If you came here from my review over on 100 Word Anime, welcome! I hope you enjoyed it. Otherwise, still welcome. I have no real idea how many people are actually watching Granbelm this season but for what it’s worth I’m enjoying parts of it.

One of the enjoyable parts is definitely the visuals so let’s see some screen captures!


Essentially the first half of the episode took place in Granbelm which is something like a virtual realm/parallel universe. As you can see, it’s very purple! It’s the dominating colour whenever we have mecha battles in this show.

I still can’t believe this isn’t a mobile game tie-in. Those little robots look exactly what you would image free ios game robots would look like!

I noticed this  back in episode 1 but all magical girls have some sort of hair decoration on one side of their head. Not all the same side. I wonder if it will determine the “teams” later on.


And we have our first overt touch of fanservice! The show has given us some weird camera angles and naked Mangetsu for no reason but visually it’s been fairly innocent. This week we went for some more traditional voyeurism by dwelling on Anna’s generous figure in the bath. Oh anime!

We got to check in with all the girls in their homes and aside from Kyon who is always surrounded by the weird blue light, everyone else looks like they come from pretty similar backgrounds. They could be friends…


The sunset scene was quite pretty. Those deep shadows made the eye shines really pop! I’m enjoying how different everyone’s eye shapes are. It’s a small detail that creates a lot of individuality.

Granbelm ep4-4 (4)

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