Eccentric family is one of those stories that doesn’t need an ending. It’s a soft narrative that comes and goes and does whatever it wants. I do enjoy it so and it makes me feel at home. I would like more.

Sound! Euphonium

I felt like those characters were right on the cusp of greater realization at the end of that second season. It was an ok place to stop but it felt unsatisfying. I think the girls deserve a chance at finding themselves.

why does everyone have the cutest kimonos ever?

 1) Noragami

Noragami season 1 was a well made surprisingly touching series that mixed Japanese mythology with contemporary angst and blended them into a fun fast paced action adventure things with pain and regret. In 12 episodes it managed to slowly redeem lost little Yukine and left us in a spot where the young man could finally move on. Not bad for a season of anime.

Noragami season 2 upped all the stakes as well as the rewards. It deepened and broadened its classic lore. It taught us more about interesting side characters been wanted to learn to know better. It stripped away the teenage angst and melodrama to reveal a poignant, still slightly naive emotional maturity. It was a fantastic season of anime that’s earned the show’s praise. And it ended on a cliffhanger, having just introduced the most fascinating character so far and hinting at a potential conflict that was sure to change everything.

Noragami has shown that it gets better with age. It’s also set up what promises to be the most interesting arc of the story so far. It’s a popular show that’s still relevant and moves merch. So where in Yato’s name is season 3????

I want to see the rest of this story so bad, I don’t even know how to write about it!

You know what they say: it’s better to have loved and lost….well forget that! It’s way better to have loved and continued on loving until a natural and satisfying end point has been reached.

There are actually many more shows I would watch more of if given the chance. How about you? Is there a series you are patiently awaiting to return despite all evidence to the contrary? Don’t give up hope, we’ve all been there.

yato sad
actually, that would solve everything!

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  1. Thanks Irina for sharing this, I definitely have to agree with you on this especially with Noragami, Akatsuki no Yona, and Kino’s Journey.

    Kino’s Journey (2017) version had been a fantastic experience for me and I am craving for more of its mature story, it’s both creepy and relaxing for me.

    Akatsuki no Yona just left us hanging in the air despite showing us an interesting story and it left me craving for more too.

    There are plenty of available chapters for Noragami’s manga to be animated and I wish we can have season 3 soon. The story’s supposed to be intense and filled with drama, and it’ll be amazing to see it in motion picture.

  2. Meanwhile I’m struggling with ongoing chapters of yona, noragami AND days. Please read the manga Rin-san?? Haha.
    Days does get a lot better as the series progresses. The first parts are a bit cliche but the latter is gorgeous. Also I love Mizuki-san.

    1. I tend to do either/or to get more stories! I might pick up the continuations of the manga for Yona but I like the voice acting in Days too much to go pure paper version

  3. From my POV, I want Yona, Beautiful Bones, Kino.

    And yes, ANOTHER season of Cowboy Bebop just so I can feel happy that Spike is alive. I refuse to believe he’s dead and the director even suggested he wasn’t dead but just “asleep for a long time”.

  4. I remember Yona of the Dawn from when it was first airing. I never watched the OVAs, because I didn’t have the time for it.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that it’ll come back now, at least weekly, because Pierrot is kind of busy with other projects (one that needs desperate attention, and one that has too much attention).

  5. Hey, Irina, have U ever heard of Little Witches Academia or Miraculous Tales of Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir? They’re 2 of my FAVORITE anime series’s on Netflix! I would like 2 see other people’s opinions on the show if, of course, they R anime. Sometimes I get mixed up with cartoons and anime (somehow). I just think it would be fun. And if U haven’t seen it, U could watch it as well! : D

  6. My first thought the minute I read this premise was Kino’s Journey. More, please. Darker Than Black, I felt, left us hanging with so much more to learn about that world. The Mystic Archives of Dantalian also left us with hints and unexplored backstory that I would have loved to seen more of. Speaking strictly for myself, I never get enough Garo: The Golden Knight. Yes. I am weird. I hope Netflix sees fit to continue Voltron, too. Ushio and Tora – I could watch more of that… okay, I’m going to stop now. Or it may never stop…

      1. Yeah, but I don’t have a clue where to find it. Supposedly it hit the theaters but I have my doubts around here. Didn’t get any notice of it. It it did, I missed it.

        1. I’m sure you’ll find it eventually. I has an english version at least so that’s a good sign

  7. Definitely seconding Yona of the Dawn! And obviously, there will never not be room in my life and in my heart for more Natsume Yuujinchou. Also, while I’m absolutely not holding my breath on these, I’d love to see a second season for Tonari no Kaibatsu-kun, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Gangsta, and above all, Princess Jellyfish. <3

      1. Yeah, unfortunately the studio went bankrupt so the story just… cut off, and with a noticeable dip in the writing towards the end as well.

    1. Ooh, definitely Tonari no Kaibutsu kun and Princess Jellyfish. I’ll sign that petition.

        1. Rumours have been around forever. I’ve looked up cinemaholic and they cite no sources. The most credible rumours I could find indicate that Bones might have been working on a season 3 late 2017/early 2018, but that’s shaky, too. I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet. That said, it’s not that unlikely. Delays are often due to difficulties of finding free time for all the core staff (most notably voice actors). It’s not impossible we’ll see a season 3, but I’m not convinced Cimemaholic has any concrete information.

          1. True… Natalia told me about Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir coming out in September in my 7th year of school but it never came out until it came out in my 8TH YEAR! I hate when rumors get your hopes up only to be crushed!

  8. I agree with every choice on this list (including more Natsume because there really never is enough of that). So happy to see Days on this list. I know it wasn’t great and it isn’t one of the memorable sports anime people talk about, but I really enjoyed it and it was literally the first entirely sports focused anime I reviewed and I really did want to see what happened next in the story.
    I would also throw Snow White With The Red Hair on my list because honestly I really want a season three of that.

      1. Oh wow, you are in for a treat when you finally get to it. Of course, you kind of need to be in the mood for something incredibly sickly sweet at the time, but if you are in the right mood it just works wonders.

  9. Natsume actually has a chance. I can’t really tell, but I think Days has a chance, too.

    Of those, I really want a sequel for Yona. The first season doesn’t end in any satisfactory way.

    With Natsume, I don’t know how to say this, but I have this sort of inner conviction that the next season is going to come in its own good time. It may be wishful thinking, or it may have something to do with it being rather important financially to Shuka.

    The Eccentric Family is probably going to get a sequel, too, but not any time soon. The third book has yet to be finished and come out, I hear, and there were eight years between the first and second one.

    So what sequels do I want? Spice and Wolf! I don’t need a sequel the way I do with Yona, but it ended in a very interesting place only to leave me hanging. There was a 3D movie recently (glasses-3D, I think?), which I haven’t seen, so I don’t know whether they address this. If they do, it’s a pity, because I’m not going to watch a glasses-3D movie ever. If it’s not picking up at the end of season 2, though, there’s still hope.

    Also: Crime Edge ended in an uncomfortable place, with a rushed scene that is supposed to be re-assuring, but wasn’t entirely convincing. Chances? Well, the show was an extreme financial flop, so…

  10. Oh my God!!! YES TO NATSUME AND YONA!!!! Both are in my top 5!! I picked up the manga for Yona of the Dawn and it’s gotten so much content that they can do another 2 seasons!!! I haven’t picked up Natsume yet but I think I will!!

  11. AKAYONA! YESSS! I really, really want to read more discussion about it. The following arcs are amazing and people deserve to see them animated, too. There’ll be a re-run of it this April in Japan and many fans (int’l manga readers, at least) are actually hoping that this will raise the chance for another season. And yes to another season of Natsume Yuujinchou! There’s never going to be too much of it. Also, yes to Noragami!!! I want more of the backstories animated!

    Of other anime, I’d like another season of Skip Beat!, Giant Killing, and Ouran High School Host Club.

  12. It’s still airing, but I wouldn’t mind more Magnificent Kotobuki. I love the way they animate the dogfights in the show, and the sound design is top notch (seriously, listen to this show with some good speakers or headphones – it will knock your socks off).

  13. Have you watched the original Kino from 2003? Most Kino fans that I know thought it was the much better anime series, and the two adaptations covered different chapters of the novels, so there’s little to no overlap between 2003’s and 2017’s episodes.

    My Natsume is Encouragement of Climb. The anime world is always a better place when more of that series is being made.

    Most desperately in need of a second season: Lyrical Nanoha Vivid. Not only did it literally stop right in the middle of an arc with no resolution at all, it had barely even started getting into the meat-and-potatoes of the manga’s story at that point. Watching Vivid is like the equivalent of watching the first 4.5 episodes of Euphonium and turning it off right in the middle of the band’s Sunrise Festival march.

    Selfish pick: Saki. What can I say, I just love my yuri mahjong girls. The last anime season from 2014 ended around chapter 105, and we’re up to chapter 201 now, so there’s plenty of material for another season or two. Not to mention some of the spinoffs that haven’t been animated at all yet.

    1. Yeah, Kino 2003 was a good series. Not my favorite anime of all time, but I would also like to see more episodes based on that version. No, I’m not counting the two short movies that came afterwards.

    2. I love saki. I did not know it was yuri. Man…they have to start making that stuff more obvious. I feel left out

      1. Yay, I didn’t know you were a fan too! Anyway, it’s mainly on the blushing/hand-holding level, especially where Saki x Nodoka is concerned, but the coding does get more explicit with some couples, like the two girls from Shindouji school (if you’ve seen the Episode of Side A spinoff; and if you haven’t you should remedy that ASAP).

        1. I have seen it but it was a while ago. Maybe I should rewatch it. I’m a pretty big fan of sports anime, I tend to watch a lot of them.

      1. Every season of EoC has ended on a strong note, but selfishly I still want as much as they’re willing to give us, just because it’s so doggone good. I’d be happy to get more Yuru Camp too.

  14. Not mentioning the obvious candidate aka Hunter x Hunter, I’d really love to see more of Classroom of the Elite. The anime was always so fascinating to watch, and if after that ending we wouldn’t get anything more it would just be cruel. However I sadly really doubt it will happen, as plenty of light novel readers aren’t happy with the changes the anime made.

    1. So…HxH is one of my favorite animes…can’t believe I didn’t add it. Mind you I thought the 2011 series had a really strong ending. Beautiful even.

  15. I was literally just talking about Noragami with Karandi the other day. I really hope we do get another season soon! Also, thanks to this list I know that I really need to finish/start some shows like Drifters and Kino’s Journey. Days has been a show that I left hanging for quite sometime maybe I’m missing out. Thanks for sharing Irina!

    1. I want to see her travelling for ever. It’s about the journey not the destination…. But i guess a nuce settling diwn can be good too

  16. I need more Highschool of the Dead! It was so much more than just physics defying fan-service. Still my all time favourite zombie story in any medium.

    1. I haven’t seen it 2 judge. What’s it rated? Maybe I can talk 2 my parents about watching it.

        1. My parents have let us see R rated shows and movies be4 though mostly ones they’ve watched. Maybe I’ll be able to watch it but we’ll see.

  17. OMG, Yona, YES PLEASE!!! After the anime ended, I picked up the manga so I could experience more of the series. It’s definitely one of my favourite manga out there. And of course I will always want more Natsume as well. 🙂 I have seen the first season of Noragami and remember enjoying it very much. If the second season is as good, then I’d probably want more of that one as well. I haven’t see the others (yet!). Also, hope you feel better soon. ♥

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