• Image result for bungou stray dogs season 1Genre : Supernatural, Action, Steampunk, Presumptuous
  • Episodes: 12
  • Studio Bones 

Emo orphan with weird haircut and super powers gets recruited by small group of similarly superpowered eccentrics to fight bad and do general household chores.

Ok, short answer, I really like this anime. It’s another of those ones where if you dig too deep for logical and sensible plot progression, you are likely to get frustrated as there are one or two pretty glaring plot holes but then again some pretty great animes have gaping plot craters and still manage to be really fun to watch – c’mon be honest with yourself, you know exactly which ones I mean (almost all of them…) This said, the story is structured enough to be very easy to follow and flows at a brisk but reasonable pace to keep you interested in what happens next.

Bungo Stray Dogs Review Atsushi
Cheer up, it’s going to get…um… Cheer up!

The author has wisely chosen to concentrate on just a few characters to really give them a proper development and left the others as an interesting cast of extras we will get to know in the future. Although the show can feel like a series of standalone, mission of the week, episodes, the cliffhanger ending promises a much more connected story arc for season 2. As can be expected from Bones, everything looks gorgeous and just different enough from other anime to feel unique and the actions sequences are a joy to watch. If you like steampunk aesthetic and lighthearted superhero type action shows you should give it a try.

Bungo Stray Dogs Review
You never know until you try….

 Favorite character Doppo , ok Dazai too – if for no other reason than his entrance:

Bungo Stray Dogs Review

What this anime taught me in general: Bungo is the literary form of the Japanese language that was the standard until the early Shōwa period (1926–89).

What this anime taught me about myself: My knowledge of classic japanese literature leaves something to be desired.

 “There is no bad whiskey. There are only some whiskeys that aren’t as good as others.”

Suggested drink: White Tiger’s Milk

  •  Every time someone uses their power – take a gulp
    •  take  a second if their power is named
  • Every time Atsushi’s inferiority complex is showing – sympathize and take a gulp
  • Every time Doppo id exasperated – take a gulp
    • take a second if it’s because of Dazai
  • Every time Dazai talks about/plans suicide – take a gulp
  • Every time Dazai actually attempts suicide – take a big gulp
  • Every time Dazai hits on a girl – take notes on what not to do
  • Every time Atsushi has an orphanage flashback – sober up

Bungo Stray Dogs Review

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