If you read my episode post over on 100 Word Anime, you may have noticed that I manages to keep it at a reasonable length. I’m going to attempt this here as well, no promises!

Also, you have to admit that I managed to make a pretty cute gif this week!

We didn’t get the start of a new arc this week, it was more like a little break between arcs. As such, we did get a new clear visual identify for Fire Force either.

Instead, it was whimsicalbut standard. With a birght normal color palette and cute designs. Some nice angles though.

Posibly the most tense seqeunce was the meeting between companies, intercut with Viktor and Joker doing something.

The colours die down a little and shadows spread. This is a less cheerful scene than the previous.

That overhead shot with the shadows of the window pane criss crossing through it is absolutely gorgeous! The large flower motif on the carpet also adds contast and interest. It’s a wonderful composition. I wonder if it’s lifted from the manga.

I really love how unlike anyone else Joker’s features are…

Also, those good old Fire Force skies. I think those royal blue skies with fluffy white clouds are the default Fire Force sky, whenever somethings gooing down, that sky changes. It’s pretty cool.

Viktor has downturned eyes just like Arthur and Obi. Those guys are a little nuts but they’re not bad. Maybe Viktor will turn out that way too. He did look weirdly heroic with his lab coat blowing in the wind. It’s the sort of shot that’s associated with classic super hero movies.

Adorable Maki is adorable. More of that please

Focusing through hand gestures is something I understand but think often looks silly. It worked here though, and I appreciated learning about the different forms. I really like how everything in Asukasa is designed to give off a heavy traditional feel. Even the explanations.

This last tag is a bit all over the place. It’s actually two very distinct scenes that’s why the caps look so different.

The sunset and evening celebrations were a nice way to close off this little visit to Asakusa while the bleached out shots of Shinra indicate trouble ahead. I wonder what next week will bring.

Fire Force ep18-end


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  1. This was… a so-so episode, didn’t hate it, didn’t love it, but even for a linking ep it was rather weak, I thought. I should have been happy to see the return of section 8, but it felt like JRPG retracing your steps. You’ve leveled up so you go visit the trainer to spend your skill points. I do like the image with Arthur looking skeptically at his donkey wearing the horned hat. Nice visual gag, there. Most of the ep fell flat, though.

    1. Really. I rather enjoyed it because it felt like a token training montage between arcs. I find that comforting….

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