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My Top 5 Animes with Great Animation

I promised myself I would take some time to admire anime on technical merits and then promptly forgot all about it. It’s not that I don’t want to. I just started watching these really fun and endearing shows (Gurren Lagann and Cells at Work), that slowly develop characters by giving them benevolent but challenging foils...


Top 5 Badly Rated Anime Which I Loved

If there’s one thing this blogging journey has taught me, is that I’m weirder than I thought. I’m definitely not the “average” MAL user. Not only am I a completely different demographic in almost every respect, but I find the ratings baffling. I don’t often agree with them, even though they’re normalized over thousands of...


World Conquest Zvezda Plot -Anime’s Best Kept Secret Organization

Genre:  Supernatural, Magical Girl, Comedy, Action Science Fiction Episodes: 12 Studio: A-1 Pictures    Kids, don’t run away from home. I understand, your dad may be a hard, unkind man and you would rather avoid becoming like him but try to work it out. It’s not worth risking the dangers waiting for you in the dark...